List of Guggenheim Fellowships awarded in 1927

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List of Guggenheim Fellowships awarded in 1927.


1927 U.S. and Canadian Fellows

Marion Elizabeth Blake was a classical languages professor who is known for her work in researching the technology of Roman construction. Blake died in Rome, Italy, in 1961.

Ralph Erskine Cleland American botanist

Ralph Erskine Cleland was an American botanist. In 1947, he was the President of the Botanical Society of America. He was also a professor at the Department of Botany at Indiana University. Cleland's most seminal field of research concerned the genetics of the plant genus Oenothera. He discovered the structures of linked rings of meiotic chromosomes that, by their interference with functions such as chromosomal crossover explained the unusual genetics and reproduction of plants in the genus Oenothera.

Raphael Demos

Raphael Demos was Alford Professor of Natural Religion, Moral Philosophy and Civil Polity, emeritus, at Harvard University and an authority on the work of the Greek philosopher Plato. At Harvard, he taught Martin Luther King Jr.

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