List of Guggenheim Fellowships awarded in 1943

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List of Guggenheim Fellowships awarded in 1943.


1943 U.S. and Canadian Fellows

Edgar Shannon Anderson was an American botanist. His 1949 book Introgressive Hybridization was an original and important contribution to botanical genetics.

Ray Allen Billington was an American historian focusing his work on the history of the American frontier and the American West, becoming one of the leading defenders of Frederick Jackson Turner's "Frontier Thesis" from the 1950s to the 1970s, expanding the field of the history of the American West. He was a co-founder of the Western History Association in 1961.

Emma Lucy Braun American botanist

E. Lucy Braun was a prominent botanist, ecologist, and expert on the forests of the eastern United States who was a professor of the University of Cincinnati. She was an environmentalist before the term was popularized, and a pioneering woman in her field, winning many awards for her work.

1943 Latin American and Caribbean Fellows

Teodoro Núñez Ureta writer and Painter

Dr. Teodoro Núñez Ureta (1912–1988) was a Peruvian painter and a writer, noted for an original and distinctive style in Latin American art. His work often celebrated the life of the simple people of the Andes and the countryside, as distinct from a Spanish colonial legacy which had tended to ignore such topics.

Octavio Paz Mexican writer laureated with the 1990 Nobel Prize for Literature

Octavio Paz Lozano was a Mexican poet and diplomat. For his body of work, he was awarded the 1981 Miguel de Cervantes Prize, the 1982 Neustadt International Prize for Literature, and the 1990 Nobel Prize in Literature.

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