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UPU members

The following list uses the structure and terminology of the document Status and structures of postal entities in the UPU member countries. This document, published in 2009 by the Universal Postal Union (UPU), contains data for 162 of the 191 countries and territories that were then UPU members. For these countries, which are marked below, the list's contents are based on that document.

Since this document was published, the UPU has had two changes of membership:

CountryGovernmental authorityRegulatory authorityDesignated operator
Flag of Afghanistan.svg  Afghanistan [2009] Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies None Afghanistan Postal Service
Flag of Albania.svg  Albania Posta Shqiptare [2]
Flag of Algeria.svg  Algeria Ministère de la Poste et des TIC [2] Algérie Poste [2]
Flag of Angola.svg  Angola [2009] Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technologies Instituto Angolano das Comunicações (INACOM) Empresa Nacional de Correios e Telégrafos de Angola (ENCTA)
Flag of Antigua and Barbuda.svg  Antigua and Barbuda Antigua Post Office
Flag of Argentina.svg  Argentina [2009] Ministry of Federal Planning, Public Investment and Services (MinPlan)Communications Secretariat (SeCom) of MinPlan Correo Oficial de la República Argentina S.A. (CORASA)
Flag of Armenia.svg  Armenia [2009] Ministry of Transport and Communication, State Estate Managing Department Public Services Regulatory Commission "Haypost" CJSC
Flag of Aruba.svg  Aruba [N 1] Post Aruba
Flag of Australia (converted).svg  Australia [2009] Department of Communications Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), Postal Services Consultative Council Australia Post
Flag of Austria.svg  Austria [2009] Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology RTR GmbH Österreichische Post AG
Flag of Azerbaijan.svg  Azerbaijan [2009] Ministry of Communications and Information TechnologyNone"Azərpoçt" State Enterprise
Flag of the Bahamas.svg  Bahamas [2009] Ministry of Public Works and Transport None Bahamas Postal Service
Flag of Bahrain.svg  Bahrain [2009] Ministry of Transport None Bahrain Post
Flag of Bangladesh.svg  Bangladesh Ministry of Post and Telecommunication Bangladesh Post Office [2]
Flag of Barbados.svg  Barbados [2009] Ministry of Home Affairs None Barbados Postal Service
Flag of Belarus.svg  Belarus [2009] Ministry of Communications and Informatization NoneRepublican Unitary Enterprise "Belpochta"
Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium [2009] Ministry of Enterprise and Simplification Belgian Institute of Postal Services and Telecommunications (IBPT) Belgian Post Group (formerly La Poste)
Flag of Belize.svg  Belize Ministry of Public Utilities, Transport, Communications [2] Belize Postal Service [N 2]
Flag of Benin.svg  Benin [2009] Ministry of Information Technology and Communication Transitional Regulatory Authority"La Poste du Bénin S.A." (Benin Post)
Flag of Bhutan.svg  Bhutan [2009] Ministry of Information and Communications (MoIC) Bhutan Information, Communication and Media Authority (BICMA) Bhutan Postal Corporation Ltd
Flag of Bolivia.svg  Bolivia [2009] Ministerio de Servicios, Obras Publicas y Vivenda None Empresa de Correos de Bolivia (ECOBOL)
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg  Bosnia and Herzegovina [2009] Ministry of Communications and Transport Bosnia and Herzegovina Agency for Postal Traffic BH Pošta
Pošte Srpske
Hrvatska Pošta Mostar
Flag of Botswana.svg  Botswana [2009] Ministry of Communications, Science and Technology None BotswanaPost
Flag of Brazil.svg  Brazil [2009] Ministry of Communications None Empresa Brasileira de Correios e Telégrafos (ECT)
Flag of Brunei.svg  Brunei [2009] Ministry of Communications None Brunei Postal Services Department
Flag of Bulgaria.svg  Bulgaria [2009] State Agency for Information Technologies and Communications Communications Regulation Commission (CRC) Bulgarian Posts
Flag of Burkina Faso.svg  Burkina Faso [2009] Ministry of Posts, Information Technology and Communication NoneSociété nationale des postes (SONAPOST)
Flag of Myanmar.svg  Burma Myanma Posts and Telecommunications
Flag of Burundi.svg  Burundi [2009] Ministry of Transport, Posts and Telecommunications None Régie nationale des postes (R.N.P. – National Postal Authority)
Flag of Cambodia.svg  Cambodia [2009] Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (MPTC)NoneDirectorate of Posts (Cambodian Post)
Flag of Cameroon.svg  Cameroon [2009] Ministry of Posts and TelecommunicationsNoneCameroon Postal Services (CAMPOST)
Flag of Canada (Pantone).svg  Canada [2009] Minister responsible for Canada Post Corporation None Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Flag of Cape Verde.svg  Cape Verde [2009] Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport National Communications Agency (ANAC) Correios de Cabo Verde, SARL (CCV)
Flag of the Central African Republic.svg  Central African Republic [2009] Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications and New Technologies None National Posts and Savings Corporation (ONPE)
