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This is a list of radio stations that broadcast in the Chinese language.



Chinese countries

Mainland China

China Radio International (CRI) is a government controlled media outlet. Typical programs include Tang Ren Jie and others. The weather is typically announced for cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Guilin, Ürümqi, Xi'an, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taipei. International cities weather is usually announced for New York City, Washington, Seattle, Sydney, Bangkok, London, Paris, Madrid, Cairo, Nairobi, and others.

In Beijing, China Radio International can be heard at 88.7 MHz FM and 91.5 MHz FM and some other frequencies.


Most Beijing radio stations are controlled by the Beijing Broadcasting Network (Beijing Renmin Guangbo Diantai). Radio frequencies such as 97.4 MHz FM is for music. Other Beijing radio stations include China Radio International's Easy FM on 88.7 MHz FM and 91.5 MHz FM.

Beijing Radio Stations
88.7 MHz FM Easy FM
91.5 MHz FM
97.4 MHz FMYinyue - Music


Guangdong is home to Radio Guangdong and many other radio stations. The following list is incomplete:

Guangdong Radio Stations
99.3/93.9 MHz FMMusic FM
103.6 MHz FM Radio Guangdong Voice of the City
91.4/91.8 MHz FMGuangdong Radio


Harbin Economy Radio controls two of the radio stations in Harbin.

Harbin Economy Radio Stations
972 kHz AMLocal Harbin News
92.5 MHz FMFinancial and Business News


Lanzhou's radio stations are controlled by the Lanzhou Radio group.

Lanzhou Radio Stations
954 kHz AMNews
97.3 MHz FMNews
99.5 MHz FMMusic
100.8 MHz FMLive (Talk)


Nanjing's radio stations are primarily controlled by Nanjing Radio, a subsidiary of Nanjing Television Broadcast Group. The channels contain a variety of programming including local news, business, sports, a kids channel, traffic, and music.

Nanjing Radio Stations
Comprehensive News Channel (O1)
Education Channel (O5)
Film/Television Channel (O2)
Literature Channel (O3)
Lifestyle Channel (O4)
Kids Channel (O7)
Nanjing News (Xinwen) Channel (NJXWT)
Nanjing Economy Channel (NJJJT1)
Nanjing Sports Channel (NJJJT2)
Nanjing Music (Yin Yue) Channel (NJYYT)
Nanjing Traffic (Jiao Tong) Channel (NJJTT)


The Shanghai Media Group, part of the Shanghai Media & Entertainment Group conglomerate controls a fair number of radio stations in Shanghai. The radio stations broadcast local news, traffic, music (popular, classical, and light), and a variety of other programs.

Shanghai Media Group Radio Stations
990 kHz AMNews
648 kHz AMTraffic
1296 kHz AMEastern China Regional News
792 kHz AMShanghai Local News
101.7 MHz FMPopular Music
103.7 MHz FMLove Music
94.7 MHz FMClassical Music (Jingdian947)
97.7 MHz FMEconomic/Business News
96.8 MHz FMComedy Channel
1197 kHz AMMarine Channel
94.0 MHz FMSports News


Shenzhen Radio Station controls four of several radio stations in Shenzhen.

Shenzhen Radio Stations
89.8 MHz FMNews
97.1 MHz FMMusic
106.2 MHz FMTraffic
94.2 MHz FMFor Private Car


Tianjin's radio stations are controlled by the Tianjin People's Broadcasting Station with a variety of programs including news, traffic, music and others.

Tianjin Radio Stations
97.2 MHz FMNews
909 kHz AMNews
106.8 MHz FMTraffic
567 kHz AMTraffic
104.6 MHz FMLiterature
101.4 MHz FMEconomical News
1071 kHz AMMusic
99.0 MHz FMMusic
1008 kHz AMMusic
91.1 MHz FMLife Radio
1386 kHz AMLife Radio
92.0 MHz FMBinhai Radio
747 kHz AMBinhai Radio
87.8 MHz FMEntertainment
666 kHz AMNovel Radio


Ürümqi's radio stations are controlled by the Urumqi People Broadcasting Station group.

Ürümqi People Radio Stations
792 kHz AMÜrümqi News
927 kHz AMHealth News
97.4 MHz FMMusic
100.7 MHz FMLiterature
106.5 MHz FMTravelling and Entertainment News


Xi'an's radio stations are controlled by Jin Hao. Programs include news, music, and fashion on at least seven radio stations.

