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LPP Radio Republik Indonesia
Type Public radio network
AvailabilityNationwide and worldwide
Founded11 September 1945;76 years ago (1945-09-11)
by Jusuf Ronodipuro and Abdul Rahman Saleh
Radio stationsSee Services
HeadquartersJl. Medan Merdeka Barat 4-5, Central Jakarta
Official website
The RRI building in Central Jakarta RRIBuildingJakarta.jpg
The RRI building in Central Jakarta

Radio Republik Indonesia (Radio of the Republic of Indonesia, abbreviated as RRI), legally Lembaga Penyiaran Publik (LPP) Radio Republik Indonesia (Public Broadcasting Institution Radio of the Republic of Indonesia) is a public radio network of Indonesia. Founded on 11 September 1945, it is the first radio network in Indonesia. RRI headquarters are located on Medan Merdeka Barat Street in Central Jakarta.


RRI has several radio channels broadcasts all over Indonesia and abroad to serve all Indonesian citizens throughout the nation and overseas. RRI also provides information about Indonesia to people around the world. Voice of Indonesia is the division for overseas broadcasting.


RRI was established on 11 September 1945 by several figures who previously operated several Japanese radio stations in 6 cities. A meeting attended by the station delegates at Adang Kadarusman house on Menteng resulted in the decision to set up Radio Republik Indonesia by choosing Abdul Rahman Saleh as the first general manager.

In February 1946, RRI was placed under the Department of Information, and immediately became a tool for the newly established national government during Indonesian National Revolution. [1]

Domestic Dutch-language broadcasts were discontinued in 1954. [2]

The RRI central station in Jakarta became one of the vital objects captured by the 30 September Movement on 1 October 1965. In that morning, RRI reported about the September 30 Movement aimed at high-ranking officers who were members of the "Council of Generals" who were about to stage a coup against the government, and announced the formation of "Revolutionary Council" led by Lt. Col. Untung.

In late 1960s, private radio stations were established and effectively ended RRI's monopoly on radio broadcasting. However, during the New Order era, upon the requests of the Ministry of Information, RRI-produced news programs were aired simulcast on all radio stations.

After the Broadcasting Act No. 32/2002 is in force, RRI, along with TVRI, set as the public radio network in 2006 and became independent of any governmental control. The status then reaffirmed by Government Regulation (Peraturan Pemerintah) No. 12 of 2005.

In March 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia, RRI use the tagline Radio Tanggap Bencana COVID-19 (COVID-19 Disaster Responsive Radio). By the tagline, the network announced their efforts to combat the pandemic by providing accurate and reliable information, and supporting the actions of government of Indonesia during the pandemic. [3]

A proposed new Broadcasting Act (Undang-Undang Penyiaran) currently in the making would merge RRI with its fellow public broadcaster TVRI unto a unified firm RTRI (Radio Televisi Republik Indonesia, Radio [and] Television of the Republic of Indonesia). [4]

Principles and structure

RRI is designated as public broadcasting institution per Act No. 32 of 2002 on Broadcasting, which defined as a "legal entity established by the state; has independent, neutral, not commercial (characteristics); and has the function to provide services for the public benefit". Its duty, according to Government Regulation No. 12 of 2005, is "to provide the healthy information, education and entertainment services, (maintain) social control and unity, and preserve the nation's culture for the whole public benefit by organizing radio broadcast that reaches all parts of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia". The network is formally placed directly under, and responsible to, the President of Indonesia.

Unlike other public broadcasters such as TVRI and newly established local public broadcasters, RRI has long had a broadcast pledge called Three Pledges of RRI (Tri Prasetya RRI), shown below in English: [5]

RRI organization structure consists of five Board of Supervisors (Dewan Pengawas) appointed by the People's Representative Council (DPR) and six Board of Directors (Dewan Direksi) appointed by the Board of Supervisors. Both are sworn in by the President, served for five years and renewable once.