Flag of Chad.svg  Chad [2009] Ministry of posts and information and communication technologies None (the regulatory function is assigned to STPE) Chad Posts and Savings Company (STPE)
Flag of Chile.svg  Chile [2009] Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications, Under-Secretariat for TelecommunicationsNone Empresa de Correos de Chile
Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg  China [2009] Ministry of Transport State Post Bureau China Post Group
Hong Kong: Hongkong Post
Macao: Correios de Macau
Flag of Colombia.svg  Colombia [2009] Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications Regulatory Commission of Communications (CRC) and Superintendency of Industry and Commerce (SIC) [3] Servicios Postales Nacionales S.A. (4-72)
Flag of the Comoros.svg  Comoros Société Nationale des Postes et des Services Financiers [2]
Flag of the Republic of the Congo.svg  Republic of the Congo [2009] Ministry of Posts and TelecommunicationsDirectorate General of the Central Posts and Telecommunications Administration Congo Posts and Savings Company (SOPECO)
Flag of Costa Rica.svg  Costa Rica [2009] None Autoridad Reguladora de Servicios Públicos (ARESEP) Correos de Costa Rica SA
Flag of Croatia.svg  Croatia [2009] Ministry of the Sea, Tourism, Transport and Development Postal Services Council HP-Hrvatska pošta d.d
Flag of Cuba.svg  Cuba [2009] Ministry of Informatics and Communications None Empresa de Correos de Cuba
Flag of Curacao.svg  Curaçao [N 1] Cpost International
Flag of Cyprus.svg  Cyprus [2009] Ministry of Communications and Public Works Commissioner of Telecommunications and Postal Regulation Department of Postal Services
Flag of the Czech Republic.svg  Czech Republic [2009] Ministry of Industry and Trade Czech Telecommunications Office (CTO), Ministry of Finance Czech Post
Flag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.svg  Democratic Republic of the Congo [2009] Ministry of Posts, Telephones and Telecommunications Autorité de régulation des postes et télécommunications du Congo (ARPTC) Congolese Posts and Telecommunications Corporation (OCPT)
Flag of Denmark.svg  Denmark [2009] Ministry of Transport Faerdselsstyrelsen (Postal Supervisory Department) Post Denmark A/S
Other operators:
Bring Citymail
Flag of Djibouti.svg  Djibouti Djibouti Post [N 2]
Flag of Dominica.svg  Dominica Ministry of Public Works, Energy and Ports [4] General Post Office (GPO) [4] [N 2]
Flag of the Dominican Republic.svg  Dominican Republic [2009] Ministry of Public Works and Communications None Instituto Postal Dominicano (INPOSDOM) (Dominican Postal Institute)
Flag of East Timor.svg  East Timor
Flag of Ecuador.svg  Ecuador [2009] Correos del Ecuador, attached to the office of the Vice-President of the Republic of Ecuador Agencia Nacional Postal (National Postal Agency) Correos del Ecuador
Flag of Egypt.svg  Egypt [2009] Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies NoneNational Postal Authority (Egypt Post)
Flag of El Salvador.svg  El Salvador [2009] Ministry of Gobernacíon None General Postal Directorate
Flag of Equatorial Guinea.svg  Equatorial Guinea Ente autónomo de Guinea Ecuatorial de Correos y Telecomunicaciones (GECOTEL) [N 2]
Flag of Eritrea.svg  Eritrea [2009] Ministry of Transport and Communication Eritrean Communications Department Eritrean Postal Service (EPS)
Flag of Estonia.svg  Estonia [2009] Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications (MEAC) Estonian National Communications Board Estonian Post (Eesti Post)
Flag of Eswatini.svg  Eswatini Eswatini Posts and Telecommunications
Flag of Ethiopia.svg  Ethiopia [2009] Ministry of Transport and Communications None Ethiopian Postal Service
Flag of Fiji.svg  Fiji Post Fiji [2]
Flag of Finland.svg  Finland [2009] Ministry of Transport and Communications Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority (FICORA)
Åland: Åland Government/Unit of Administration
Posti Group Corporation
Åland: Åland Post
Flag of France.svg  France [2009] Minister for the Economy, Industry and Employment Electronic Communications and Postal Regulation Authority (ARCEP) La Poste
Flag of Gabon.svg  Gabon [2009] Ministry of Communication, Post, Telecommunications and New Information Technologies Postal Regulatory Agency La Poste S.A
Flag of The Gambia.svg  Gambia [2009] Ministry of Communication, Information and Technology None Gambia Postal Services Corporation
Flag of Georgia.svg  Georgia Georgian Post [2]
Flag of Germany.svg  Germany [2009] Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology Federal Network Agency (Regulatory Authority for Telecommunications and Post)Several operators, due to competition. Deutsche Post AG has the largest market share. [5]
Flag of Ghana.svg  Ghana [2009] Ministry of Communications Postal and Courier Services Regulatory Commission Ghana Post Company Limited
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg  Great Britain [2009] Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Postal Services Commission (Postcomm)
British Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies have separate operators and regulatory arrangements.
Royal Mail Group Plc.
Other operators: British Forces Post Office
55 other licensed operators as of 2011 [6]
British Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies

