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Genre Educational
Science fiction
Created byEamon Harrington
John Watkin
Directed byDave Thomas
Voices of Maggie Baird
Veena Bidasha
S. Scott Bullock
Greg Eagles
Arif S. Kinchen
Peter Lurie
Dawn Maxey
Edie McClurg
Michael McShane
Ritchie Montgomery
Alan Schlaifer
John Watkin
Mari Weiss
Danny Wells
ComposerMatthew Morse
Country of origin Canada
United States
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes52
Executive producers Adam Shaheen
Eamon Harrington
John Watkin
ProducersEamon Harrington
John Watkin
Camera setupSingle Camera
Running time25 minutes
Production companiesPlanet Grande Pictures
Cuppa Coffee Animation
Original network HBO Family
Picture format 480i (4:3 SDTV)
Original releaseFebruary 1, 1999 (1999-02-01) 
April 1, 2000 (2000-04-01)

Crashbox is a Canadian-American educational children's television show co-created by Eamon Harrington and John Watkin for HBO Family that ran from 1999 to 2000 in the United States.


Crashbox was one of the original programs for the relaunch of the HBO Family channel in February 1999. [1] [2] Although it has never been released on physical media like DVD or VHS, it still reruns on HBO Family and is found in various streaming services.


Crashbox was created by Planet Grande Pictures (consisting of Eamon Harrington and John Watkin) and is animated by Cuppa Coffee Studios, headed by Adam Shaheen. Planet Grande Pictures engaged Cuppa Coffee Studios 7 months to complete 13 hours of programming. [3]


The show takes place in the insides of a game computer where green game cartridges (which are sculpted out of clay) are created and loaded by rusty tin robots- occasionally with short sketches of them "repairing" damaged games. The format of each episode is The Electric Company-esque, with sketches not connecting to each other nor following a sequential plot. Each half-hour episode consists of seven 2-to-5-minute educational games, and occasionally an eighth bonus game.


The following are the games of the show listed in alphabetical order:

Near the end of each episode, the robots recap and review most of the games to the viewers in a "Crashbox Rewind". Segments marked with an asterisk (*) do not appear in the second season.


