Ohio's 17th congressional district

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Ohio's 17th congressional district
Obsolete district
Years active1813-2013

The 17th congressional district of Ohio is an obsolete congressional district last represented by Representative Tim Ryan.


This district became obsolete for the 113th Congress in 2013 as congressional district lines were redrawn to accommodate the loss of the seat as a result of the 2010 Census. Most of the territory within the current 17th district has been merged into the Akron-based 13th district.

The district from 2003 to 2013 OH17 109.PNG
The district from 2003 to 2013

List of members representing the district

Electoral history
District created March 4, 1833
John Thomson Jacksonian March 4, 1833 –
March 3, 1837
Redistricted from the 12th district and re-elected in 1832.
Re-elected in 1834.
[ data unknown/missing ]
Andrew W. Loomis Whig March 4, 1837 –
October 20, 1837
25th Elected in 1836.
VacantOctober 20, 1837 –
December 20, 1837
Charles Dustin Coffin.JPG
Charles D. Coffin
Whig December 20, 1837 –
March 3, 1839
Elected to finish Loomis's term
[ data unknown/missing ]
John Hastings Democratic March 4, 1839 –
March 3, 1843
Elected in 1838.
Re-elected in 1840.
[ data unknown/missing ]
William C. McCauslen Democratic March 4, 1843 –
March 3, 1845
28th Elected in 1843.
[ data unknown/missing ]
George Fries Democratic March 4, 1845 –
March 3, 1849
Elected in 1844.
Re-elected in 1846.
[ data unknown/missing ]
Joseph Cable Democratic March 4, 1849 –
March 3, 1853
Elected in 1848.
Re-elected in 1850.
[ data unknown/missing ]
Wilson Shannon 003.png
Wilson Shannon
Democratic March 4, 1853 –
March 3, 1855
33rd Elected in 1852.
[ data unknown/missing ]
Charles J. Albright (Guernsey County).jpg
Charles J. Albright
Opposition March 4, 1855 –
March 3, 1857
34th Elected in 1854.
[ data unknown/missing ]
William Lawrence (Ohio Democrat)-ppmsca.26748.jpg
William Lawrence
Democratic March 4, 1857 –
March 3, 1859
35th Elected in 1856.
[ data unknown/missing ]
Thomas Clarke Theaker.jpg
Thomas Clarke Theaker
Republican March 4, 1859 –
March 3, 1861
36th Elected in 1858.
[ data unknown/missing ]
James R. Morris 002.png
James R. Morris
Democratic March 4, 1861 –
March 3, 1863
37th Elected in 1860.
Redistricted to the 15th district .
Ephraim R. Eckley 1891.jpg
Ephraim R. Eckley
Republican March 4, 1863 –
March 3, 1869
Elected in 1862.
Re-elected in 1864.
Re-elected in 1866.
[ data unknown/missing ]
Jacob A. Ambler
Republican March 4, 1869 –
March 3, 1873
Elected in 1868.
Re-elected in 1870.
[ data unknown/missing ]
Laurin D. Woodworth.png
Laurin D. Woodworth
Republican March 4, 1873 –
March 3, 1877
Elected in 1872.
Re-elected in 1874.
[ data unknown/missing ]
William McKinley at statehouse.jpg
William McKinley
Republican March 4, 1877 –
March 3, 1879
45th Elected in 1876.
Redistricted to the 16th district .
James Monroe (congressman).jpeg
James Monroe
Republican March 4, 1879 –
March 3, 1881
46th Redistricted from the 18th district and re-elected in 1878.
[ data unknown/missing ]
William McKinley 1896 Baker Art Gallery (cropped).jpg
William McKinley
Republican March 4, 1881 –
March 3, 1883
