Parliament of South Ossetia

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Parliament of South Ossetia

Парламент Южной Осетии
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Alan Tadtaev, United Ossetia
since 20 June 2019
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Political groups
  •   United Ossetia (14)
  •   People's Party (5)
  •   Nykhaz (4)
  •   Unity of the People (3)
  •   Communist Party (1)
  •   Independents (7)
Last election
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The Parliament of South Ossetia is the unicameral legislature of the partially recognized Republic of South Ossetia. Members are elected using a system of Party-list proportional representation. South Ossetia has a multi-party system, and currently 4 political parties are represented in parliament. The parliament is headed by a speaker, who is elected from among the members. The current speaker is Pyotr Gassiev, member of parliament for United Ossetia.


The building of the Parliament of South Ossetia, heavily damaged in the August 2008 war. Ryzhenkova Solidarnost 5.jpg
The building of the Parliament of South Ossetia, heavily damaged in the August 2008 war.

The parliament of South Ossetia meets in the capital Tskhinvali. The parliament building, built in 1937, was heavily damaged in the 2008 South Ossetia war. [1]

Latest election

e    d  Summary of the 9 June 2019 South Ossetian parliamentary election results
PartiesLeaderVotes%FPTP seatsParty-list seatsTotal seats+/–
United Ossetia Anatoly Bibilov 7,77834.967714-6
People's Party of South Ossetia Alexander Pliev 4,84921.80145+1
Nykhaz Ruslan Gagloyev 3,19814.371340
Unity of the People Vladimir Kelekhsaev 2,88312.96123-3
Communist Party of South Ossetia Stanislav Kochiev 1,6227.29011+1
Socialist Party "Fatherland" Vyacheslav Gobozov 7113.200000
Unity Party Zurab Kokoyev 6302.830000
Independents -707+7
Against all 5782.6
Registered voters / turnout~31,000~66
Sources: [2] [3]

List of speakers

Until 27 November 1996, the speaker (or "chairman") of the parliament was also Head of State.

Related Research Articles

South Ossetia Disputed territory in the South Caucasus

South Ossetia, officially the Republic of South Ossetia – the State of Alania, or the Tskhinvali Region, is a de facto state in the South Caucasus recognised by most countries as part of Georgia. It has an officially stated population of 53,000 people but other sources indicate a lower number of between 26,000 and 39,000 who live in an area of 3,900 km2, south of the Russian Caucasus, with 30,000 living in Tskhinvali. The separatist polity, Republic of South Ossetia, is recognized as a state by Russia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Nauru, and Syria. While Georgia lacks control over South Ossetia, the Georgian government and most members of the United Nations consider the territory part of Georgia, whose constitution designates the area as "the former autonomous district of South Ossetia", in reference to the South Ossetian Autonomous Oblast disbanded in 1990.

Eduard Kokoity Former president of South Ossetia

Eduard Dzhabeyevich Kokoyty is the former President of the partially recognized state South Ossetia. His term in office lasted just under ten years, beginning December 2001 and ending December 2011.

Lyudvig Alekseyevich Chibirov was the Chairman of the Parliament and later, following inaugural elections the first President of South Ossetia. Born in 1932, Chibirov is a former member of the South Ossetian Parliament. Prior to the elections in 1996, he had been South Ossetia's head of state since 1993. When the post of Chairman of the Parliament was abolished in favor of the presidency, Chibirov became the first occupant of the new office.

Communist Party of South Ossetia

The Communist Party of South Ossetia is a communist party in South Ossetia. The party was founded in 1993. As of 2004, the party claimed a membership of 1,500. The party seeks recognition of the Republic of South Ossetia.

Torez Georgievich Kulumbegov, was a political leader of South Ossetia, a former Soviet Autonomous Oblast which unilaterally elevated its status to Republic in 1990 and declared its independence from Georgia in 1991. Kulumbegov ruled as chairman of the Presidium of the South Ossetian Supreme Council, i. e., head of the self-proclaimed Republic, from December 1991 to September 1993. Before this event, he was held prisoner by Georgian police in Tbilisi from 29 January 1991 until January 1992.

Foreign relations of South Ossetia

The Republic of South Ossetia is a self-proclaimed state which is recognized by Russia, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Syria, Nauru, Abkhazia, and Transnistria. South Ossetia declared independence from Georgia in 1991, but did not receive recognition from any UN member states until after the 2008 South Ossetia war. It is the only state recognized by UN Member States that recognizes the Donetsk People's Republic.

Vadim Brovtsev Russian businessman

Vadim Vladimirovich Brovtsev is a Russian businessman who was Prime Minister of the Republic of South Ossetia from 5 August 2009 to 26 April 2012, as well as Acting President from December 11, 2011 to April 19, 2012.

2004 South Ossetian parliamentary election

A parliamentary election in South Ossetia, a de facto independent country considered by most countries to be a part of Georgia, was held on 23 May 2004.

Merab Ilyich Chigoev was a Georgian South Ossetian politician and former Prime Minister, from August 1998 until June 2001. He was also Minister of Justice in Yury Morozov's cabinet.

Gerasim "Rezo" Georgievich Khugayev is an Ossetian politician a former Prime Minister of the Republic of South Ossetia. He is the only South Ossetian Prime Minister to serve more than one time, at this date. He first served from October 1993 until May 1994 under Head of State Lyudvig Chibirov, and then again from December 2001 until August 2003, as the first Prime Minister appointed by President of South Ossetia Eduard Kokoity.

Znaur Gassiev

Znaur Nikolayevich Gassiyev was a South Ossetian politician, who was one of the leaders of the South Ossetian independence movement in the early 1990s, which culminated in the 1991–1992 South Ossetia War.

Stanislav Kochiev

Stanislav Jakovlevich Kochiev is a South Ossetian politician, who is a former presidential candidate and former chairman (speaker) of the Parliament of South Ossetia.

Kosta Georgievich Dzugaev, is a South Ossetian politician, who is a former chairman (speaker) of the Parliament of South Ossetia.

2011 South Ossetian presidential election

Presidential elections were held in South Ossetia on 13 November 2011. A referendum was held on the same day. A run-off was held on 27 November, but the result were invalidated by the Supreme Court of South Ossetia. A new election was scheduled for 25 March 2012.

Anatoly Bibilov

Anatoly Ilyich Bibilov is a Russian and South Ossetian military officer, currently serving as the 4th President of South Ossetia, a partially recognized, but de facto independent state, succeeding Leonid Tibilov as President on April 21, 2017, following his election victory.

2012 South Ossetian presidential election

A presidential election was held in South Ossetia on 25 March, with a runoff scheduled on 8 April 2012. This election would choose the first full president since the country gained partial international recognition.

Leonid Tibilov

Leonid Tibilov is a South Ossetian politician who served as the President of South Ossetia from 2012 to 2017 after winning the 2012 South Ossetian presidential election.

2017 South Ossetian presidential election

Presidential elections were held in South Ossetia on 9 April 2017 alongside a referendum on changing the official name of the state to "Republic of South Ossetia–the State of Alania", or "South Ossetia–Alania" for short. Incumbent President Leonid Tibilov ran for a second and final term in office, but was defeated by Anatoliy Bibilov of the United Ossetia party.

Events in the year 2017 in South Ossetia.

Pyotr Leonidovich Gassiev is a South Ossetian politician who has served as the Speaker of the South Ossetian Parliament since 7 June 2017.


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