Major voice cast
(framing)RobotsJohn Watkin, Peter Lurie, Mari Weiss, Nancy Cartwright
Captain BonesCaptain Bones S. Scott Bullock
Distraction NewsDora SmarmyMari Weiss
Ear We AreLeft EarJohn Watkin
Right EarAlan Schlaifer
Eddie BullEddie BullRitchie Montgomery
Haunted House PartyHorrid OneAlan Schlaifer
ButlerAlan Schlaifer
Woman Maggie Baird
Lens McCrackenLens McCrackenS. Scott Bullock
Mug ShotsDetective VerityMaggie Baird
Paige and SageValley Girl Dawn Maxey
Poop or ScoopAnnouncer Danny Wells
Psycho MathProfessor Rocket Joseph Motiki, Arif S. Kinchen
Radio ScrambleDJ Jumping Johnny Jumble Peter Lurie
Revolting SlobPolite Female Voice Edie McClurg
Revolting Slob Michael McShane Dub of a puppet controlled by Tom Vandenburg and Johan Vandergun
Riddle SnakeRiddle Snake RajVeena Bidasha
Sketch PadSketch Pad Greg Eagles
Ten SecondsAnnouncerAlan Schlaifer
Think TankCaptain BobGreg Eagles
Word ShakeChef Word ShakeJohn WatkinDub of unknown live-action actor
Minor voice cast
1Haunted House Party Harry Houdini Carlos Alazraqui
Mug ShotsMuscles StankowskiAlan Schlaifer
Knuckles StankowskiJohn Watkin
Elbows StankowskiS. Scott Bullock
Stanley "Deuces" Stankowski
2Haunted House Party Paul Revere John Watkin
5Haunted House Party William Shakespeare John Watkin
6Mug ShotsSleepy Eyes McGeeS. Scott Bullock
Checkers Larue
Billy Crimp
Mickey "The Goat" O'GradyAlan Schlaifer
10Haunted House Party Benjamin Franklin Carlos Alazraqui
11Mug ShotsDr. CleanpickAlan Schlaifer
Chatty Cathy
"Stinky" JohnJohn Watkin
Sam Spit
15Haunted House Party Richard Nixon Carlos Alazraqui
16Mug ShotsViola HardcaseDawn Maxey
Bass HendersonGreg EaglesCredited in episode 19
Willow Reed
Fingers Weinstock
17Haunted House Party Abraham Lincoln John Watkin
18Haunted House Party Eleanor Roosevelt Maggie Baird
18Haunted House PartyCoquettish WomanMaggie Baird
19Mug ShotsHoney Lemon
Candy Lemon
Sugar Lemon
Puddin' Lemon
20Haunted House Party Albert Einstein John Watkin
Mug Shots"Lug Nut" MuldoonJohn Watkin
Sammy "Sixtoes" BixbyGreg Eagles
Scooter Hayes
Larry "The Lump" CoolridgeAlan Schlaifer
21Mug ShotsLois Carnegie
Morgan "Applesauce" Pike
Mitch Vanderbilt
Mellon Ball Jones
22Haunted House Party Christopher Columbus Carlos Alazraqui
23Haunted House Party Jackie Robinson Greg Eagles
Mug ShotsDean DeLuca
Gilbert Sullivan
Louis ClarkAlan Schlaifer
Roger HammersteinJohn Watkin
25Mug ShotsBaby Face MacGuireAlan Schlaifer
Leo "The Lion" Lawrence
Danger JonesGreg Eagles
Slippery Fingers Ferguson
26Haunted House Party Leonardo da Vinci S. Scott Bullock
40Haunted House Party Thomas Jefferson Dee Bradley Baker
41Mug ShotsMildred PostleyEdie McClurg
Irv GoldbergAlan Schlaifer
Rupert Brindle
Sergio Corleone
42Haunted House Party Noah Peter Lurie
Mug ShotsButtons Ha-HaPeter Lurie
"Pecs" ArmstrongGreg Eagles
Ivana FlipovaVeena Bidasha
Gilberto WhiplashAlan Schlaifer
43Haunted House Party Cleopatra Veena Bidasha
46Mug ShotsMontgomery CleftPeter Lurie
B.B. GrawAlan Schlaifer
Lollipop Greene
Sir Percival St. JohnJohn Watkin
45Haunted House Party Isaac Newton S. Scott Bullock
46Haunted House Party Julius Caesar S. Scott Bullock
47Haunted House Party Amelia Earhart Christy Noonan
Mug Shots"Bean Ball" Ballou
"Spitter" Sykes
"Lumber" Jack Lang
Edgardo Polonia
49Mug ShotsDusty Rhodes
Indy PittsAlan Schlaifer
Axel Schmidt
Tranh Long
50Mug ShotsGertrude SimsburyDawn Maxey
Elaine KiesermanVeena Bidasha
Mathilda Hudson-Billingsley
Constance ApplebyEdie McClurg
51Haunted House Party George Washington S. Scott Bullock
Southern LadyHope Kaplan-Biller
Mug ShotsNoseless CalhounDee Bradley Baker
"Three Eyes" Oppenheimer
Harry "The Hairy" HuangAlan Schlaifer
"Big Noggin" SimmsJohn Watkin
52Haunted House Party Henry Ford Dee Bradley Baker


