List of free and open-source Android applications

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Android phones, like this Nexus S running Replicant, allow installation of apps from the Play Store, F-Droid store or directly via APK files. Replicant 4.0 on NexusS.jpeg
Android phones, like this Nexus S running Replicant, allow installation of apps from the Play Store, F-Droid store or directly via APK files.

This is a list of notable applications (apps) that run on the Android platform which meet guidelines for free software and open-source software.


Application nameDescriptionAvailability License API [lower-alpha 1] Note
Aptoide Google Play F-Droid
AdAway Ad blockerNoNoYesGNU GPLv3L16 / 4.1+
Adblock Plus Ad blockerYesYesNoGNU GPLv3L7 / 2.1+
  1. The API column is used to describe which versions of Android each individual application is compatible with. If API column shows "5.1" then the application is compatible with Android version 5.1 or higher; "L7" or "L14" mean specific Android API versions.

Web browsers

Application nameDescriptionAvailabilityLicenseAPI [lower-alpha 1] Note
AptoideF-DroidGoogle Play
Brave Chromium-based web browser with emphasis on tracking prevention, and reforming ad-blocking [1] YesNo [2] Yes MPL 4.1+Has in-built ad blocker
Chromium Primary code-base of Chrome; uses Blink and V8 enginesNoNoNo BSD 4.4+
DuckDuckGo Chromium-based; focuses on privacy & tracking protectionYesYesYes Apache 2.0 5.0+ [3]
Fennec F-Droid Rebadged fork of Firefox; aims to remove proprietary componentsNoYes No MPL 4.1+Same with Firefox for Android, but some proprietary code removed.
Firefox for Android Customizable with add-ons; uses Gecko engine YesNo [4] Yes MPL 4.1+Removed from F-Droid
Firefox Focus/KlarPrivacy centered browser; uses Gecko engine (GeckoView)YesNoYes MPL 5.0+
GNU IceCat GNU Project version of FirefoxNoNo No MPL 4.0.3+IceCat contains features not found in mainline Firefox release and eschews all usage of proprietary components.
Tor Browser Mozilla-based browser enhanced for use on Tor anonymity networkYesYes [5] Yes MPL 4.0.3+Available in F-Droid by activating the extra Guardian Project repository [6]

Office Suites and synchronisation

Application nameDescriptionAvailabilityLicenseAPI [lower-alpha 1] Note
Google PlayF-Droid
Collabora Online Office suite with Microsoft Office compatible word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, and vector graphics editorYesYes MPLv25.0+An enterprise-ready edition of LibreOffice
ownCloud Client for synchronization serverYesYes GPLv24.0+
Nextcloud Client for synchronization serverYesYes GPLv24.0+


Application nameDescriptionAvailabilityLicenseAPI [lower-alpha 1] Note
Google PlayF-Droid
ConnectBot SSH, telnet, and terminal emulator YesYes Apache 2.01.5+
CSipSimple SIP & VoIP clientNoNoGPLv31.6+
Jitsi Videoconferencing and instant messenger YesYesLGPLv2.1?
K-9 Mail Advanced email clientYes
Apache 2.02.2+Supports OpenPGP integration with OpenKeychain
Linphone Video SIP/VoIP clientYes
Yes GPLv22.2+
Element Federated instant messaging and group chat client using the Matrix protocol.YesYes Apache 2.04.1+
Sipdroid SIP/VoIP clientYes
Yes GPLv32.0+works on 1.5
WordPress Official WordPress clientYesNoGPLv22.3+
Zulip groupware and chatYesNoApache 2.0 [7] 5.0+Also available for iOS