47th Redistricted from the 16th district and re-elected in 1880.
[ data unknown/missing ]
Joseph Danner Taylor.jpg
Joseph D. Taylor
Republican March 4, 1883 –
March 3, 1885
48th Redistricted from the 16th district and re-elected in 1882.
Lost re-election.
Adoniram J. Warner.JPG
Adoniram J. Warner
Democratic March 4, 1885 –
March 3, 1887
49th Redistricted from the 15th district and re-elected in 1884.
[ data unknown/missing ]
Joseph D. Taylor steel engraving.jpg
Joseph D. Taylor
Republican March 4, 1887 –
March 3, 1891
Elected in 1886.
Re-elected in 1888.
Redistricted to the 18th district .
Albert Jackson Pearson.jpg
Albert J. Pearson
Democratic March 4, 1891 –
March 3, 1893
52nd Elected in 1890.
Redistricted to the 16th district .
J. A. D. Richards (Ohio Congressman).jpg
James A. D. Richards
Democratic March 4, 1893 –
March 3, 1895
53rd Elected in 1892.
[ data unknown/missing ]
Addison S. McClure.png
Addison S. McClure
Republican March 4, 1895 –
March 3, 1897
54th Elected in 1894.
[ data unknown/missing ]
John A. McDowell.png
John A. McDowell
Democratic March 4, 1897 –
March 3, 1901
Elected in 1896.
Re-elected in 1898.
[ data unknown/missing ]
John W. Cassingham.png
John W. Cassingham
Democratic March 4, 1901 –
March 3, 1905
Elected in 1900.
Re-elected in 1902.
[ data unknown/missing ]
Martin L. Smyser 003.png
Martin L. Smyser
Republican March 4, 1905 –
March 3, 1907
59th Elected in 1904.
[ data unknown/missing ]
William A. Ashbrook 1913.jpg
William A. Ashbrook
Democratic March 4, 1907 –
March 3, 1921
Elected in 1906.
Re-elected in 1908.
Re-elected in 1910.
Re-elected in 1912.
Re-elected in 1914.
Re-elected in 1916.
Re-elected in 1918.
Lost re-election.
William M. Morgan (congressman).png
William M. Morgan
Republican March 4, 1921 –
March 3, 1931
Elected in 1920.
Re-elected in 1922.
Re-elected in 1924.
Re-elected in 1926.
Re-elected in 1928.
Lost re-election.
Charles Franklin West.jpg
Charles F. West
Democratic March 4, 1931 –
January 3, 1935
Elected in 1930.
Re-elected in 1932.
Retired to run for U.S. Senator.
William A. Ashbrook 1913.jpg
William A. Ashbrook
Democratic January 3, 1935 –
January 1, 1940
Elected in 1934.
Re-elected in 1936.
Re-elected in 1938.
VacantJanuary 1, 1940 –
February 27, 1940
J. Harry McGregor 84th Congress 1955.jpg
J. Harry McGregor
Republican February 27, 1940 –
October 7, 1958
Elected to finish Ashbrook's term.
Re-elected in 1940.
Re-elected in 1942.
Re-elected in 1944.
Re-elected in 1946.
Re-elected in 1948.
Re-elected in 1950.
Re-elected in 1952.
Re-elected in 1954.
Re-elected in 1956.
VacantOctober 7, 1958 –
January 3, 1959
Robert W. Levering (Ohio Congressman).jpg
Robert W. Levering
Democratic January 3, 1959 –
January 3, 1961
Elected in 1958.
Lost re-election.
John M. Ashbrook 87th Congress 1961.jpg
John M. Ashbrook
Republican January 3, 1961 –
April 24, 1982
Elected in 1960.
Re-elected in 1962.
Re-elected in 1964.
Re-elected in 1966.
Re-elected in 1968.
Re-elected in 1970.
Re-elected in 1972.
Re-elected in 1974.
Re-elected in 1976.
Re-elected in 1978.
Re-elected in 1980.
VacantApril 24, 1982 –
June 29, 1982
Jean Spencer Ashbrook
Republican June 29, 1982 –
January 3, 1983
Elected to finish her husband's term.


