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Type Public broadcaster
Founded7 January 2009
by Dominique Weesie
TV stations NPO 3
Radio stations NPO Radio 1
Official website
The signature pink microphone cover of PowNed, with their former logo used from 2009 till 2019 Powned microfoon.jpg
The signature pink microphone cover of PowNed, with their former logo used from 2009 till 2019

PowNed is a Dutch broadcaster, which transmits radio and television programmes on the Netherlands Public Broadcasting system. [1]


Each weekday evening it airs a satirical news show called PowNews on Nederland 3, in which politicians and other public and non-public figures are confronted with provocative questions, and often ridiculed.

The broadcaster was affiliated with and was started up with the help of the popular GeenStijl shock blog.

The director of PowNed is Dominique Weesie (who also presents PowNews) and their star reporter is Rutger Castricum. Other reporters include(d) Jojanneke van den Berge, Jan Roos (also presenter of the radio programme Echte Jannen with Jan Dijkgraaf) and Daan Nieber. Several other people involved with PowNed programmes (radio and television) are DJs Rob Stenders and Bert van Lent, sports presenters Henk Spaan and Hugo Borst (of the TV football programme Heilig Gras), Bas Paternotte (political commentator for Echte Jannen) and Brenno de Winter (ICT commentator for PowNews).

The name is a backronym for Publieke Omroep Weldenkend Nederland En Dergelijke (English: Public broadcaster (for the) well-thinking Netherlands and the like). PowNed claims to serve the network generation and argues heavily (in a tongue-in-cheek style) against baby boomers whom it sees as clinging on to power.



Daan Nieber Daan Nieber voor PowNews in Amsterdam.jpg
Daan Nieber
Rutger Castricum and Mark Rutte Powned op bezoek MP Rutte.jpg
Rutger Castricum and Mark Rutte
Danny Ghosen Danny Ghosen.jpg
Danny Ghosen
Rutger Castricum
Jan Roos
Jojanneke van den Berge
Daan Nieber
Danny Ghosen
Jan Versteegh
Nadia Poeschmann
Gerben van Driel
Tom Staal
Bram Endedijk
Jeroen Holtrop
Roel Maalderink
Sanae Orchi




Heilig Gras


18 April 2011 Robin van Persie 279.000
215 April 2011 Nike 222.000
322 April 2011Parents and children145.000
429 April 2011Football stats157.000
56 May 2011 ADO Den Haag 201.000
613 May 2011 Frank de Boer 268.000

House Ibiza

In House Ibiza went Rutger Castricum and Dominique Weesie to Ibiza and interviewed guests.


1 Ronald Plasterk
Barbara Barend
Guido Weijers
Ursul de Geer
2 John van den Heuvel
Fajah Lourens
Jokertje from Oh Oh Cherso...
3 Hero Brinkman
Jan Slagter
Amanda Krabbé
4 Peter R. de Vries
Sander de Kramer
Tygo Gernandt
5 Boris van der Ham
Goedele Liekens
Jan-Hein Kuijpers
Bas van Toor
6 Michael Boogerd
Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert
René Froger



In PowLitie went Danny Ghosen (S1-3), Thijs Zeeman (S1-3) Jojanneke van den Berge (S1-2) Daan Nieber (S1-2) Roel Maalderink (S3) on criminal. The first season were part of Zendtijd PowNed.


PresenterSeason 1Season 2Season 3
Danny Ghosen
Thijs Zeeman
Jojanneke van den Berge
Daan Nieber
Roel Maalderink

Studio PowNed

Studio PowNed is a late night talkshow presented by Rutger Castricum. Guests are Dominique Weesie, Erik de Vlieger, Thierry Baudet, Yoeri Albrecht. In the program are news and politics, there are reportages from Jan Roos, Tom Staal and others.

Zendtijd PowNed

In Zendtijd PowNed the presenters of PowNed watched if a new program is successful.


#DateViewersProgramCame later on
television or radio
125 February 2012167.000Fill!No
23 March 2012105.000Drive alongNo
310 March 2012130.000 Echte Jannen Yes, on radio
417 March 2012129.000
524 March 2012270.000 PowLitie Yes, on television
631 March 2012152.000
77 April 2012179.000
814 April 2012143.000 PowNews XL No
921 April 2012182.000


  • Camping PowNed (2013)
  • Captain Henk (2017)
  • Dat zijn geen grappen (2018–present)
  • De Hofbar (2018–present)
  • De Hofkar (2019–present)
  • De week van PowNed (September - December 2016)
  • Emmen op 1 (2018)
  • Marokko op 1 (2018)
  • Niet Lullen Maar Poetsen (November 2015 – present)
  • PowNed (television program) (2009)
  • PowNews Flits (January 2017 – present)
  • Weg met de buren (2018)


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