Hong Kong

Channel Modulation Frequency LanguageFeatures
RTHK Radio 1FM92.6 MHz
92.9 MHz
93.2 MHz
93.4 MHz
93.5 MHz
93.6 MHz
94.4 MHz
Cantonese news, information, phone-in programmes, and general programming
RTHK Radio 2FM94.8 MHz
95.3 MHz
95.6 MHz
96.0 MHz
96.3 MHz
96.4 MHz
96.9 MHz
Cantoneseprogrammes aimed at youth, entertainment and popular music, promotion of community projects, HKEAA's HKALE Chinese language and culture and use of English and HKCEE English listening examinations broadcast through this channel during the examination period of April and May
RTHK Radio 4FM97.6 MHz
97.8 MHz
98.1 MHz
98.2 MHz
98.4 MHz
98.7 MHz
98.9 MHz
English (mainly), Cantonese (some) classical music and fine arts
RTHK Radio 5AM783 kHzCantonese (mainly), Mandarin (some)programming aimed at the elderly, also culture and education
RTHK PutonghuaAM621 kHz Standard Mandarin (mainly, some Cantonese)general programming, news and finance



Southeast Asia




  • Chakrawala MS (Mandarin Station) FM
  • Sunday Mandarin PAS FM


  • Suara Indah 美声 92.1FM


  • A-Radio Medan, 103.8 MHz FM
  • Mix FM, 90.8 MHz FM
  • City Radio 城市之音, 95.9 MHz FM


  • Global Mandarin@Global FM
  • Strato Hua Yu Guangbo Dian Tai


  • PAS FM (Sunday Mandarin) 106.00


  • El John Radio, 95.9 MHz FM
  • Sonora, 92.6 MHz FM

Pangkal Pinang

  • Palupi 华语广播电台 FM, 103.5;MHz FM
  • El John Radio, 88.5 MHz FM


  • Primadona FM, 99.1 MHz FM



Singapore Chinese Radio Stations
88.3 MHz FMAdult Contemporary, Chinese pop
93.3 MHz FMContemporary hit radio, CHR/Pop, Top 40
95.8 MHz FMTalk radio, News, Classic hits, Oldies
96.3 MHz FMClassic hits from 80s to 90s
97.2 MHz FMAdult Contemporary, Chinese pop
100.3 MHz FMAdult Contemporary, Chinese pop, News



New Zealand






United Kingdom




There are a number of stations well known within the Chinese community in Canada that contain a certain number of programs in Chinese. However, due to the ethnic broadcasting policy made by the CRTC, there are currently no AM/FM radio stations in Canada that are fully operated in Chinese. Also, campus radios in Canada allows broadcasting their program in any language, including Chinese, but not a lot of them are known to the public.

United States



South Africa

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Radio broadcasting transmission by radio waves intended to reach a wide audience

Radio broadcasting is transmission of audio (sound), sometimes with related metadata, by radio waves intended to reach a wide audience. In terrestrial radio broadcasting the radio waves are broadcast by a land-based radio station, while in satellite radio the radio waves are broadcast by a satellite in Earth orbit. To receive the content the listener must have a broadcast radio receiver (radio). Stations are often affiliated with a radio network which provides content in a common radio format, either in broadcast syndication or simulcast or both. Radio stations broadcast with several different types of modulation: AM radio stations transmit in AM, FM radio stations transmit in FM, which are older analog audio standards, while newer digital radio stations transmit in several digital audio standards: DAB, HD radio, DRM. Television broadcasting is a separate service which also uses radio frequencies to broadcast television (video) signals.

Radio Data System (RDS) is a communications protocol standard for embedding small amounts of digital information in conventional FM radio broadcasts. RDS standardizes several types of information transmitted, including time, station identification and program information.

In-band on-channel (IBOC) is a hybrid method of transmitting digital radio and analog radio broadcast signals simultaneously on the same frequency.

A subcarrier is a sideband of a radio frequency carrier wave, which is modulated to send additional information. Examples include the provision of colour in a black and white television system or the provision of stereo in a monophonic radio broadcast. There is no physical difference between a carrier and a subcarrier; the "sub" implies that it has been derived from a carrier, which has been amplitude modulated by a steady signal and has a constant frequency relation to it.

The FM broadcast band is a range of radio frequencies used for FM broadcasting by radio stations. The range of frequencies used differs between different parts of the world. In Europe and Africa and in Australia, it spans from 87.5 to 108 megahertz (MHz) - also known as VHF Band II - while in the Americas it ranges from 88 to 108 MHz. The FM broadcast band in Japan uses 76 to 95 MHz. The International Radio and Television Organisation (OIRT) band in Eastern Europe is from 65.8 to 74.0 MHz, although these countries now primarily use the 87.5 to 108 MHz band, as in the case of Russia. Some other countries have already discontinued the OIRT band and have changed to the 87.5 to 108 MHz band.

