Metropol TV

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Metropol TV
OwnerJuritzen AS
Sister channels-
Launched30 September 1999
Closed27 February 2002

Metropol TV was a local TV channel for Oslo, Norway but could be seen in the rest of the country through cable TV. The channel was started in 1999 and ceased broadcasting in February 2002 due to financial difficulties. [1]

Metropol TV cast shows like "En lun aften", promoting comedians Atle Antonsen and Johan Golden.It also had a show called Metropol Live every weekday, with hosts like Sarah Natasha Melbye, Anders Hornslien and others.


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Team Antonsen was a Norwegian sketch comedy television program which was shown on TV in spring 2004 on the Norwegian public channel NRK. The show consisted of four well-known comedians: Atle Antonsen, Harald Eia, Bård Tufte Johansen and Kristopher Schau performing various sketches. The show typically made fun of spoken Nynorsk and Sami, as well as regional dialects from all over Norway—most commonly from Northern Norway and the cities of Bergen and Trondheim. Celebrities often appeared on the show—among others famous writer Anne Holt and accomplished singer Bertine Zetlitz. Team Antonsen had an average viewer-rating of over 700 000 viewers, a high figure for a late-night TV show in a country with 4.6 million people.

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Comedy Central is a Dutch free-to-air television channel based on the American channel of the same name. The channel is available on cable, digital terrestrial, IPTV, and satellite operators in the Netherlands. It broadcasts many imports as well as original programming. There is another, 24 hours a day broadcasting, Comedy Central channel available in the Netherlands, named Comedy Central Extra. This channel is only available as pay TV.

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Red Bull TV is a global multi-platform channel owned by Red Bull GmbH, distributed digitally on connected TVs, smartphones, tablets, and on its website. The channel is available globally and free of charge. Programming is in English language and airs across all territories regardless of the country in which it's produced. The channel is a home for live events and programs on sports, music, and lifestyle/culture, including unbranded original programming. Red Bull TV is also available on Apple TV. Red Bull TV is known for long-format original programming series such as Sky Trippers, an aerial adventure of three friends piloting their paramotors through Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia, URBEX – Enter At Your Own Risk, a documentary series about urban explorers, SCREENLAND explores video game design, short-format series like Sheckler Sessions and Who is J.O.B., their live coverage of sport events like the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, and the Wings for Life World Run, as well as for live broadcasting music festivals like Lollapalooza. Red Bull TV is also a channel on Pluto TV in the sports section with the channel number being 762.

X Factor is a Danish television music competition to find new singing talent. This season will be the first season broadcast on TV2. after DR1 announced in August 16, 2017 that Season 11 is the final season broadcast on their channel. Kristian Kjærlund won the competition and Thomas Blachman became the winning mentor for the 3rd time and the 2nd judge to win 2 seasons in a row.

Nuestra Visión

Nuestra Visión is an American Spanish language free-to-air television network, owned by Publicidad y Contenido Editorial S.A. de C.V. a subsidiary of América Móvil. The network launched on November 21, 2017 and is available in select markets across the United States.

Go' morgen Danmark is a Danish morning television show which airs on TV 2. The program airs live from Copenhagen's Central Station, with occasional segments recorded at Tivoli. It is currently hosted by Mikkel Kryger, Ida Wohlert, Adam Duvå Hall, Louise Wolff, Steen Langeberg, and Puk Elgård.


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