According to article 15 of the Broadcasting Act, RRI funding comes from several sources such as broadcasting fees, annual state budget (drafted by the government and approved by the DPR), community contribution, and advertisement, as well as other legal efforts related to the broadcasting operation. In fact, as of today the broadcasting fee is not yet implemented, and RRI is asked to generate "non-tax revenue" for the state by various funding sources (besides the annual state budget), which some of the revenue would be returned to the network. Previously the radio tax to supplement RRI funding was charged in 1947, [6] but was abolished sometime in the 1980s.[ citation needed ]



In general, RRI offers a maximum of four main stations in a region (availability are vary, see below), one of them is a national simulcast. Three other services are transmitted locally, producing local programmes as well as relaying programmes from RRI central station in Jakarta.

Major cities stations

LocationPro 1Pro 2Pro 3Pro 4
Ambon FM 95.4 MHzFM 98.4 MHzFM 90.1 MHz
Banda Aceh FM 97.7 MHzFM 88.5 MHzFM 92.6 MHzFM 87.8 MHz
Bandar Lampung FM 90.9 MHzFM 92.5 MHzFM 87.7 MHzFM 88.5 MHz
Bandung FM 97.6 MHzFM 96.0 MHz
Banjarmasin FM 97.6 MHzFM 95.2 MHzFM 92.5 MHzFM 87.7 MHz, FM 99.6 MHz
Batam FM 105.1 MHzFM 105.5 MHzFM 90.9 MHz
Bengkulu FM 92.5 MHzFM 105.1 MHzFM 88.6 MHz
Bogor MW 1242 kHzFM 106.8 MHzFM 90.9 MHz
Cirebon FM 94.8 MHzFM 97.5 MHz
Denpasar FM 88.6 MHzFM 100.9 MHzFM 95.3 MHzFM 93.4 MHz
Jakarta FM 91.2 MHzFM 105.0 MHzFM 88.8  MHzFM 92.8 MHz
Jambi FM 88.5 MHzFM 90.9 MHzFM 94.4 MHzFM 99.2 MHz
Jayapura FM 93.5 MHzFM 90.1 MHzFM 105.9 MHzFM 89.3 MHz
Kupang FM 94.4 MHzFM 90.9 MHzFM 101.9 MHzFM 104.3 MHz
Lhokseumawe FM 89.3 MHzFM 101.9 MHzFM 95.2 MHz
Makassar FM 94.4 MHzFM 96.8 MHzFM 92.9 MHzFM 92.5 MHz
Malang FM 91.5 MHzFM 87.9 MHz (Formerly as FM 102 Makobu RRI Pro 2 Malang)FM 94.6 MHzFM 105.3 MHz
Manado FM 94.5  MHzFM 97.7 MHzFM 104.4 MHzFM 88.6 MHz
Medan FM 94.3 MHzFM 92.4 MHzFM 88.8 MHzFM 88.4 MHz
Padang FM 97,5 MHzFM 90.8 MHzFM 88.4 MHzFM 92.4 MHz
Palembang FM 92.4 MHzFM 91.6 MHzFM 97.1 MHzFM 88.4 MHz
Pekanbaru FM 99.1 MHzFM 88.4 MHzFM 89.2 MHzFM 95.9 MHz
Pontianak FM 104.2 MHzFM 101.8 MHzFM 90.3 MHzFM 94.3 MHz
Purwokerto FM 93.1 MHzFM 99.0 MHzFM 97.1 MHz
Semarang FM 89.0 MHzFM 95.3 MHzFM 92.2 MHzFM 88.2 MHz
Surabaya FM 99.2 MHzFM 95.2 MHzFM 106.3 MHzFM 96.8 MHz
Surakarta FM 105.5 MHzFM 97.0 MHzFM 95.1 MHz
Yogyakarta FM 91.1 MHzFM 102.5 MHzFM 102.9 MHz

Other local stations

RRI Pro 1, RRI Pro 2, and RRI Pro 4 operates 19 hours every day, starting 5am to 12am local time. Availability of Pro 1, Pro 2, Pro 3, and Pro 4 as of December 2018 is displayed on the table below.

