List of theatres in Hungary

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The following is a list of professional and amateur theatres and theatre companies, temporary open-air theatres and stages in Hungary . They are organised in categories.


Classical theatres

National Theatre, Budapest National Theatre, Budapest.jpg
National Theatre, Budapest
Csokonai Theatre, Debrecen Debrecen Csokonai Szinhaz.jpg
Csokonai Theatre, Debrecen
National Theatre, Szeged National Theatre of Szeged.jpg
National Theatre, Szeged
National Theatre, Miskolc Nemzeti Szinhaz (2937. szamu muemlek) 9.jpg
National Theatre, Miskolc
National Theatre, Pecs Pecs 2010, Il teatro nazionale - panoramio.jpg
National Theatre, Pécs
National Theatre, Gyor Gyor 2 - nemzeti szinhaz.jpg
National Theatre, Győr


Rest of the country

City theatres with permanent company

Theatre buildings without permanent company, auditoriums, open-air and summer theatres

Alternative theatres


Rest of the country

Movement and dance theatres

Puppet theatres

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