Privacy/security focused

Application nameDescriptionAvailabilityLicenseAPI [lower-alpha 1] Note
Google PlayF-Droid
APG OpenPGP and key managementYes
YesApache 2.01.5+ OpenKeychain available as more up-to-date alternative
Briar Peer-to-peer encrypted messaging and forumsYesYes [8] GPLv34.0+
Conversations Federated encrypted instant messaging and group chatYesYes GPLv34.0+Interoperable with any Jabber/XMPP clients. End-to-end encryption using OMEMO, OpenPGP (and OTR for versions under 2.0 and the legacy version).
Element (formerly Riot)Decentralised, encrypted chat & collaboration powered by Matrix YesYes Apache 2.05.0+
I2P Anonymizing network layer YesYes Apache 2.02.3+I2P also maintain their own F-Droid repo. [9]
IVPN Privacy-focused VPN serviceYesYes GPLv3?Open source apps on all platforms (Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS) and undergo an independent security audit. [10] [11]
Jami Softphone and messenger utilizing DHT and strong cryptographyYes [12] Yes [13] GPLv3?Formerly named "GNU Ring" and "SFLphone".
Lantern Peer-to-peer internet censorship circumvention YesNoApache 2.0?
Mullvad Privacy-focused VPN serviceYesYes GPLv3?Open source apps on all platforms (Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS).
OpenKeychain OpenPGP and key managementYesYes GPLv3?Integrates with K-9 Mail.
Orbot Client and proxy for Tor anonymity network YesYesBSD/GPL1.6+
Psiphon Client for internet censorship circumvention systemYesNoGPLv3?
ProtonMail Client end-to-end encrypted email serviceYesNoGPLv3?Open source apps on WEB app, Android, IOS, Bridge app.
ProtonVPN Privacy-focused VPN serviceYesYes GPLv3?Open source apps on all platforms (Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS) and undergo an independent security audit. [14]
Signal Encrypted instant messaging, voice and video callingYesNoGPLv32.3+Also available for iOS. The Android client is a merger of the former TextSecure and RedPhone apps. [15]
Surespot Encrypted instant messagingYesNo GPLv3+?Also available for iOS. F-Droid build is based on forked repo.
Telegram Client for cloud-based messaging platformYesYes GPLv22.2+Also available for iOS. F-Droid build is based on forked repo. [16] Server uses closed source software.
Tox Peer-to-peer instant-messagingYesYes GPLv3+4.0+ Alpha release
Tutanota Client for end-to-end encrypted email serviceYesYes GPLv3 [17] ?
Wire Encrypted instant messaging, voice and video callingYesYesGPLv3?Also available for iOS, Windows and OS X. Server uses closed source software.


Application nameDescriptionAvailabilityLicenseAPI [lower-alpha 1] Note
Google PlayF-Droid
Citra Nintendo 3DS YesNoGPLv2?
Dolphin Nintendo GameCube and Wii YesYesGPLv2+5.0+Requires device with support for arm64-v8a ABI and OpenGL ES 3 or above
Mupen64Plus Nintendo 64 emulatorYesYesGPLv32.0+Unofficial port as Mupen64 Plus AE.
openMSX MSX YesYesGPLv2+?
PPSSPP PlayStation Portable YesYesGPLv2+2.3+
RetroArch Emulates multiple platformsYesRemovedGPLv3 [18] 2.3+
ScummVM Emulates multiple gaming enginesYesYesGPLv21.5+
Termux Terminal emulatorDeprecatedYesGPLv3?
VICE Commodore systems emulatorYesYesGPLv2?