British Forces Post Office provides military mail service for UK service members internationally, including to Akrotiri and Dhekelia and other jurisdictions listed above which also have public civilian delivery. [26]

Flag of Greece.svg  Greece [2009] Ministry of Transport and Communications EETT (National Telecommunications and Post Commission) Hellenic Post S.A. (ELTA S.A.)
Flag of Grenada.svg  Grenada Grenada Postal Corporation [2]
Flag of Guatemala.svg  Guatemala El Correo (Correo de Guatemala S.A.) [2]
Flag of Guinea.svg  Guinea [2009] Ministry of Communication and New Information Technologies (MCNTI) Posts and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (ARPT) Office de la poste guinéenne (OPG) (Guinean Post Office)
Flag of Guinea-Bissau.svg  Guinea-Bissau Correios da Guiné-Bissau
Flag of Guyana.svg  Guyana Guyana Post Office Corporation
Flag of Haiti.svg  Haiti Office des Postes d'Haiti
Flag of Honduras (2008 Olympics).svg  Honduras Honducor
Flag of Hungary.svg  Hungary Magyar Posta
Flag of Iceland.svg  Iceland [27] Ministry of the Interior Post and Telecom Administration Íslandspóstur
Flag of India.svg  India [28] Ministry of Communications and Information Technology Department of Posts India Post
Flag of Indonesia.svg  Indonesia Ministry of Communication and Information Technology Pos Indonesia
Flag of Iran.svg  Iran IRI Post
Flag of Iraq.svg  Iraq Iraqi Telecommunications and Post Company
Flag of Ireland.svg  Ireland Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport Commission for Communications Regulation An Post
Flag of Israel.svg  Israel Israel Post
Flag of Italy.svg  Italy Ministry of Economic Development Agenzia nazionale di regolamentazione del settore postale Poste italiane
Flag of Cote d'Ivoire.svg  Ivory Coast [2009] Ministry of New Information Technology and Telecommunications None La Poste
Flag of Jamaica.svg  Jamaica Postal Corporation of Jamaica
Flag of Japan.svg  Japan Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Postal Services Policy Department (Subdivision of Information and Communications Bureau) Japan Post Holdings
Flag of Jordan.svg  Jordan Jordan Post Company
Flag of Kazakhstan.svg  Kazakhstan Ministry of Investment and Development Committee for Communication, Informatisation and Information Kazpost
Flag of Kenya.svg  Kenya Ministry of Information and Communications TechnologyCommunications Authority of Kenya Postal Corporation of Kenya
Flag of Kiribati.svg  Kiribati Kiribati Public Service Public
Flag of Kuwait.svg  Kuwait Ministry of Communications (Kuwait)
Flag of Kyrgyzstan.svg  Kyrgyzstan Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan State Communication Agency Kyrgyz Express Post
"Kyrgyz Pochtasy" SE
Flag of Laos.svg  Laos
Flag of Latvia.svg  Latvia Latvijas Pasts
Flag of Lebanon.svg  Lebanon LibanPost
Flag of Lesotho.svg  Lesotho Lesotho Post
Flag of Liberia.svg  Liberia Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (Liberia)
Flag of Libya.svg  Libya General Posts and Telecommunications Company
Flag of Liechtenstein.svg  Liechtenstein Liechtensteinische Post
Flag of Lithuania.svg  Lithuania Lietuvos paštas
Flag of Luxembourg.svg  Luxembourg Post Luxembourg
Flag of North Macedonia.svg  Macedonia Makedonska Pošta
Flag of Madagascar.svg  Madagascar Paositra Malagasy
Flag of Malawi.svg  Malawi Malawi Posts Corporation
Flag of Malaysia.svg  Malaysia Ministry of Telecommunications and Multimedia Malaysia Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission Pos Malaysia
Flag of Maldives.svg  Maldives Maldives Post
Flag of Mali.svg  Mali Office national des postes du Mali
Flag of Malta.svg  Malta Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Communications Malta Communications Authority MaltaPost
Flag of Mauritania.svg  Mauritania La Société Mauritanienne des Postes
Flag of Mauritius.svg  Mauritius Mauritius Post
Flag of Mexico.svg  Mexico Secretaría de Comunicaciones y Transportes Correos de México
Flag of Moldova.svg  Moldova [2009] Ministry of Information Development Posta Moldovei
Flag of Monaco.svg  Monaco La Poste Monaco
Flag of Mongolia.svg  Mongolia Mongol Post
Flag of Montenegro.svg  Montenegro Pošta Crne Gore
Flag of Morocco.svg  Morocco Poste Maroc
Flag of Mozambique.svg  Mozambique Correios de Moçambique
Flag of Namibia.svg  Namibia NamPost
Flag of Nauru.svg  Nauru Nauru General Post Office - Departament of Chief Secretary
Flag of Nepal.svg    Nepal Nepal Post
Flag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs OPTA/Authority for Consumers & Markets (ACM) PostNL
Flag of the Netherlands.svg  Caribbean Netherlands [N 1] FXDC Post
Flag of New Zealand.svg  New Zealand [N 3] New Zealand Post
Flag of Nicaragua.svg  Nicaragua Correos de Nicaragua
Flag of Niger.svg  Niger Niger Poste
Flag of Nigeria.svg  Nigeria Nigerian Postal Service
Flag of North Korea.svg  North Korea Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications [29] Korea Post and Telecommunications Corporation (KPTC) [N 2]
Flag of Norway.svg  Norway Posten
Flag of Oman.svg  Oman Oman Post
Flag of Pakistan.svg  Pakistan Pakistan Post
Flag of Panama.svg  Panama Correos de Panamá
Flag of Papua New Guinea.svg  Papua New Guinea Post PNG
Flag of Paraguay.svg  Paraguay Correo Nacional Paraguayo
Flag of Peru.svg  Peru Serpost
Flag of the Philippines.svg  Philippines [2009] Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost)
Flag of Poland.svg  Poland Ministry of Infrastructure (Poland)

