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Luis Carlos Verzoni Nejar, better known as Carlos Nejar (born January 11, 1939 in Porto Alegre), is a Brazilian poet, author, translator and critic, and a member of the Academia Brasileira de Letras. One of the most important poets of its generation, Nejar, also called "o poeta do pampa brasileiro", is distinguished for his use of an extensive vocabulary, alliteration, and pandeism. His first book, Sélesis, was published in 1960.

Nejar was elected to the fourth seat of the Brazilian Academy of Letters on November 24, 1988, succeeding Viana Moog.





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Anthologies and books (including his poems)

- Yoke (Canga) - Jesualdo Monte, tradução de Madeleine Picciotto. Quarterly Review of Literature. Poetry Series III. Edited by T & R. Weiss. Volume XXII. Princeton, New Jersey, USA, 1981.

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