List of Guggenheim Fellowships awarded in 1998

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List of Guggenheim Fellowships awarded in 1998 [1]

FellowCategoryField of Study
Don L. Anderson Natural SciencesEarth Science
José W. Araújo Creative ArtsFilm
Arthur P. Arnold Natural SciencesNeuroscience
Adam Baer Creative ArtsPhotography
Margarita Bali Creative ArtsChoreography
Teodolinda Barolini HumanitiesItalian Literature
Burt Barr Creative ArtsFine Arts
Mitchell C. Begelman Astronomy—Astrophysics
Bei Dao Creative ArtsPoetry
Eugene W. Beier Physics
Nicola Beisel Sociology
Rafael D. Benguria Mathematics
Robert G. Bergman Chemistry
Lenard R. Berlanstein French History
Cindy Bernard Fine Arts
Bruce C. Berndt History of Science & Technology
Pallab K. Bhattacharya Engineering
William Hayes Biggs Music Composition
Barbara Bloom Fine Arts
Andrew Borowiec Creative ArtsPhotography
Svetlana Boym Slavic Literature
Richard D. Brown U.S. History
Tania Bruguera Fine Arts
Ellen Bruno Creative ArtsFilm
Barbara K. Burgess Molecular & Cellular Biology
Scott G. Burnham Music Research
Judith Butler Literary Criticism
Jin-Yi Cai Computer Science
Antonio Caro Fine Arts
Anne Carson Poetry
Clare Cavanagh Slavic Literature
Sun-Yung Alice Chang Mathematics
Albert Chong Creative ArtsPhotography
Demetrios Christodoulou Applied Mathematics
Horacio Crespo Iberian & Latin American History
David Crumb Music Composition
John D'Emilio U.S. History
Richard Dellamora English Literature
Justin N. Dello Joio Music Composition
Yemane I. Demissie Creative ArtsFilm
Suzanne Desan French History
Jared Diamond Science Writing
Tom Donaghy Drama & Performance Art
Rackstraw Downes Fine Arts
Kathy Eden Intellectual & Cultural History
Daniel Eisenberg Creative ArtsFilm
A. Roger Ekirch HumanitiesBritish History
Peter T. Ellison Social SciencesAnthropology & Cultural Studies
Jody Enders HumanitiesMedieval Literature
Steven A. Epstein HumanitiesItalian History
Ticio Escobar HumanitiesFine Arts Research
Candace Falk HumanitiesU.S. History
James R. Farr HumanitiesFrench History
Gilles R. Fauconnier Social SciencesPsychology
Paula Findlen HumanitiesRenaissance History
Maurice A. Finocchiaro HumanitiesHistory of Science & Technology
David Fludd Creative ArtsFine Arts
Nina Y. Fonoroff Creative ArtsFilm
Hal Foster HumanitiesFine Arts Research
Eduardo Fradkin Natural SciencesPhysics
Kenji Fujita Creative ArtsFine Arts
Salvo Galano Creative ArtsPhotography
Julio Pedro Garcia-Espinosa Romero Creative ArtsFilm
David Gates Fiction
Marvin Gates Fine Arts
William M. Gelbart Chemistry
Ana Gerzenstein Anthropology & Cultural Studies
Timothy J. Gilfoyle U.S. History
Margo Glantz Fiction
Francisco Goldman Fiction
Billy Golfus Creative ArtsFilm
Nury González Fine Arts
Ain Gordon Drama & Performance Art
Alma Gottlieb Anthropology & Cultural Studies
J. Raul Grigera Physics
Larry Gross Film, Video, & Radio Studies
George Gruner Physics
Mauro F. Guillén Sociology
Tom Gunning Film, Video, & Radio Studies
Sue Halpern General Nonfiction
Abdellah Hammoudi Near Eastern Studies
Lee Haring HumanitiesFolklore & Popular Culture
Julie Hecht Fiction
Michael W. Herren Medieval Literature
Carla Hesse French History
Jody Hey Organismic Biology & Ecology
Susan Hiller Fine Arts
A. M. Homes Fiction
Marie Howe Poetry
Raymond B. Huey Organismic Biology & Ecology
Ann Hutchinson Guest Dance Studies
John Jasperse Creative ArtsChoreography
Bill Jensen Fine Arts
Michael Joo Fine Arts
Eileen Julien African Studies
Frances Myrna Kamm Philosophy
Paul Kane American Literature
Dennis Kardon Fine Arts
John F. Kasson U.S. History
Demetrius A. Klein Creative ArtsChoreography
Timothy Kramer Music Composition
Christopher Kyle Creative ArtsDrama & Performance Art
Robert K. Lazarsfeld Natural SciencesMathematics
William Leavitt Fine Arts
