List of Guggenheim Fellowships awarded in 2013

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List of Guggenheim Fellowships awarded in 2013: Guggenheim Fellowships have been awarded annually since 1925, by the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation to those "who have demonstrated exceptional capacity for productive scholarship or exceptional creative ability in the arts." [1]

The John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation was founded in 1925 by Olga and Simon Guggenheim in memory of their son, who died on April 26, 1922. The organization awards Guggenheim Fellowships to professionals who have demonstrated exceptional ability by publishing a significant body of work in the fields of natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, and the creative arts, excluding the performing arts.

FellowCategoryField of Study
Kim Abeles Creative ArtsFine Arts
Luciana Achugar Creative ArtsChoreography
Kim Adams Creative ArtsFine Arts
Kati Agócs Creative ArtsMusic Composition
Diana Allan Creative ArtsFilm-Video
Siemon Allen Creative ArtsFine Arts
Elizabeth S. Anderson HumanitiesPhilosophy
L.S. Asekoff Creative ArtsPoetry
Marcos Balter Creative ArtsMusic Composition
Leigh Behnke Creative ArtsMusic Composition
James Bever Natural SciencesPlant Sciences
Philip Boehm HumanitiesTranslation
Philip Bohlman HumanitiesMusic Research
Philippe Bourgeois Social SciencesAnthropology & Cultural Studies
Yomi Braester Social SciencesFilm, Video & Radio Studies
Benjamin Broening Creative ArtsMusic Composition
Brian Brooks Creative ArtsChoreography
Nathan Brown HumanitiesNear Eastern Studies
D. Graham Burnett HumanitiesHistory of Science, Technology & Economics
Hui Cao Natural SciencesEngineering
Peter Clote Natural SciencesApplied Mathematics
Cora Cohen Creative ArtsFine Arts
Jean-Louis Cohen HumanitiesArchitecture, Planning & Design
Jennifer Cole HumanitiesAfrican Studies
Jon Coleman HumanitiesU.S. History
Scott Conarroe Creative ArtsPhotography
Erin Courtney Creative ArtsDrama and Performance Arts
Brian R. Crane Natural SciencesChemistry
Cathy Lee Crane Creative ArtsFilm-Video
Bryan J. Cuevas HumanitiesReligion
Tom Daniel Natural SciencesOrganismic Biology & Ecology
Kate Daniels Creative ArtsPoetry
Erik Demaine Natural SciencesComputer Science
Martin Demaine Creative ArtsComputer Science
Kiran Desai Creative ArtsFiction
Kathleen Donohue Natural SciencesPlant Sciences
Faye Driscoll Creative ArtsChoreography
Aaron Einbond Creative ArtsMusic Composition
Lee Epstein Social SciencesLaw
Gary W. Evans Social SciencesPsychology
Stuart Firestein Natural SciencesScience Writing
Kate Fodor Creative ArtsDrama & Performance Art
Joshua Foer Creative ArtsGeneral Nonfiction
Alessandro Forte Natural SciencesEarth Science
Jerold C. Frakes HumanitiesMedieval & Renaissance Literature
Max Paul Friedman HumanitiesEuropean & Latin American History
Andrew Frisardi HumanitiesTranslation
Robert D. Fulk HumanitiesLinguistics
Juliana (Coco) Fusco Creative ArtsFilm-Video
Charles Gaines Creative ArtsFine Arts
Lynn Garafola HumanitiesDance Studies
André Gaudreault HumanitiesFilm, Video, & Radio Studies
Ross Gay Creative ArtsPoetry
Bruce Gilden Creative ArtsPhotography
Kathy Goodell Creative ArtsFine Arts
Jessica Green Natural SciencesOrganismic Biology & Ecology
Richard Grossman Social SciencesEconomics
Sonali Gulati Creative ArtsFilm-Video
David L. Haberman HumanitiesReligion
Maggie Hadleigh-West Creative ArtsFilm-Video
J.C. Hallman Creative ArtsGeneral Nonfiction
Barbara Hammer Creative ArtsFilm-Video
Amy Harmon Natural SciencesScience Writing
Kyle Harper HumanitiesEuropean & Latin American History
Sharon Harper Creative ArtsPhotography
Bill Hayes Creative ArtsGeneral Nonfiction
Guy Hedreen HumanitiesFine Arts Research
Susannah Heschel HumanitiesIntellectual & Cultural History
John Hibbing Social SciencesPolitical Science
Jennifer Homans Creative ArtsBiography
Channa Horwitz Creative ArtsFine Arts
Major Jackson Creative ArtsPoetry
Joel Janowitz Creative ArtsFine Arts
Maya Jasanoff HumanitiesIntellectual & Cultural History
Adam Johnson Creative ArtsFiction
Bill Johnston HumanitiesTranslation
Troy Jollimore Creative ArtsPoetry
Kimsooja Creative ArtsFilm-Video
Robert Klitzman Natural SciencesMedicine & Health
Amer Kobaslija Creative ArtsFine Arts
Michael Kolster Creative ArtsPhotography
Harriet Korman Creative ArtsFine Arts
