Liga 3 (Georgia)

Last updated
Liga 3
Founded1990;31 years ago (1990)
CountryFlag of Georgia.svg  Georgia
Confederation UEFA
Number of teams14
Level on pyramid3
Promotion to Erovnuli Liga 2
Relegation to Liga 4
Domestic cup(s) Georgian Cup
Current champions Gareji 1960
Current: 2021

Georgian Liga 3, formerly Meore Liga, organized by Georgian Football Federation since 1990, serves as the third division of professional football in Georgia.


Structure and league system

Liga 3 was introduced in 2017 with initially 20 teams to compete. In 2019, when Liga 4 was formed, the number of teams were reduced to ten, [1] although after two seasons GFF decided to increase them to 14 at the expense of two bottom teams from the previous season and two second-placed clubs from Liga 4 While and Red Groups. [2]

Seasons run based on Spring-Autumn system with each team playing an equal amount of home and away games against their league rivals.

The league operates on a system of promotion and relegation. Champions win an automatic promotion to Erovnuli Liga 2 while the teams finishing second and third book a place in promotion play-off home and away games against respectively the 9th and 8th placed clubs of Liga 2. Two bottom teams are relegated to Liga 4.

Current members

In 2021 the league will be contested by the following clubs:

Aragvi Dusheti Mtskheta-Mtianeti
Bakhmaro Chokhatauri Guria
Didube 2014 Tbilisi Tbilisi
Gori Gori Shida Kartli
Guria Lanchkhuti Guria
Kolkheti-1913 Poti Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti
Kolkheti Khobi Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti
Magaroeli Chiatura Imereti
Merani-2 Tbilisi Tbilisi
Meshakhte Tkibuli Imereti
Saburtalo II Tbilisi Tbilisi
Spaeri Tbilisi Tbilisi
Tbilisi City Tbilisi Tbilisi
Varketili Tbilisi Tbilisi


Winners in Meore Liga

2011–12 Chikhura Sachkhere II Sasco Tbilisi
2012–13 Matchakhela Khelvachauri Kartli 2011
2013–14 Lazika Zugdidi Borjomi
2014–15 Imereti Khoni Tskhumi Sukhumi Liakhvi Tskhinvali
2015–16 Sulori Vani Gardabani Mark Stars
2016No winner was decided because it was a transitional season

Top three teams

SeasonWinnerRunner-upThird place
2017 Shevardeni 1906 Norchi Dinamo Tbilisi Telavi
2018 Zugdidi Bakhmaro Chokhatauri Guria Lanchkhuti
2019 Merani Martvili Samgurali Tskhaltubo Aragvi Dusheti
2020 Gareji Sagarejo Kolkheti-1913 Poti Gori

Note: Apart from the champions who were automatically promoted to the second division, the teams indicated in bold gained promotion after winning the play-offs against their Liga-2 rivals.

Relegated teams

Due to the often changeable competition format the number of relegated teams has varied each season since re-branding.

2017 Odishi-1919 ZugdidiChkherimela Kharagauli ● Liakhvi Tskhinvali ● Sapovnela Terjola
2018 Samegrelo ChkhorotskuMagaroeli Chiatura ● Varketili Tbilisi ● Algeti Marneuli ● Mark Stars Tbilisi, Imereti KhoniGardabaniSulori VaniSamgurali Tskaltubo-2Machakhela Khelvachauri
2019 BorjomiBetlemi Keda

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