List of Guggenheim Fellowships awarded in 1933

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List of Guggenheim Fellowships awarded in 1933.


1933 U.S. and Canadian Fellows

Kenneth Bainbridge American physicist

Kenneth Tompkins Bainbridge was an American physicist at Harvard University who did work on cyclotron research. His precise measurements of mass differences between nuclear isotopes allowed him to confirm Albert Einstein's mass-energy equivalence concept. He was the Director of the Manhattan Project's Trinity nuclear test, which took place July 16, 1945. Bainbridge described the Trinity explosion as a "foul and awesome display". He remarked to J. Robert Oppenheimer immediately after the test, "Now we are all sons of bitches." This marked the beginning of his dedication to ending the testing of nuclear weapons and to efforts to maintain civilian control of future developments in that field.

Alfredo Barrera Vázquez was a Mexican anthropologist, linguist, academic and Mayanist scholar. He is noted for both his research into the historical Maya civilization of the pre-Columbian era and his contributions promoting literacy in Mayan languages and the culture of contemporary Maya peoples. He has been described as "...perhaps the greatest Maya scholar to emerge from the actual land of the Maya."

Francis Bitter was an American physicist.

1933 Latin American and Caribbean Fellows

Juan José Castro Argentine musician

Juan José Castro was an Argentine composer and conductor.

Eugenio Pereira Salas was a Chilean historian.

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