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New Zealand People's Party
Leader Anil Sharma
Ideology Minority rights
Cultural rights
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The New Zealand People's Party is a political party in New Zealand. The party was established in 2015 [1] and has a particular focus on the rights of immigrants. [2] [3] It operated as an independent party for a 2016 by-election and the 2017 general election, and as a component party of Advance New Zealand for the 2020 election. [4] The party's leader, as of September 2020, is Anil Sharma. [5]



Standalone party

The New Zealand People's Party was established in 2015. [1] It was initially led by Roshan Nauhria, who was a co-founder. [6]

Nauhria stood as a candidate in the 2016 Mount Roskill by-election, [7] winning 709 votes or 4.2% and coming third. [8] The People's Party also contested the 2017 Mount Albert by-election, with Vin Tomar, an early childhood teacher and real estate agent, as their candidate. [9] Tomar received 191 votes, or 1.5% of the votes cast, coming fourth.

In 2016, New Zealand First leader Winston Peters called the party a 'National Party front'. [10]

On 20 May 2017 the party applied for registration with the Electoral Commission [11] and was registered by the Electoral Commission on 20 June 2017. [12] It ran six list candidates. [13] At the 2017 general election, the party gained only 0.1% of the party vote (1,890 votes) and won no seats in the New Zealand House of Representatives. [14]

The party was deregistered by the Electoral Commission, at the party's request, on 30 April 2019. [15]

Component party of Advance New Zealand

The leader of the Advance New Zealand party, Jami-Lee Ross, appeared in a Facebook video of 29 July 2020 and stated that the New Zealand People's Party would be joining with Advance. [16] The Electoral Commission confirmed that the People's Party was a component party of Advance on 18 August. [4] Advance New Zealand received only 1.0% of the party vote in the 2020 general election, [17] not enough to enter Parliament, so no candidates from the People's Party were elected.

Current status

By December 2020, the People's Party was no longer recorded as a component party of Advance. [18] No announcements about the future of the People's Party have been made.

People's Party founder, Roshan Nauhria, said he would financially back Gaurav Sharma in the 2022 Hamilton West by-election, saying, "I will support him financially, 100 percent. Wholeheartedly… [it] doesn't matter the money, whatever he needs". [19]

Electoral results

ElectionCandidates nominatedSeats wonVotesVote share %Government
2017 06
0 / 120
1,8900.1%Not in Parliament

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