Season 1

EpisodeAirdateGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5Game 6Game 7Game 8
1Feb 1, 1999Distraction NewsSketch PadPsycho MathEar We AreHaunted House PartyEddie BullTen SecondsRiddle Snake
2Feb 2, 1999Radio ScrambleCaptain BonesPoop or ScoopTen SecondsHaunted House PartyRevolting SlobWord Shake
3Feb 3, 1999Mug ShotsDistraction NewsPsycho MathEar We ArePaige and SageEddie BullTen SecondsRiddle Snake
4Feb 4, 1999Poop or ScoopCaptain BonesDistraction NewsPaige and SageThink TankDirty PicturesLens McCracken
5Feb 5, 1999Haunted House PartyRevolting SlobThink TankPoop or ScoopEar We ArePsycho MathTen Seconds
6Feb 6, 1999Radio ScrambleEddie BullCaptain BonesSketch PadMug ShotsThink TankEar We Are
7Feb 7, 1999Lens McCrackenCaptain BonesRevolting SlobDirty PicturesSketch PadPoop or ScoopTen Seconds
8Feb 13, 1999Lens McCrackenDistraction NewsSketch PadDirty PicturesEddie BullPsycho MathRiddle SnakeTen Seconds
9Feb 14, 1999Radio ScrambleDistraction NewsPsycho MathDirty PicturesLens McCrackenEddie BullEar We Are
10Feb 20, 1999Radio ScrambleEddie BullSketch PadPaige and SageHaunted House PartyPsycho MathLens McCrackenRiddle Snake
11Feb 21, 1999Mug ShotsSketch PadPsycho MathDirty PicturesDistraction NewsRiddle SnakeWord Shake
12Feb 27, 1999Revolting SlobThink TankPoop or ScoopRiddle SnakePsycho MathPaige and SageLens McCracken
13Feb 28, 1999Revolting Slob (Not on Rewinds)Think TankPoop or ScoopEar We ArePsycho MathDirty PicturesLens McCracken
14Mar 6, 1999Revolting Slob (Not on Rewinds)Think TankPoop or ScoopRiddle SnakePsycho MathDirty PicturesPaige and Sage
15Mar 7, 1999Captain BonesDistraction NewsHaunted House PartyRadio ScrambleRiddle SnakeEddie BullLens McCrackenPaige and Sage
16Mar 13, 1999Captain BonesDistraction NewsMug ShotsEar We ArePoop or ScoopPaige and SageRiddle Snake
17Mar 14, 1999Radio ScrambleRevolting SlobPoop or ScoopTen SecondsCaptain BonesHaunted House PartyPaige and Sage
18Mar 20, 1999Think TankDistraction NewsRadio ScrambleHaunted House PartyPoop or ScoopCaptain Bones (Not on Rewinds)Lens McCracken
19Mar 21, 1999Think TankMug ShotsCaptain BonesPaige and SageEddie BullWord ShakeRiddle Snake
20Mar 27, 1999Radio ScrambleMug ShotsSketch PadPsycho MathHaunted House PartyTen SecondsWord Shake
21Mar 28, 1999Eddie BullRadio ScrambleDirty PicturesMug ShotsEar We ArePsycho MathWord Shake
22Apr 3, 1999Haunted House PartySketch PadRadio ScrambleRevolting SlobRiddle SnakeEddie BullWord Shake
23Apr 4, 1999Mug ShotsWord ShakeHaunted House PartyLens McCrackenPoop or ScoopCaptain BonesRiddle Snake
24Apr 10, 1999Radio ScrambleSketch PadEddie BullWord ShakeCaptain BonesDirty PicturesLens McCracken
25Apr 11, 1999Haunted House PartyThink TankEar We AreMug ShotsPoop or ScoopWord ShakeRiddle Snake
26Apr 17, 1999Revolting SlobHaunted House PartyEddie BullCaptain BonesRadio ScrambleTen SecondsLens McCracken
27Aug 1, 1999Distraction NewsCaptain Bones (Not on Rewinds)Sketch PadHaunted House PartyPoop or ScoopTen SecondsMug ShotsRiddle Snake
28Aug 7, 1999Captain Bones (Not on Rewinds)Revolting SlobMug Shots (Not on Rewinds)Distraction NewsHaunted House PartyPoop or ScoopLens McCrackenRiddle Snake
29Aug 8, 1999Haunted House PartyRevolting SlobThink Tank (Not on Rewinds)Poop or ScoopCaptain Bones (Not on Rewinds)Ten SecondsMug ShotsRiddle Snake
30Aug 14, 1999Revolting SlobPsycho Math (Not on Rewinds)Distraction NewsHaunted House PartyRadio ScrambleTen SecondsPoop or ScoopRiddle Snake
31Aug 15, 1999Radio ScrambleRevolting SlobPoop or ScoopDirty PicturesMug ShotsPsycho MathSketch Pad (Not on Rewinds)Ten Seconds
32Aug 21, 1999Captain Bones (Not on Rewinds)Revolting SlobPoop or ScoopHaunted House PartyDistraction NewsTen SecondsThink TankRiddle Snake
33Aug 22, 1999Revolting SlobSketch Pad (Not on Rewinds)Distraction NewsDirty Pictures (Not on Rewinds)Poop or ScoopPsycho Math (Not on Rewinds)Think TankRiddle Snake
34Aug 28, 1999Mug ShotsDistraction NewsCaptain Bones (Not on Rewinds)Dirty PicturesSketch PadEddie BullLens McCrackenRiddle Snake
35Aug 29, 1999Radio ScrambleDistraction NewsSketch Pad (Not on Rewinds)Haunted House PartyCaptain BonesRevolting SlobEddie Bull (Not on Rewinds)Riddle Snake
36Sep 4, 1999Revolting Slob (Not on Rewinds)Mug ShotsSketch PadPsycho MathHaunted House PartyRadio ScramblePoop or ScoopTen Seconds
37Sep 5, 1999Think TankMug ShotsCaptain Bones (Not on Rewinds)Sketch Pad (Not on Rewinds)Haunted House PartyEddie BullLens McCrackenTen Seconds
38Sep 11, 1999Mug ShotsSketch Pad (Not on Rewinds)Distraction NewsDirty Pictures (Not on Rewinds)Psycho MathThink TankEddie BullLens McCracken
39Sep 12, 1999Revolting Slob (Not on Rewinds)Distraction NewsPsycho MathDirty PicturesPoop or ScoopRadio ScrambleTen SecondsRiddle Snake

