Dumbarton Express

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Dumbarton Express
Dumbarton Express bus at Union City station, July 2018.JPG
Dumbarton Express bus at Union City station
Locale San Francisco Bay Area
Service area Alameda, San Mateo, and Santa Clara Counties
Service type bus service
Operator MV Transportation
Website dumbartonexpress.com

Dumbarton Express is a regional public transit service in the San Francisco Bay Area connecting Alameda, San Mateo, and Santa Clara Counties via the Dumbarton Bridge. The Transbay bus service is provided under a consortium of five transit operators (AC Transit, BART, SamTrans, Union City Transit, and VTA). Dumbarton Express is administered by AC Transit. It was also operated by AC Transit through 16 December 2011; MV Transportation assumed operations effective 19 December 2011.


AC Transit also operates bus service across the Dumbarton Bridge on Route U, which connects Fremont BART and Stanford University. [1] Route U is not part of the Dumbarton Express system.

Service area

Dumbarton Express serves the cities of Menlo Park, Newark, Palo Alto, and Union City. [2]


Service is provided to two major transit hubs: Palo Alto Caltrain, Union City BART. Both lines additionally serve Ardenwood Park & Ride.


As of 12 December 2012, Dumbarton Express operates two bus lines. [3]

RouteTerminalsDays of OperationCities and Communities ServedConnecting Rail Station(s)Schedule Information
East BayPeninsula
DBUnion City BARTStanford OvalWeekdays (including middays)Union City, Newark, Menlo Park, Palo AltoUnion City BART, Palo Alto Caltrain Route DB Schedule
DB1Union City BART Stanford Research Park
(Deer Creek & Page Mill)
Weekdays (commute only)Union City, Newark, Palo AltoUnion City BART Route DB1 Schedule

Dumbarton Express has an "open door" policy that allows local service in the East Bay and Peninsula. [4]

Fares and transfer policies


Fares can be paid with cash (exact change only) and Clipper cards. [4]

Fare categoryLocal one wayTransbay one wayTransbay one way upgrade from local fare
Youth (5-17)$1.05$2.10$1.05
Senior (65+), disabled ( Wheelchair symbol.svg ), and Medicare$1.05$2.10$1.05

Note: Local travel is within the East Bay or Peninsula; Transbay travel is across the Dumbarton Bridge.

Transfers and passes

Dumbarton Express accepts transfers and passes from several connecting transit agencies for full or partial fare. [4]

VTA Express Eco Passes and AC Transit Transbay 31-Day Passes are accepted as full Transbay fare.

The following are accepted as full local fare or partial Transbay fare:

BART-to-bus transfers are accepted as full local fare but not as partial Transbay fare. As of 1 January 2013, BART Plus tickets are not accepted.

Transfers issued by Dumbarton Express are valid for 2 hours and are accepted by AC Transit, SamTrans, Union City Transit, and VTA. Union City Transit has a $0.25 surcharge, payable on board Union City Transit. Transfers to SamTrans are valid only for passengers using Clipper cards.

Future expansion

On August 2, 2017, SamTrans, one of the five transit agencies that jointly operate the Dumbarton Express, released a study that examined the feasibility of adding additional bus routes to the service. The study recommended two new bus routes: an express bus route traveling between the Union City BART station to the Redwood City Caltrain station, and a local bus route between the Union City BART station to job centers in northern Mountain View and Sunnyvale, the introduction of which would lead to a 34% increase in ridership. The study also reiterated SamTrans' ultimate goal of reintroducing rail service across the Dumbarton Rail Bridge, ultimately connecting the Redwood City Caltrain station to the Union City BART station via conventional passenger rail. [5]

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