Application nameDescriptionAvailabilityLicenseAPI [lower-alpha 1] Note
Google PlayF-Droid
2048 Mathematics sliding block puzzle Yes Yes MIT 2.2+Port of 2048
Angband Text-based roguelike YesYesGPLv2?
Battle for Wesnoth Turn-based strategy in a fantasy settingPartialYes GPLv22.3+Ported to Android with SDL
Brogue Roguelike YesYesGPLv3?
Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup Roguelike YesNoGPLv2+?Text-based version also available
Fish Fillets NG Underwater puzzle game.YesNoGPLv21.6+Port of Fish Fillets NG
Freeciv Turn-based strategy game similar to Sid Meier's Civilization YesNoGPLv22.0+
Frozen Bubble Tile-matching puzzle game Yes
GPLv21.6+Port of Frozen Bubble
GLtron Lightcycle racing gameYes
GPLv22.2+Port of GLtron
H-Craft Championship SciFi 3D racing gameYesNo
zlib 3.2+Media is proprietary, but free for personal use.
HyperRogue Roguelike in hyperbolic plane ?YesGPLv2+?
Minetest Sandbox similar to Minecraft YesYes?
OpenArena First-person shooter similar to Quake 3 (see: id Tech 3)YesNoGPLv21.6+Unofficial port by "pelya" using SDL 1.2 [19]
OpenTTD Business simulation game similar to Transport Tycoon Deluxe YesNoGPLv21.6+pelya SDL port [19]
Pixel Dungeon  [ it; ru ] [20] Roguelike with pixel art graphicsYesYesGPLv3?Also available for Linux, iOS, Windows 10, Mac OS X
OpenTyrian Vertical shoot 'em up YesNoGPLv21.6+pelya SDL port [19]
robotfindskitten A "Zen Simulation"YesYesGPL1.6+
Simon Tatham's Puzzle Collection Collection of puzzle gamesYes
MIT 2.1+
Ur-Quan Masters Source-port of 3DO version of Star Control II ?NoGPLv2+,
CC by 2.0,
CC by-nc-sa 2.5 [21]
?Game engine is free, but Star Control art assets are released under a Creative Commons non-commercial license. [22] [21] pelya SDL port [19]


Application nameDescriptionAvailabilityLicenseAPI [lower-alpha 1] Note
Google PlayF-Droid
Dasher Accessible text-input method YesYesGPLv3?Also available for iOS
FetLife Social network catering to the BDSM, fetish, and kink communitiesNoNoMIT [23] 5.0Also available for iOS [24]
Google IO App for Google IO conferenceYesYesApache 2.04.0
OpenLP Worship presentation software YesYes GPLv3?
The White House The official White House appYesYesMIT2.2+


Application nameDescriptionAvailabilityLicenseAPI [lower-alpha 1] Note
Google PlayF-Droid
COVID Alert Canadian digital contact tracing appYesNoApache 2.0?Also available for iOS [25]
DP-3T Protocol and reference implementation of decentralized European contact tracing app?NoMPL 2.0 [26] ?Also available for iOS
PEPP-PT Protocol and reference implementation of centralized European digital contact tracing app?NoMPL 2.0 [27] ?
TraceTogether Singaporean contact tracing app?NoGPLv3?Available for iOS [28] Data collected is available to police, and may be used in criminal or other types of investigations [29]


Application nameDescriptionAvailabilityLicenseAPI [lower-alpha 1] Note
Google PlayF-Droid
AntennaPod PodcatcherYesYes MIT2.3.3+
Butter Project Media player utilising the BitTorrent protocol??AGPLv3?
Kodi (formerly XBMC)Media player and centerYesYes GPLv2+Multi
Popcorn Time Media player utilizing BitTorrent protocolNoNoGPLv3+
(AGPL exception) [30]
?In Nov. of 2015 ceased operations after court order from the MPAA issued in Canada. [31]
Ringdroid Ringtone makerYesYesApache 2.04.1+
Rockbox Media player??GPLv2+?
Tribler Decentralized video sharingYesYesGPLv3 [32] 3.0+
Tux Paint Simple drawing program for childrenNon-freeYesGPLv2?Version on Google Play is published by a 3rd-party & contains proprietary ad libraries in violation of upstream developers' license
VLC Media playerYesYes GPLv2+4.2+
Wikimedia Commons Client for free media repositoryYesYes Apache 2.04.4+Old CommonsLab app no longer maintained. Current app is community-developed. [33]
Application nameDescriptionAvailabilityLicenseAPI [lower-alpha 1] Note
Google PlayF-Droid
Avare GPS aviation applicationYesYesGithub 4.4+Complete *Aviation* EFB & nav app with all official current U.S.A. FAA VFR & IFR charts & data, plus limited free unofficial non-US materials.
MAPS.ME Offline mapping using OpenStreetMap dataYesNo Apache 2.0?F-Droid version is an unofficial fork, with extra features and removed proprietary binaries.
Mozilla Stumbler Data gathering for Mozilla Location ServiceYesYesMPL22.3.3+
OsmAnd Offline mapping using OpenStreetMap dataYesYes GPLv32.3+Only parts of the software are available at no cost, this cause the software to get a few arbitrary limitation as limited portion maps of openstreetmap may be loaded. There is an unlimited paid version. The unlimited version is also available for free on F-Droid.