Samuel Kou Natural SciencesStatistics
Judith F. Kroll Social SciencesPsychology
Norah Krug Creative ArtsFine Arts
Rachel Kushner Creative ArtsFiction
Jane Landers HumanitiesEuropean & Latin American History
Deana Lawson Creative ArtsPhotography
Ben Lerner Creative ArtsPoetry
Michael Lesy HumanitiesPhotography Studies
Zhongjie Lin HumanitiesArchitecture, Planning, & Design
Lilla LoCurto Creative ArtsFine Arts
Marie Losier Creative ArtsFilm-Video
Julia Reinhard Lupton HumanitiesEnglish Literature
Deborah Luster Creative ArtsPhotography
Catherine Lutz Social SciencesAnthropology & Cultural Studies
Natalie Mahowald Natural SciencesEarth Science
Jeff Malmberg Creative ArtsFilm-Video
Jon Marans Creative ArtsDrama & Performance Art
Ben Marcus Creative ArtsFiction
Cleopatra Mathis Creative ArtsPoetry
Elaine Tyler May HumanitiesU.S. History
Patricia McAnany Social StudiesAnthropology & Cultural Studies
David McDonald Creative ArtsFine Arts
David Means Creative ArtsFiction
Myra Melford Creative ArtsMusic Composition
Alexander Merkurjev Natural SciencesMathematics
Robin Miller HumanitiesEuropean & Latin American Literature
Elijah Millgram HumanitiesPhilosophy
Carman Moore Creative ArtsMusic Composition
Paul Moravec Creative ArtsMusic Composition
Carrie Moyer Creative ArtsFine Arts
Sylvia Nasar Creative ArtsGeneral Nonfiction
Kevin Ohi HumanitiesLiterary Criticism
Ian Olds Creative ArtsFilm-Video
Patti Oleon Creative ArtsFine Arts
William Outcault Creative ArtsFine Arts
Scott E. Page Social SciencesPolitical Science
David Parker Creative ArtsChoreography
Laura Parnes Creative ArtsFilm-Video
Christian Patterson Creative ArtsPhotography
Catherine Peichel Natural SciencesMolecular & Cellular Biology
Indira Peterson HumanitiesSouth Asian Studies
Ann Pibal Creative ArtsFine Arts
Joanna Picciotto HumanitiesEnglish Literature
Jean-Michel Pilc Creative ArtsMusic Composition
Claire Porter Creative ArtsChoreography
Narong Prangcharoen Creative ArtsMusic Composition
Leah Price HumanitiesIntellectual & Cultural History
Charan Ranganath Natural SciencesNeuroscience
Leonardo Rastelli Natural SciencesPhysics
Richard L. Roberts HumanitiesAfrican Studies
Carlin Romano Creative ArtsGeneral Nonfiction
Harry Roseman Creative ArtsFine Arts
David Rosenberg Creative ArtsGeneral Nonfiction
Mathew Rosenblum Creative ArtsMusic Composition
Sophia Rosenfeld HumanitiesIntellectual & Cultural History
Susan Rotroff HumanitiesClassics
Philip Round HumanitiesAmerican Literature
Ira Sachs Creative ArtsFilm-Video
Leigh Schmidt HumanitiesReligion
Gary Schneider Creative ArtsPhotography
David Scott HumanitiesFine Arts Research
Daniel Sharfstein HumanitiesU.S. History
Brenda Shaughnessy Creative ArtsPoetry
M. Rahim Shayegan HumanitiesClassics
Nancy Sherman HumanitiesPhilosophy
Sheila Silver Creative ArtsMusic Composition
Mike Sinclair Creative ArtsPhotography
Elena Sisto Creative ArtsFine Arts
Greg Smith Creative ArtsFine Arts
Chris Sollars Creative ArtsFine Arts
Alec Soth Creative ArtsPhotography
Valerio Spada Creative ArtsPhotography
Jacqueline Stevens HumanitiesU.S. History
Kristen A. Stilt Social SciencesConstitutional Studies
Karen Sullivan HumanitiesMedieval & Renaissance Literature
Terese Svoboda Creative ArtsFiction
Ann Taves HumanitiesReligion
Nora Taylor Creative ArtsTheatre Arts
Leslie Thornton Creative ArtsFilm-Video
Thomas Travisano Creative ArtsBiography
Marc Van De Mieroop HumanitiesNear Eastern Studies
Marten H. van Kerkwijk Natural SciencesAstronomy-Astrophysics
Mary Jo Vath Creative ArtsFine Arts
Richard von Glahn HumanitiesEast Asian Studies
Anne Waldman Creative ArtsPoetry
Brett L. Walker HumanitiesHistory of Science, Technology, & Economics
Susan Wanklyn Creative ArtsFine Arts
Joshua Weiner Creative ArtsPoetry
Robert Weller HumanitiesEast Asian Studies
Colson Whitehead Creative ArtsFiction
Ann Zabludoff Natural SciencesAstronomy-Astrophysics
Dongping Zhong Natural SciencesChemistry

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Guggenheim Fellowships are grants that have been awarded annually since 1925 by the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation to those "who have demonstrated exceptional capacity for productive scholarship or exceptional creative ability in the arts." The roll of Fellows includes numerous Nobel Laureates, Pulitzer, and other prize winners.

Lia Purpura American poet, writer, educator

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