Season 2

EpisodeAirdateGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5Game 6Game 7Game 8
40Feb 19, 2000Revolting SlobDistraction NewsPsycho MathTen SecondsSketch Pad (Not on Rewinds)Poop or Scoop (Not on Rewinds)Haunted House PartyRiddle Snake
41Feb 20, 2000Distraction NewsPsycho MathMug ShotsThink TankCaptain Bones (Not on Rewinds)Dirty PicturesRadio Scramble
42Feb 26, 2000Mug Shots (Not on Rewinds)Revolting SlobSketch Pad (Not on Rewinds)Psycho MathHaunted House PartyPoop or ScoopRiddle Snake
43Feb 27, 2000Revolting SlobCaptain Bones (Not on Rewinds)Sketch PadPoop or ScoopHaunted House PartyRadio ScrambleTen Seconds
44Mar 4, 2000Distraction NewsRevolting Slob (Not on Rewinds)Psycho MathEddie BullThink TankDirty Pictures (Not on Rewinds)Mug Shots (Not on Rewinds)Ten Seconds
45Mar 5, 2000Distraction NewsCaptain BonesRevolting Slob (Not on Rewinds)Poop or ScoopSketch Pad (Not on Rewinds)Haunted House PartyTen Seconds
46Mar 11, 2000Haunted House PartyMug Shots (Not on Rewinds)Eddie BullThink TankPsycho MathRadio ScrambleRiddle Snake
47Mar 12, 2000Haunted House PartyCaptain Bones (Not on Rewinds)Mug Shots (Not on Rewinds)Distraction NewsEddie BullPsycho MathTen Seconds
48Mar 18, 2000Revolting SlobPoop or ScoopDistraction NewsCaptain BonesDirty PicturesRadio ScrambleRiddle Snake
49Mar 19, 2000Mug Shots (Not on Rewinds)Sketch PadRadio ScrambleDirty PicturesPsycho MathPoop or ScoopRiddle Snake
50Mar 25, 2000Mug ShotsRevolting SlobCaptain Bones (Not on Rewinds)Distraction NewsEddie BullThink Tank (Not on Rewinds)Dirty PicturesRiddle Snake
51Mar 26, 2000Mug ShotsPsycho MathSketch Pad (Not on Rewinds)Radio ScrambleHaunted House PartyEddie BullTen Seconds
52Apr 1, 2000Revolting SlobHaunted House PartyPoop or ScoopDistraction NewsCaptain Bones (Not on Rewinds)Sketch PadThink Tank (Not on Rewinds)

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