Application nameDescriptionAvailabilityLicenseAPI [lower-alpha 1] Note
Google PlayF-Droid
FBReader e-book readerYesYesGPL1.5+
iFixit Official iFixit readerYesYesGPLv32.2+
Kiwix Offline Wikipedia readerYesYesGPLv34.0+
MuPDF PDF and XPS viewerYesYesAGPL2.2+
Wikipedia Access to WikipediaYesYes GPLv22.2+
Wiktionary Client for crowd-sourced dictionaryYesYesGPLv22.2+
XOWA Offline Wikipedia readerYesYesAGPLv34.4+

Science and education

Application nameDescriptionAvailabilityLicenseAPI [lower-alpha 1] Note
Google PlayF-Droid
BOINC Participate in distributed grid computing initiativesYesNoLGPL/GPLv3+ [34] 2.3+
Galaxy Zoo Classify galaxies in crowdsourced astronomy projectYesYesGPLv33.0+
GCompris Educational activity suite for children aged 2–10YesYesGPLv3?Member project of KDE
GNU Octave Scientific programming language syntax with built-in plotting and visualization tools?NoGPLv3? [35] [36]
micro:bit Interact with a micro:bit device via Bluetooth Yes [37] No [38] Apache 2.0 [39] ?Developed by Samsung. [40] Depends on proprietary Google frameworks. [38]
PressureNET Crowd-sourced barometer networkDiscontinuedDiscontinuedGPLv3MultiService and software discontinued
SageMath Client for mathematical softwareYesYesGPLv32.0+
Sky Map Planetarium software developed by Google, and Carnegie Mellon YesYesApache 2.0?Tracks user telemetry data via Google Analytics [41]
Stellarium Planetarium software YesNoGPLv2?
Sugar environment One Laptop per Child learning platformYesYesApache as Sugarizer.
AnkiDroid Flashcard spaced repetition for memorizationYesYesGPLv3?


Application nameDescriptionAvailabilityLicenseAPI [lower-alpha 1] Note
Google PlayF-Droid
Bitwarden Password managerYesYesGPLv34.4+
Haven Monitoring system to protect against evil maid attacks YesYes [42] GPLv34.1+Developed by Edward Snowden under the auspices of The Guardian Project, and Freedom of the Press Foundation [43]
Kali NetHunter Digital forensics and mobile penetration testing platform ROM overlayNoNoVarious5.1+Developed by Offensive Security
KeePassDroid Password managerYesYes GPLv31.5+Port of KeePass
PasswdSafe Password managerYesYes Artistic License 2.0 1.6+
Prey Anti-theft and monitoringYesYesGPLv34.0+

System and utilities

Application nameDescriptionAvailability License API [lower-alpha 1] Note
Google PlayF-Droid
Barcode Scanner Barcode and QR Code readerYesYes Apache
F-Droid Graphical package manager for app repositories NoYesGPLv3+4.0+F-Droid team also maintain an application repository
Impress Remote Presentation remote control for LibreOffice YesYesMPL2 [44] 2.3+
Intra Experimental DNS over HTTPS clientYes? Apache 2.0 [45] 4.0.3+
microG Replacement for proprietary Google Play Services No? Apache 2.0 ?
Mycroft Voice assistant companion??GPLv3 [46] ?
TWRP Custom recovery image and boot manager??GPLv3 [47] ?
TalkBack Accessibility services for blind and low-vision usersdiscontinuedYesApache 2.0?Integrated into Android and provided by other proprietary Google components
UserLAnd Compatibility layer YesYes GPLv3 5.0+


  1. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 The API column is used to describe which versions of Android each individual application is compatible with. If API column shows "5.1" then the application is compatible with Android version 5.1 or higher; "L7" or "L14" mean specific Android API versions.

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There are a number of third-party maintained lists of open-source Android applications, including:

  • Droid-Break – curated list of general purpose open-source alternatives. Inspired by PRISM-break.