International rankings of Hungary

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These are the international rankings of Hungary .




International rankings

Institute for Economics and Peace Global Peace Index 19th out of 163 (2016) [5]
United Nations Development Programme Inequality-adjusted HDI 28th out of 151 (2016)
Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index 57th out of 180 (2016)
World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report 58th out of 133 (2014)
International Living Magazine Quality of Life 20th out of 194 (2014)
INSEAD Global Innovation Index 33rd out of 128 (2016) [6]
Bloomberg L.P. Bloomberg Innovation Index 32nd out of 50 (2016) [7]
Boston Consulting Group International Innovation Index 31st out of 110 (2016)
World Bank Group R&D spending as % of GDP 25th out of 87 (2015)
World Bank Group List of countries by income equality 24th out of 176 (2016)
World Bank Group Ease of doing business index 41st out of 190 (2016)
Simon Anholt Good Country Index 24th out of 163 (2016)
Yale Center for Environmental L&P Environmental Performance Index 28th out of 180 (2016)
KOF Globalization Index Globalization Index 10th out of 207 (2017) [8]
The Observatory of Economic Complexity Economic Complexity Index 14th out of 124 (2015)
Social Progress Imperative Social Progress Index 32nd out of 165 (2015)
United Nations Education Index 27th out of 187 (2013)
International Telecommunication Union Broadband Internet subscriptions 36th out of 193 (2014)
Property Rights Alliance International Property Rights Index 46th out of 129 (2015)

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