Marin Transit

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Headquarters711 Grand Avenue, Suite 110, San Rafael
Service area Marin County, California
Service type transit bus, school bus, paratransit
Hubs San Rafael Transit Center
Stations Marin City: Donahue & Terners
Novato: Redwood & Grant
San Anselmo: San Anselmo Hub (Center & Sir Francis Drake)
Daily ridership6,100 (weekdays, Q4 2021) [1]
Annual ridership1,863,300 (2021) [1]
Operator Golden Gate Transit
MV Transportation
Marin Airporter
Website Marin Transit

Marin Transit is a public bus agency in Marin County, California, in the United States. Originally formed in 1964 as Marin County Transit District (MCTD), Marin Transit was re-branded on 30 July 2007 and now provides a variety of fixed-route and demand-response services using contractors. In 2021, the system had a ridership of 1,863,300, or about 6,100 per weekday as of the fourth quarter of 2021.



Marin Transit was formed by a vote of the people of Marin County in 1964 and was given the responsibility for providing local transit service within Marin County. It has since played a key role in providing local transit service within the county through various funding sources (Measure A Funds, State Transportation Development Act Funds, fares, property taxes and Federal Section 5311 rural transit funds). [2] For a history of Marin Transit service in relation to Golden Gate Transit, click here.

Fixed-route bus service

Marin Transit serves all major cities, towns, and communities within Marin County except Muir Beach, Nicasio, and Peacock Gap (East San Rafael). Route information listed below is current as of 10 June 2018. [3] [4]

See Golden Gate Transit for information on Regional and Commute bus routes serving Marin County, which have no affiliation with Marin Transit.

Regular service

A Marin Transit bus operating on Route 233 at the San Rafael Transit Center. Marintransit shuttle sanrafael.jpg
A Marin Transit bus operating on Route 233 at the San Rafael Transit Center.
RouteDirectionTerminalsDays of OperationCities, Communities, and Attractions ServedSchedule Information
North/East TerminalSouth/West Terminal
17North-south San Rafael Transit Center Sausalito Ferry Terminal Daily San Rafael, Larkspur Landing, Larkspur, Corte Madera, Strawberry, Mill Valley, Tam Valley, Marin City, Sausalito Route 17 Schedule
22San Rafael Transit Center Marin City
(Donahue & Terners)
DailySan Rafael, San Anselmo, Ross, College of Marin, Larkspur, Corte Madera, Strawberry, Marin City Route 22 Schedule
23East-westSan Rafael
(Shoreline Parkway at Target)
(Broadway & Bolinas/Sir Francis Drake & Claus)
DailyCanal, San Rafael, San Anselmo, Fairfax Route 23 Schedule
23X Canal
(Kerner & Larkspur)
Fairfax Manor
(Sir Francis Drake & Glen/Olema)
WeekdaysCanal, San Rafael, San Anselmo, Fairfax, Manor
(Kerner & Larkspur)
Marin General HospitalWeekdaysCanal, San Rafael, Larkspur Landing, Greenbrae, Kentfield, College of Marin, Marin General Hospital Route 29 Schedule
35North-south Novato
(Redwood & Olive)
(Kerner & Larkspur)
DailyNovato, Ignacio, Northgate , Marin Civic Center , San Rafael, Canal Route 35 Schedule
(Kerner & Larkspur)
Marin City
(Donahue & Terners)
DailyCanal, San Rafael, Larkspur, Corte Madera, Mill Valley, Marin City Route 36 Schedule
49 Novato
(Redwood & Olive)
San Rafael Transit CenterDailyNovato, Ignacio, Hamilton, Terra Linda, Northgate, Marin Civic Center, San Rafael Route 49 Schedule
(Redwood & Olive)
Sausalito Ferry TerminalWeekdaysNovato, Ignacio, San Rafael, Larkspur, Corte Madera, Mill Valley, Marin City, Sausalito Route 71 Schedule
219East-west Tiburon
(Ferry Terminal)
(Reed & Belvedere)
DailyTiburon, Belvedere, Strawberry Route 219 Schedule
219FWeekdaysTiburon, Belvedere, Strawberry
228San Rafael Transit CenterFairfax Manor
(Sir Francis Drake & Bank/Olema)
DailySan Rafael, Larkspur Landing, Greenbrae, Marin General Hospital, Kentfield, Ross, San Anselmo, Fairfax, Manor Route 228 Schedule
233North-southSanta Venetia
(Vendola & Estancia)
San Rafael Transit CenterDailySanta Venetia, Marin Civic Center, Dominican University, San Rafael Route 233 Schedule
245Terra Linda
(Smith Ranch & Yosemite)
San Rafael Transit CenterDailyTerra Linda, Kaiser Hospital, Northgate, San Rafael Route 245 Schedule
251San Marin
(San Marin & San Andreas)
(Hamilton Theatre Parking Lot)
DailySan Marin, Novato, Novato Community Hospital, Vintage Oaks Shopping Center, College of Marin (Indian Valley Campus), Ignacio, Hamilton Route 251 Schedule
257College of Marin
(Indian Valley Campus)
San Rafael Transit CenterWeekdaysIndian Valley Campus, Ignacio, Hamilton, Marinwood, Terra Linda, Kaiser Hospital, Northgate, Dominican University, San Rafael Route 257 Schedule

