World Socialist Party (New Zealand)

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World Socialist Party (New Zealand)
Leader None (membership conference)
First SecretaryRolfe R. Everson [1]
Founded1930;91 years ago (1930)
HeadquartersPO Box 1929, Auckland 1140, New Zealand
NewspaperSocialist Review (1934)
Socialist Comment (1944–1948) [2] [3]
Socialist Viewpoint (1971–1982) [4]
Ideology Classical Marxism
International affiliation World Socialist Movement
Colors  Red

The World Socialist Party of New Zealand (WSPNZ) is a revolutionary socialist and anti-Leninist political party in New Zealand founded in 1930 as the Socialist Party of New Zealand (SPNZ).


The WSPNZ is affiliated with the Socialist Party of Great Britain (SPGB) and the World Socialist Movement (WSM).

In the 1940s, the party co-operated on Socialist Comment. [3] In 1971, the party contested its first parliamentary election and in 1975 put up seven candidates. [1]

The WSPNZ last ran a candidate in the 1996 election, gaining a total of 27 votes. [5]


The WSPNZ ran Radio Imagine 88.3 FM out of Manurewa, Auckland, starting as early as 2001. [6]

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