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The A1309 is a short road (1.9 miles) which links the two ends of the A10 to north and south of Cambridge city centre in Cambridgeshire, England. It was numbered as part of the A10 prior to the construction of the Cambridge Western Bypass (now M11) and the Northern Bypass (originally A45, now A14).[ citation needed ]

Its northern end is at the Milton Interchange with the A14 and A10. From here, it passes the Cambridge Science Park, the Cambridge Business Park, and the Cowley Road Park & Ride site, as Milton Road on its way to the Mitchams Corner gyratory complex just to the north of the city centre.

It is unmarked through the city centre, but reappears to the south on the route of the A1134 ring road named Trumpington Road which then becomes Trumpington High Street. In Trumpington, it has a junction with the A1301 and then passes the Trumpington Park & Ride site before its southern end at junction 11 of the M11 motorway and the A10.

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Trumpington Street

Trumpington Street is a major historic street in central Cambridge, England. At the north end it continues as King's Parade where King's College is located. To the south it continues as Trumpington Road, an arterial route out of Cambridge, at the junction with Lensfield Road.

Trumpington Road

Trumpington Road is an arterial road in southeast central Cambridge, England. It runs between the junction of Trumpington Street and Lensfield Road at the northern end to the junction of the High Street in the village of Trumpington and Long Road at the southern end. The Fen Causeway leads off to the west near the northern end, over Coe Fen and the River Cam.

Elizabeth Way, Cambridge

Elizabeth Way is a road in northeast Cambridge, England. It is designated the A1134 and forms part of Cambridge's inner ring road. At the northern end is a roundabout forming a junction with Milton Road. Near the north end is another roundabout linking with Chesterton Road to the west. At the southern end there is a roundabout that links with East Road and Newmarket Road.

Transport in Cambridge Overview of the transport in Cambridge

Cambridge is a university town and the administrative centre of the county of Cambridgeshire, England. It lies in East Anglia about 50 miles (80 km) north of London. Its main transport links are the M11 road to London, the A14 east–west road and the West Anglia Main Line railway line to London.


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Coordinates: 52°13′26″N0°08′21″E / 52.22387°N 0.13917°E / 52.22387; 0.13917