Note: Italicized locations are served on select trips only.

West Marin Stagecoach and Muir Woods Shuttle

A West Marin Stagecoach bus operating on Route 68 at the San Rafael Transit Center. West Marin Stagecoach bus.jpg
A West Marin Stagecoach bus operating on Route 68 at the San Rafael Transit Center.
RouteDirectionTerminalsDays of OperationCities, Communities, and Attractions ServedSchedule Information
North/East TerminalSouth/West Terminal
61East-westAll trips:
Marin City
(Donahue & Terners)
(Wharf & Brighton)
DailySausalito, Marin City, Tam Valley, Tamalpais High School, Mount Tamalpais State Park (Bootjack and Pantoll Campgrounds), Stinson Beach, Bolinas Route 61 Schedule
Select weekend trips:
(Ferry Terminal)
66Pohono Street Park & Ride Muir Woods Weekends (seasonal)Pohono Street Park & Ride, Muir Woods Route 66 Schedule
(Ferry Terminal)
Sausalito, Marin City, Muir Woods
68San Rafael Transit Center Inverness
(Sir Francis Drake & Inverness)
DailySan Rafael, San Anselmo, Sir Francis Drake High School, Fairfax, Manor, San Geronimo, Forest Knolls, Lagunitas, Samuel P. Taylor State Park, Olema, Point Reyes Station, Inverness Route 68 Schedule

Supplemental service

Supplemental routes operate on school days only.

RouteDirectionSchools ServedCities and Communities ServedSchedule Information
113East-westRedwood High SchoolCorte Madera, Paradise Cay Route 113 Schedule
115North-southSt. Hilary School, Willow Creek Academy, Tamalpais High School Sausalito, Marin City, Mill Valley, Tiburon Route 115 Schedule
117East-westNeil Cummins School, Hall Middle School, Cove SchoolLarkspur, Corte Madera Route 117 Schedule
119Redwood High SchoolTiburon, Belvedere, Strawberry Route 119 Schedule
122North-south College of Marin San Rafael, San Anselmo, Hamilton Route 122 Schedule
125East-west Sir Francis Drake High School, Lagunitas SchoolSan Rafael, San Anselmo, Fairfax, Manor, Woodacre, Lagunitas Route 125 Schedule
139North-southTerra Linda High SchoolTerra Linda, Marinwood, Lucas Valley Route 139 Schedule
145Terra Linda High SchoolTerra Linda, Marin Civic Center, San Rafael Route 145 Schedule
151San Jose Middle School, Novato High School, San Marin High SchoolHamilton, Ignacio, Novato, San Marin Route 151 Schedule
154East-westSan Marin High School, Sinaloa Middle SchoolNovato, San Marin Route 154 Schedule

Demand-response service

Marin Transit provides four services that do not operate on fixed routes, as well as ADA complementary paratransit.

Marin Transit Connect

Marin Transit Connect [5] provides curb-to-curb service in northern San Rafael on weekdays. On-demand service is available by requesting a ride through the Marin Transit Connect app. Passengers without smartphones can schedule rides by calling a phone number.

