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MTV3 logo 2019.svg
Country Finland
Broadcast areaNationwide
Headquarters Helsinki
Picture format576i (SDTV) 720p (HDTV)
Owner MTV Oy
(Telia Company)
Sister channels Sub (HD)
C More Max (HD)
C More Sport 1 (HD)
C More Sport 2 (HD)
C More Juniori
C More (HD)
Launched13 August 1957;63 years ago (1957-08-13)
(as a programming block)
1 January 1993;28 years ago (1993-01-01)
(own channel)
Former namesMTV (Mainos-TV)
Digital terrestrial Channel 3
Channel 23 (HD)
Elisa Channel 3
Channel 23 (HD)
DNA Channel 3
Channel 23 (HD)
Telia Channel 3
Channel 23 (HD)
Allente Channel 3 (HD)
MaxivisionChannel 3
ElisaChannel 3
The MTV3 broadcasting studio in Ilmala, Helsinki. MTV3 studio.jpg
The MTV3 broadcasting studio in Ilmala, Helsinki.

MTV3 (Finnish : MTV Kolme, Swedish : MTV Tre) is a Finnish commercial television station. It had the biggest audience share of all Finnish TV channels until Yle TV1 (from Yle) took the lead. The letters MTV stand for Mainos-TV (literally "Advertisement-TV", i.e. "Commercial TV [1] ), due to the channel carrying advertising for revenue. Number 3 was added later, when the channel was allocated the third nationwide television channel and it generally became known as "Channel Three"—Finnish Broadcasting Company’s Yle TV1 and Yle TV2 being the first two—and also to distinguish it from the later MTV Finland, which is a Finnish version of ViacomCBS's MTV channel. From 1957 until 2001, the channel's logo was a stylised owl, changed to an owl's eye after an image renewal in 2001, which was then used until 2013. MTV3 has about 500 employees. It is also known as Maikkari (a slang of word "Mainos-TV").



MTV3 was launched on 13 August 1957, [2] the first commercial television network in Finland, [3] and one of the earliest nationwide commercial TV stations in Europe. In Finland it was preceded by the regional TES-TV commercial channel. It was originally known as MTV (Mainostelevisio) with programmes broadcast on the two channels of Yle. MTV was allocated its own channel after 1986, when Kolmoskanava (TV3) was born as a joint venture between Yle, MTV, and Nokia. MTV3 was born in 1993 when MTV took over the shares of TV3 from Yle and Nokia and MTV programming switched from the Yle frequencies to the TV3 transmitters. The same year MTV Oy was admitted as a full active member of the European Broadcasting Union. This membership ended in 2019. [4]

In 2005 Alma Media sold MTV3 and its sister channels (MTV3+, Subtv, Radio Nova and a share in Urheilukanava) to Swedish Bonnier. [5] In 2018 Bonnier sold the channel to the Swedish telecommunication enterprise Telia. [6]


MTV3 broadcasts every day from morning to small hours. The pre-dawn hours are allocated to a SMS-based online chat.

Much of the output of MTV3 is a mixture of Finnish versions of popular program formats and of American and British imports. However, MTV3 has also its own Finnish programming. For example, many of Spede Pasanen's productions were produced for MTV3. [7]

MTV3 broadcasts two main news broadcasts every day on prime time. Seitsemän uutiset at 19:00 EET and Kymmenen uutiset at 22:00 EET. [8] MTV3 also broadcast news every morning and short bulletins at 21:00 EET.

MTV3 brought the first daily soap opera to Finland, by showing the American The Bold and the Beautiful , [9] which in 1990s became the most popular show on the channel. In 1999, MTV3 started showing Finnish daily soap opera Salatut elämät . [10]

Sport Programming


MTV3's Football team

Ice hockey

MTV3's Ice Hockey team


MTV3's Formula One Team

  • Niki Juusela - Current race commentary for live broadcasts from 2017.
  • Oskari Saari - Race commentary for live broadcasts from 2004 to 2016. Matti Kyllönen has previously provided commentary for the hour-long race summary shown on MTV3.
  • Erkki Mustakari - Reporter and interviewer as well as occasional co-commentator with Saari (such as replacing Jyrki Järvilehto in 2010).
  • Mervi Kallio - On-track reporter and interviewer for races.
  • Mika Salo - Saari's new co-commentator in 2011.
  • Ossi Oikarinen - co-commentator since 2013.
  • Toni Vilander - co-commentator since 2014.

MTV3's MotoGP team

  • Marko Terva-aho - Commentator.
  • Mika Kallio - Co-commentator.
  • Matti Kiiveri - Co-commentator.
  • Vesa Kallio - Co-commentator.

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Kymmenen Uutiset is the main news program of MTV3, broadcast daily at 10:00 p.m.

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