TV 2 Group

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TV 2 Group
Type Joint stock company
Industry Media
Founded13 November 1991
Key people
Hans Jacob Carstensen [1]
Products TV 2
Revenue2.7 billion kr (2008) [2]
Owner Egmont Group
Number of employees
830 (2008) [2]
Website TV 2

TV 2 Group (Norwegian: TV 2 Gruppen) is Norway's largest commercial media company. TV 2 Group provides services for TV, Teletext, radio, Internet, Web TV, broadband-TV, mobile telephones and other information formats.

The company owns TV 2, TV 2 Zebra, TV 2 Nyhetskanalen, TV 2 Filmkanalen, TV 2 Sport, TV 2 Science Fiction,, TV 2 Mobil.

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