Dillon Beach/Tomales Dial-a-Ride

The Dillon Beach/Tomales Dial-a-Ride [6] provides curb-to-curb service from Dillon Beach and Tomales to Petaluma by reservation only. Service operates on Wednesdays.

Novato Dial-a-Ride

The Novato Dial-a-Ride [7] provides curb-to-curb service within Novato by reservation only. Novato Dial-a-Ride, which replaced the EZ Rider service that served only portions of the city, supplements fixed-route bus service and operates to areas not served by buses, including Bahia, Bel Marin Keys, and Black Point. Service operates daily.

Point Reyes Dial-a-Ride

The Point Reyes Dial-a-Ride [8] provides curb-to-curb service from Point Reyes to Novato shopping destinations by reservation only. Service operates the second Monday of each month.

Marin Access

Complementary paratransit ( Wheelchair symbol.svg ) service, as mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), is operated within Marin County using the Marin Access name. [9] Service is available to eligible passengers by reservation only. Marin Transit supplements paratransit with the STAR and TRIP volunteer driver programs and Marin Catch-a-Ride program. [10]


As of 2020, Marin Transit owns a fleet of approximately 66 buses.

YearFleet numbersMakeModelLength (feet)PropulsionQuantityImage
2008, 2011, 2013, 2016100, 105, 108-115, 1680 ElDorado National AeroTech 24024 Gasoline 11NA
20103301-3307New Flyer DE35LF 35 Diesel-electric hybrid 7 GGT New Flyer DE35LF.jpg
2010–20123060-3069ElDorado NationalXHF35Diesel10NA
20151501–1504 Gillig BRT 29Diesel-electric hybrid4NA
20151505–1511GilligBRT40Diesel-electric hybrid7NA
20151560–1561ElDorado NationalAeroElite 27027 Gasoline 2NA
20171701–1710GilligBRT40Diesel-electric hybrid10NA
20171760–1761ElDorado NationalXHF29Diesel2NA
20181801–1802 BYD K9S35Electric2NA
20192001–2011GilligBRT40Diesel-electric hybrid11NA

Marin Transit also uses approximately eight buses owned by the National Park Service, Caltrans, MV Transportation, and Marin Airporter. These vehicles are not reflected in the table above.


All Marin Transit fixed-route fares and passes are also valid on Golden Gate Transit bus routes within Marin County. [11]

A Golden Gate Transit local transfer (issued on a Marin Transit route) that allows a 3-hour travel period within Marin County. Goldengatetransit transfer local.jpg
A Golden Gate Transit local transfer (issued on a Marin Transit route) that allows a 3-hour travel period within Marin County.

Fixed-route fares

These fares do not apply to the Muir Woods Shuttle. See Muir Woods Shuttle fares in the following section.

Fare categoryCash fareClipper fare1-day pass7-day pass31-day pass
Youth (ages 5 through 18)$1.00$1.00$2.50$10.00$40.00
Senior (ages 65 and over), Disabled ( Wheelchair symbol.svg ), or Medicare$1.00$1.00$2.50$10.00$25.00


School-based Youth Passes are available to students ages 5 through 18 from Marin County schools. Passes are available for $175.00 for 6 months and $325.00 for one year. Passes allow unlimited rides on all Marin Transit fixed routes (excluding Muir Woods Shuttle). However, unlike other Marin Transit fare media, the passes are not valid on any Golden Gate Transit bus routes.

Muir Woods Shuttle fares

Round-trip fares on the Muir Woods Shuttle are $3.00 for adults (ages 16 and over) and free for youths (ages 15 and under). No one-way fares are available. Marin Transit fare media and Clipper cards are not accepted. Fares must be purchased online prior to boarding.

Demand-response fares

Clipper cards are not accepted on any demand-response services.

ServiceCash fare1-, 7-, or 31-day pass
Novato Dial-a-RideSame as fixed-route fares
Dillon Beach/Tomales Dial-a-Ride$2.50N/A
Point Reyes Dial-a-Ride
Marin Access$2.00 (within 3/4-mile of fixed route)
$2.50 (extended trip)

Marin Transit Connect fares are $4.00 per trip. The fare is $2.00 for Marin Access users, as well as for all trips to/from fixed-route bus stops. A $40 monthly pass is also available.

See also


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