Isparta Province

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Isparta Province

Isparta ili
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Location of Isparta Province in Turkey
Country Turkey
Region Mediterranean
Subregion Antalya
   Electoral district Isparta
  Total8,993 km2 (3,472 sq mi)
 (2018) [1]
  Density49/km2 (130/sq mi)
Area code(s) 0246
Vehicle registration 32

Isparta Province (Turkish : Isparta ili) is a province in southwestern Turkey. Its adjacent provinces are Afyon to the northwest, Burdur to the southwest, Antalya to the south, and Konya to the east. It has an area of 8,993 km2 and a population of 448,298 up from 434,771 (1990). The provincial capital is Isparta.


The province is well known for its apples, sour cherries, grapes, roses and rose products, and carpets. The best fertile lands are in the area named Uluborlu. The province is situated in the Göller Bölgesi (Lakes Area) of Turkey's Mediterranean Region and has many freshwater lakes.


Isparta province is divided into 13 districts (capital district in bold):

Sites of interest

Kovada Lake and Kızıldağ National Parks, Isparta Gölcüğü, Çamyol and Kuyucak forest recreation areas, Eğirdir oak and Sütçüler forest conservation areas, Eğirdir, Uluborlu and Yalvaç castles, Antiochia in Pisidia and Apollonia antiquity cities, Ertokuş and Dündar Bey old theological schools (medrese), Isparta Hızır Bey, Kutlu Bey, Firdevs Bey, İplik, Eğirdir Hızır Bey, Barla Çaşnigir, Uluğbey Veli Baba mosques, Firdevs Bey Bazaar, Eğirdir Inn (caravansary), Ertokuş Hanı Inn, Baba Sultan Mousoleum, Isparta and Yalvaç Museums.

In 2020, the ancient 10 meters height rock mass of symbolic importance, which was in a village in Yalvaç district, was blown by treasure hunters. [2]

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Sozopolis in Pisidia, which had been called Apollonia (Ἀπολλωνία) and Apollonias (Ἀπολλωνίας) during Seleucid times, was a town in the former Roman province of Pisidia, and is not to be confused with the Thracian Sozopolis in Haemimonto in present-day Bulgaria.

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Eğirdir is a town and district of Isparta Province in the Mediterranean region of Turkey.

Sütçüler Place in Mediterranean, Turkey

Sütçüler is a town and district of Isparta Province in the Mediterranean region of Turkey. The population is 2,224 as of 2010.

Uluborlu Place in Isparta, Turkey

Uluborlu is a town and district of Isparta Province in the Mediterranean region of Turkey. The population was 6,385 in 2010.

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Adada is an ancient city and archaeological site in ancient Pisidia, north of Selge and east of Kestros River, near the village of Sağrak, in Isparta Province’s Sütçüler township. The location was identified as Karabavullu or Karabavli, about 35 km south of Lake Egridir.

Lake Kovada National Park

Lake Kovada National Park, established on November 3, 1970, is a national park in southern Turkey. It is located in the Sütçüler-Eğirdir districts of Isparta Province.

Tymandus or Tymandos also known as Mandos, Mandas Kiri, or Yassi Veran, was a Roman and Byzantine-era city in northern Pisidia. A number of monuments from Roman times remain in the area.

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  2. Ancient symbolic rocks detonated by treasure hunters in Isparta

Coordinates: 37°57′24″N30°57′39″E / 37.95667°N 30.96083°E / 37.95667; 30.96083