LocationPro 1
Pro 2
Pro 3
Pro 4
Aceh SingkilYes check.svgYes check.svg
AmbonYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svg
AmpanaYes check.svgYes check.svg
AtambuaYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svg
Banda AcehYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svg
Bandar LampungYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svg
BandungYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svg
BanjarmasinYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svg
BantenYes check.svgYes check.svgX mark.svg
BatamYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgX mark.svg
BaubauYes check.svgX mark.svgYes check.svgX mark.svg
BelitungYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svg
BengkalisYes check.svgX mark.svgYes check.svgX mark.svg
BengkuluYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svg
BiakYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgX mark.svg
BimaYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svg
BintuhanYes check.svgX mark.svgYes check.svgX mark.svg
BogorYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgX mark.svg
BoneYes check.svgX mark.svgYes check.svgX mark.svg
BovendigulYes check.svgX mark.svgYes check.svgX mark.svg
BukittinggiYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgX mark.svg
BulaYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svg
CirebonYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svg
DenpasarYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svg
EndeYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgX mark.svg
EntikongYes check.svgX mark.svgYes check.svgX mark.svg
Fak FakYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgX mark.svg
GorontaloYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgX mark.svg
Gunung SitoliYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgX mark.svg
JakartaYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svg
JambiYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svg
JayapuraYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svg
JemberYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgX mark.svg
KaimanaYes check.svgX mark.svgYes check.svgX mark.svg
KediriYes check.svgX mark.svgYes check.svgX mark.svg
KendariYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgX mark.svg
KupangYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svg
LhokseumaweYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgX mark.svg
MadiunYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgX mark.svg
MakassarYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svg
MalangYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svg
MalinauYes check.svgX mark.svgYes check.svgX mark.svg
MamujuYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svg
ManadoYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svg
ManokwariYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svg
MataramYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgX mark.svg
MedanYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svg
MeraukeYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgX mark.svg
MelaubohYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgX mark.svg
NabireYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svg
Nias SelatanYes check.svgX mark.svgYes check.svgX mark.svg
NunukanYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgX mark.svg
PadangYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svg
PalangkarayaYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svg
PalembangYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svg
PaluYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svg
PekanbaruYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svg
PontianakYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svg
PurwokertoYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgX mark.svg
RanaiYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgX mark.svg
RoteYes check.svgX mark.svgYes check.svgX mark.svg
SabangYes check.svgX mark.svgYes check.svgX mark.svg
SamarindaYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svg
SampangYes check.svgX mark.svgYes check.svgX mark.svg
SaumlakiYes check.svgX mark.svgYes check.svgX mark.svg
SemarangYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svg
SendawarYes check.svgX mark.svgYes check.svgX mark.svg
SeruiYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgX mark.svg
SibolgaYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgX mark.svg
SingarajaYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgX mark.svg
SintangYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgX mark.svg
SorongYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgX mark.svg
SumenepYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgX mark.svg
SungailiatYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svg
SungaipenuhYes check.svgX mark.svgYes check.svgX mark.svg
SurabayaYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svg
SurakartaYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgX mark.svg
TahunaYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgX mark.svg
TakengonYes check.svgX mark.svgYes check.svgX mark.svg
TanjungpinangYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svg
TarakanYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgX mark.svg
TernateYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svg
Toli ToliYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgX mark.svg
TualYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgX mark.svg
WamenaYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgX mark.svg
Way KananYes check.svgX mark.svgYes check.svgX mark.svg
YogyakartaYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgYes check.svg

An RRI local station for Dili was operating from 1976 to 1999. East Timor national broadcaster RTTL currently takes place.


RRI has its own visual radio channel, RRI NET, that broadcasts certain live national radio programming via television. RRI NET can be accessed via streaming service as well as free-to-air satellite television across the country.

RRI NET is known to have been first broadcasting since December 2015. [7] However, the channel was only officially launched on 12 September 2018 in commemoration of RRI's 73rd anniversary. [8]

The slogan of RRI NET is the "Tonton apa yang anda dengar" (Watch what you listen). [9]


RRI maintain a news portal on its official website (, as well as indie music portal The network also maintain RRIplay Go mobile app, offering RRI services in one app such as live streaming of all networks and local stations, news portal, RRI 30" citizen journalism and BeYoung.

Criticism and controversies

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