List of Guggenheim Fellowships awarded in 1988

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Guggenheim Fellowships were awarded in 1988 to 280 people:

Guggenheim Fellowships are grants that have been awarded annually since 1925 by the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation to those "who have demonstrated exceptional capacity for productive scholarship or exceptional creative ability in the arts." The roll of Fellows includes numerous Nobel Laureates, Pulitzer, and other prize winners.



Marilyn McCord Adams American philosopher

Marilyn McCord Adams (1943–2017) was an American philosopher and Episcopal priest. She specialized in the philosophy of religion, philosophical theology, and medieval philosophy. She was Horace Tracy Pitkin Professor of Historical Theology at Yale Divinity School from 1998 to 2003 and Regius Professor of Divinity at the University of Oxford from 2004 to 2009.

Stephen Robert Anderson is an American linguist. He is the Dorothy R. Diebold Professor of Linguistics Emeritus at Yale University and was the 2007 president of the Linguistic Society of America.

Thomas Jefferson "T.J." Anderson, Jr. is an American composer, conductor, orchestrator and educator.


Bonnie Jean Blackburn is an American musicologist.

Overton Brent Berlin is an American anthropologist, most noted for his work with linguist Paul Kay on color, and his ethnobiological research among the Maya of Chiapas, Mexico.

Christopher Benfey is an American literary critic and Emily Dickinson scholar. He is the Mellon Professor of English at Mount Holyoke College.


Jay Cantor is an American novelist and essayist.

Sucheng Chan is a Chinese-American author, historian, scholar, and professor. She established the first full-fledged autonomous Department of Asian American Studies at a major U.S. research university and she was the first Asian American woman in the University of California system to hold the title of provost.

Elizabeth Ann Clark is Professor Emeritus of the John Carlisle Kilgo Professorship of Religion at Duke University. She is notable for her work in the field of Patristics. Clark expanded the study of early Christianity, pioneering the application of modern theories such as feminist theory, social network theory, and literary criticism to ancient sources.


Deborah Digges was an American poet and teacher.

David Paul Dobkin is the Dean of the Faculty and Phillip Y. Goldman '86 Professor of Computer Science at Princeton University.

Louise Ann Dolan is an American mathematical physicist and professor of physics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She does research in theoretical particle physics, gauge theories, gravity, and string theory, and is generally considered to be one of the foremost experts worldwide in this field. Her work is at the forefront of particle physics today.


A. S. G. Edwards is Professor of Medieval Manuscripts at the University of Kent. Having studied at the University of Reading and McMaster University, he earned his Ph.D. at the University of London. Edwards is the co-editor of the Index of Middle English Prose (IMEP), currently in its twenty-third volume. Edwards is the author of such works as Middle English Prose: a critical guide to major authors and genres and editor of A Companion to Middle English Prose and The Life of St Edmund, King & Martyr: John Lydgate's illustrated verse life presented to Henry VI. Edwards is also co-editor of the New Index of Middle English Verse (2005) and A Companion to Fifteenth-Century English Poetry, and co-editor with Vincent Gillespie and Ralph Hanna of The English Medieval Book: Studies in Memory of Jeremy Griffiths (2000). His research has been funded by the Guggenheim Foundation.

Gretel Ehrlich is an American travel writer, poet, and essayist.

Jon Elster is a Norwegian social and political theorist who has authored works in the philosophy of social science and rational choice theory. He is also a notable proponent of analytical Marxism, and a critic of neoclassical economics and public choice theory, largely on behavioral and psychological grounds.





















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