List of political parties in Honduras

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Honduras traditionally had a two-party system, dominated by the Liberal Party of Honduras and the National Party of Honduras.


The parties

Parliamentary parties

PartyAbbreviationIdeology Deputies
Logo LIBRE.svg Liberty and Refoundation
Partido Libertad y Refundación
LIBRE Democratic socialism
50 / 128
National Party of Honduras Flag.svg National Party of Honduras
Partido Nacional de Honduras
PNH Conservatism
44 / 128
Liberal Party of Honduras logo.svg Liberal Party of Honduras
Partido Liberal de Honduras
PLH Liberalism
22 / 128
Logo - Partido Salvador de Honduras.svg Savior Party of Honduras
Partido Salvador de Honduras
PSH Centrism
10 / 128
Christian Democratic Party of Honduras logo.svg Christian Democratic Party of Honduras
Partido Demócrata Cristiano de Honduras
DC Christian democracy
1 / 128
PACLogo.svg Anti-Corruption Party
Partido Anticorrupción
PAC Centrism
1 / 128

Extraparliamentary parties

Previous parties

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Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front Salvadoran political party and former leftist guerilla organization

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Coordinadora Revolucionaria de Masas

Coordinadora Revolucionaria de Masas was a coordination of revolutionary mass organizations in El Salvador formed on January 11, 1980.

Democratic Unification Party Political party in Honduras

The Democratic Unification Party is a centre-left political party in Honduras. PUD was founded on 29 September 1992 by the merger of four leftist clandestine or semiclandestine political parties, in the context of the changed political situation in Central America at that period, following the end of the Cold War. The PUD was legally recognised in 1993/4 and has fought various elections since 1997, gaining around 1-3% of the vote.

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The Revolutionary Independent Labour Movement, or MOIR, is a left-wing party in Colombia that was founded in 1970. Francisco Mosquera was the founder and ideological leader of MOIR. In August 1994 he died, after which Hector Valencia became the Secretary General of the party. In 2008 Valencia died and the union leader Gustavo Triana, vice president of the country's largest union, was elected Secretary General.

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The November 29 National Liberation Movement (MLN-29) is a Marxist-Leninist party in Panama that was founded in 1970. The date in its name refers to the death of Panamanian communist leader Floyd Britton the year before.

Ricardo Letts Colmenares was a Peruvian politician, journalist and left-wing militant.

The Bolivian National Congress 1982–1985 was elected on 29 June 1980.

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