Lyle Williams 97th Congress 1981.jpg
Lyle Williams
Republican January 3, 1983 –
January 3, 1985
98th Redistricted from the 19th district and re-elected in 1982.
Lost re-election.
James Traficant 105th Congress 1997.jpg
Jim Traficant
Democratic January 3, 1985 –
July 24, 2002
Elected in 1984.
Re-elected in 1986.
Re-elected in 1988.
Re-elected in 1990.
Re-elected in 1992.
Re-elected in 1994.
Re-elected in 1996.
Re-elected in 1998.
Re-elected in 2000.
VacantJuly 24, 2002 –
January 3, 2003
Tim Ryan 108th Congress 2003.jpg
Tim Ryan
Democratic January 3, 2003 –
January 3, 2013
Elected in 2002.
Re-elected in 2004.
Re-elected in 2006.
Re-elected in 2008.
Re-elected in 2010.
Redistricted to the 13th district .
District eliminated January 3, 2013

Recent election results

The following chart shows recent election results. Bold type indicates victor. Italic type indicates incumbent.

1920 William A. Ashbrook (inc.): 46,675William M. Morgan : 46,968(none)
1922 William A. Ashbrook: 41,745William M. Morgan (inc.): 42,331(none)
1924 J. Freer Bittinger: 36,532William M. Morgan (inc.): 50,226(none)
1926 J. Freer Bittinger: 29,674William M. Morgan (inc.): 36,249(none)
1928 Charles F. West: 40,846William M. Morgan (inc.): 56,823(none)
1930 Charles F. West : 45,633 William M. Morgan (inc.): 43,197(none)
1932 Charles F. West (inc.): 55,296 William M. Morgan: 51,601(none)
1934 William A. Ashbrook : 49,211 James A. Glenn: 41,954(none)
1936 William A. Ashbrook (inc.): 69,446 James A. Glenn: 48,270William Edward Lyle: 2,618
1938 William A. Ashbrook (inc.): 51,305 Walter B. Woodward: 46,300(none)
1940 Ralph C. Lutz: 56,343J. Harry McGregor (inc.): [1] 69,102(none)
1942 Samuel A. Anderson: 28,235J. Harry McGregor (inc.): 47,565(none)
1944 Thomas A. Wilson: 43,271J. Harry McGregor (inc.): 73,206(none)
1946 Wesley W. Purdy: 30,406J. Harry McGregor (inc.): 57,167(none)
1948 Robert W. Levering: 53,651J. Harry McGregor (inc.): 60,234(none)
1950 Robert W. Levering: 39,726J. Harry McGregor (inc.): 71,382(none)
1952 James J. Mayor: 44,117J. Harry McGregor (inc.): 94,624(none)
1954 Robert W. Levering: 34,638J. Harry McGregor (inc.): 63,301(none)
1956 Robert W. Levering: 44,806J. Harry McGregor (inc.): [2] 88,931(none)
1958 Robert W. Levering : 63,650 Laurence Burns: 59,490(none)
1960 Robert W. Levering (inc.): 70,470John M. Ashbrook : 79,609(none)
1962 Robert W. Levering: 49,415John M. Ashbrook (inc.): 69,976(none)
1964 Robert W. Levering: 71,291John M. Ashbrook (inc.): 75,674(none)
1966 Robert T. Secrest: 59,031John M. Ashbrook (inc.): 73,132(none)
1968 Robert W. Levering: 54,127John M. Ashbrook (inc.): 100,148(none)
1970 James C. Hood: 44,066John M. Ashbrook (inc.): 79,472Clifford J. Simpson (AI): 4,253
1972 Raymond C. Beck: 62,512John M. Ashbrook (inc.): 92,666Clifford J. Simpson (AI): 6,376
1974 David D. Noble: 63,342John M. Ashbrook (inc.): 70,708Clifford J. Simpson: 3
1976 John C. McDonald: 72,168John M. Ashbrook (inc.): 94,874(none)
1978 Kenneth Robert Grier: 42,117John M. Ashbrook (inc.): 87,010(none)
1980 Donald E. Yunker: 47,900John M. Ashbrook (inc.): [3] 128,870(none)
1982 George D. Tablack: 80,375Lyle Williams : [4] 98,476(none)
1984 Jim Traficant : 123,014 Lyle Williams (inc.): 105,449Other: 2,198
1986 Jim Traficant (inc.): 112,855 James H. Fulks: 43,334(none)
1988 Jim Traficant (inc.): 162,526 Frederick W. Lenz: 47,929(none)
1990 Jim Traficant (inc.): 133,207 Robert R. DeJulio Jr.: 38,199(none)
1992 Jim Traficant (inc.): 216,503 Salvatore Pansino: 40,745(none)
1994 Jim Traficant (inc.): 149,004 Mike G. Meister: 43,490(none)
1996 Jim Traficant (inc.): 218,283(none)James M. Cahaney (N): 21,685
1998 Jim Traficant (inc.): 123,718 Paul H. Alberty: 57,703(none)
2000 Jim Traficant (inc.): 120,333 Paul H. Alberty: 54,751Randy D. Walter: 51,793
Lou D'Apolito: 9,568
Milton R. Norris (L): 1,278
Carol Ann McCoy (N): 3,154
2002 Tim Ryan : [5] 94,441
(Redistricted from the 14th district )
Ann Womer Benjamin: 62,188 Jim Traficant [5] 28,045
2004 Tim Ryan (inc.): 208,331 Frank V. Cusimano: 61,727 Randy Walter
2006 Tim Ryan (inc.): 166,279 Don Manning II: 41,004(none)
2008 Tim Ryan (inc.): 204,028Duane Grassell: 56,003 [6] (none)
2010 Tim Ryan (inc.): 100,295Jim Graham: 56,441 Jim Traficant: 29,969 [7]

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  1. In 1940, after the death in office of William Ashbrook, McGregor was elected in a special election to fill out Ashbrook's term.
  2. McGregor died in office in October 1958.
  3. John Ashbrook died in office in April 1982. His wife, Jean Spencer Ashbrook was elected in a special election in June 1982 to fill out his term.
  4. Redistricting following the 1980 census moved Lyle Williams from the 19th district to the 17th district.
  5. 1 2 After being convicted on criminal charges, the previously Democratic Representative Traficant decided to run for re-election as an independent. The new district created after the 2000 census brought incumbent Thomas C. Sawyer, who had been the incumbent in the 14th district , into the new 17th district. However, incumbent Sawyer (seen as anti-labor in a very blue-collar district) lost in the Democratic primary to Ryan, leaving Traficant the only incumbent in the race.
  6. http://www.wkyc.com/news/elections/results/20081104/race2026.htm%5B%5D
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