Second audio program (SAP), also known as secondary audio programming, is an auxiliary audio channel for analog television that can be broadcast or transmitted both over-the-air and by cable television. Used mostly for audio description or other languages, SAP is part of the multichannel television sound (MTS) standard originally set by the National Television Systems Committee (NTSC) in 1984 in the United States. The NTSC video format and MTS are also used in Canada and Mexico.

BBC Radio Shropshire BBC Local Radio service for Shropshire

BBC Radio Shropshire is the BBC Local Radio service for the English county of Shropshire. Launched on 23 April 1985, it was the 30th BBC local station. It originally broadcast on both FM and AM, but changed to FM only in 1991. The 756 kHz AM frequency was later allocated to Radio Maldwyn, based in Newtown, Powys, ready for their launch of 'The Magic 756' in 1993.

China Radio International International broadcast service of China

China Radio International (CRI) is a state-owned international radio broadcaster of China. It is currently headquartered in Babaoshan area of Beijing's Shijingshan District. It was founded on December 3, 1941, as Radio Peking. It later adopted the pinyin form Radio Beijing.

FM broadcasting Transmission of audio through frequency modulation

FM broadcasting is a method of radio broadcasting using frequency modulation (FM). Invented in 1933 by American engineer Edwin Armstrong, wide-band FM is used worldwide to provide high fidelity sound over broadcast radio. FM broadcasting is capable of higher fidelity—that is, more accurate reproduction of the original program sound—than other broadcasting technologies, such as AM broadcasting. Therefore, FM is used for most broadcasts of music or general audio. FM radio stations use the very high frequency range of radio frequencies.

Subsidiary Communications Authorization (SCA) in the United States, and Subsidiary Communications Multiplex Operation (SCMO) in Canada, is a subcarrier on a radio station, allowing the station to broadcast additional services as part of its signal.

Broadcasting in Singapore began on 5 May 1923 when Radio Singapura was established as the first local mass market radio service. Subsequently, on 15 February 1963, before the withdrawal of the British Armed Forces and after the merger with Malaya, Singapore's first television service began as Televisyen Singapura under its owner, Radio Television Singapore (RTS).

Radio Taiwan International

Radio Taiwan International is the English name and call sign of the international radio service, the Central Broadcasting System (CBS) of the Republic of China, commonly known as Taiwan. It is a government-owned station that broadcasts in 13 languages around the world, with a majority emphasis on Mandarin and Taiwanese-language broadcasts over shortwave into China.

Philippine Broadcasting Service Philippine state-owned radio network

Philippine Broadcasting Service (PBS), also known by its government agency Bureau of Broadcast Services (BBS), is a state radio network in the Philippines. It is owned by the Philippine government under the Presidential Communications Operations Office. PBS operates national radio brands: Radyo Pilipinas 1, Radyo Pilipinas 2, Radyo Magasin, Republika FM1 and Capital FM2, as well as international station Radyo Pilipinas Worldwide. PBS, along with its television network counterpart People's Television Network and sister media companies Radio Philippines Network (minority-owned) and Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation, which forms the media arm of the PCOO.

Guangzhou Broadcasting Network

The Guangzhou Broadcasting Network, also known as GZBN, is a municipally-owned television network in Guangzhou, Guangdong, People's Republic of China. The television department made its first broadcast on 10 January 1988, while radio department made its first broadcast on 1 December 1991. The GZBN is also owns a cable company and a showbiz newspaper, and owns Sky Link TV in the US.

Voice of Han Radio station

Voice of Han Broadcasting Station also known as Voice of Han Chinese Broadcasting Station was founded in 1942 by the Ministry of National Defense. It is headquartered on Xinyi Road in the Zhongzheng District of Taipei, Taiwan.

Voice of the Strait, Founded on August 24, 1958. the predecessor is the PLA Fujian Front Line Broadcasting Station (中国人民解放军福建前线广播电台), established in Yuandang Street No. 15, Gulou District, Fuzhou city, Fujian province, People's Republic of China. is composed of People's Liberation Army opened stations, mainly for the Taiwan radio, broadcast radio the Mandarin and Minnan language dialect program, now has 5 broadcast channels, also set up Chinese classical network radio. The platform is provided with the official website of the network.

Chinese Voice is a Cantonese, Mandarin and English language radio network based in Auckland, New Zealand. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of World TV, an Asian language television, print and radio company, and consists of three station set up between 2003 and 2010. It produces more than 80 hours of local content each week, including live talkback on news stories, migrant issues, political developments and dealing with New Zealand Government agencies. The stations also broadcast imported talk and music programmes from China and Hong Kong.


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