Lyle Leverich American Literature
Mariano J. Levin Molecular & Cellular Biology
Nelson Lichtenstein U.S. History
Mary Lindemann German & East European History
Estela Susana Lizano Soberón Physics
Nancy Lorenz Fine Arts
Robert C. Maggio Music Composition
Juan Maidagan Fine Arts
Dusan Makavejev Creative ArtsFilm
Dionisio D. Martinez Poetry
Elizabeth Anne McCauley Photography Studies
Elizabeth McCracken Fiction
Campbell McGrath Poetry
Christopher F. McKee Astronomy/Astrophysics
Tununa Mercado Fiction
Sabeeha Merchant Molecular & Cellular Biology
Lorenzo Meyer Political Science
Mattison Mines South Asian Studies
Marilyn Minter Fine Arts
Peter Mombaerts Neuroscience
Russell K. Monson Plant Sciences
Judith Moore General Nonfiction
Susan J. Napier HumanitiesEast Asian Studies
Piotr Nawrot HumanitiesMusic Research
Joachim Neugroschel German & Scandinavian Literature
Jane O. Newman German & Scandinavian Literature
Roger Newton Creative ArtsPhotography
Tom Noonan Creative ArtsFilm
Thomas V. O'Halloran Natural SciencesMolecular & Cellular Biology
Donald B. Oliver Natural SciencesMolecular & Cellular Biology
Luis A. Orozco Natural SciencesPhysics
Marta María Pérez Bravo Fine Arts
Janet Peery Fiction
Laura Ann Petitto Neuroscience
Paul Pierson Political Science
Sergio Pitol Fiction
Sarah B. Pomeroy Classics
Gopal Prasad Mathematics
Gonzalo de Prat Gay Molecular & Cellular Biology
Alan S. Prince Linguistics
Jorge Pullin Physics
Fernando Quevedo Natural SciencesPhysics
Eloise Quiñones Keber HumanitiesFine Arts Research
Fidel Ramón Neuroscience
Christopher A. Reed Chemistry
Paula Richman Religion
David Riggs English Literature
Miguel Angel Rios Fine Arts
Arturo Ripstein Creative ArtsFilm
Kenneth Rogoff Economics
Christina D. Romer Economics
James Romm Classics
Jay Rosenblatt Creative ArtsFilm
Frank Salomon Iberian & Latin American History
Guadalupe Santa Cruz Fiction
Roberto A. Sánchez-Delgado Chemistry
Carlos Sánchez-Gutierrez Music Composition
Daniel L. Schacter Psychology
Emanuel A. Schegloff Sociology
Bambi B. Schieffelin Anthropology & Cultural Studies
John G. Sclater Earth Science
Neil H. Shubin Molecular & Cellular Biology
Berta M. Sichel Film, Video, & Radio Studies
Joseph H. Silverman Mathematics
Jeffrey Chipps Smith Fine Arts Research
Robert Smythe Drama & Performance Art
Robin Chapman Stacey Medieval History
Bruno Stagno Architecture, Planning, & Design
Henry Staten English Literature
Ilan Stavans General Nonfiction
Sidney Strickland Molecular & Cellular Biology
Susan Strome Molecular & Cellular Biology
Wendy Sussman Creative ArtsFine Arts
Michael T. Taussig Social SciencesAnthropology & Cultural Studies
Bob Thall Creative ArtsPhotography
Salvatore Torquato Natural SciencesEngineering
Nancy J. Troy HumanitiesFine Arts Research
Shripad Tuljapurkar Natural SciencesStatistics
Donna N. Uchizono Creative ArtsChoreography
Gisela von Wobeser HumanitiesIberian & Latin American History
Patricia Waddy HumanitiesArchitecture, Planning, & Design
Elisabeth Weber HumanitiesFrench Literature
Martin Weber Creative ArtsPhotography
Barbara Weinstein HumanitiesIberian & Latin American History
Richard H. Weisberg Social SciencesLaw
Kate Wheeler Creative ArtsFiction
Lawrence L. Widdoes Creative ArtsMusic Composition
Isabel Wilkerson Creative ArtsGeneral Nonfiction
Linda Williams HumanitiesFilm, Video, & Radio Studies
David WilsonCreative ArtsFine Arts
Jay Winter HumanitiesIntellectual & Cultural History
Robin Winters Creative ArtsFine Arts
Elise Kimerling Wirtschafter HumanitiesRussian History
Susan Wood Creative ArtsPoetry
Michael Woodford Social SciencesEconomics
Baron Wormser Creative ArtsPoetry
Richard A. Wright Social SciencesGeography & Environmental Studies
Dolores Zinny Creative ArtsFine Arts

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