Departament Poczty (DPO)

Office of Electronic Communications Poczta Polska
Flag of Portugal.svg  Portugal [2009] ANACOM CTT Correios de Portugal, S.A.
Flag of Qatar.svg  Qatar Qatar Post
Flag of Romania.svg  Romania [2009] Ministry of Communications and Information Society National Regulatory Authority for Communications (Authoritatea Nationala de Reglementare în Comunicatii) - ANCOM Poșta Română
Flag of Russia.svg  Russia Russian Post
Flag of Rwanda.svg  Rwanda National Post Office
Flag of St Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla.svg  Saint Christopher-Nevis-Anguilla St. Kitts & Nevis Postal Services
Flag of Saint Lucia.svg  Saint Lucia Saint Lucia Postal Service
Flag of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.svg  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines SVG Postal Corporation
Flag of Samoa.svg  Samoa Samoa Post
Flag of San Marino.svg  San Marino Poste sammarinesi
Flag of Sao Tome and Principe.svg  Sao Tome and Principe Correios de São Tomé e Príncipe
Flag of Saudi Arabia.svg  Saudi Arabia Saudi Post
Flag of Senegal.svg  Senegal La Poste Senegal
Flag of Serbia.svg  Serbia Ministry of Foreign and Internal Trade and TelecommunicationsRepublic agency for Postal Services (RAPUS) Pošta Srbije
Flag of the Seychelles.svg  Seychelles Seychelles Postal Service
Flag of Sierra Leone.svg  Sierra Leone SALPOST
Flag of Singapore.svg  Singapore Singapore Post
Flag of Sint Maarten.svg  Sint Maarten [N 1] Postal Services St. Maarten
Flag of Slovakia.svg  Slovakia Slovenská pošta
Flag of Slovenia.svg  Slovenia Pošta Slovenije
Flag of the Solomon Islands.svg  Solomon Islands Solomon Post
Flag of Somalia.svg  Somalia [30] Minister of Information, Posts and Telecommunications Somali Postal Service
Flag of South Africa.svg  South Africa South African Post Office
Flag of South Korea.svg  South Korea Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning Korea Post
Flag of South Sudan.svg  South Sudan Minister of Telecommunication and Postal Services (South Sudan)
Flag of Spain.svg  Spain Correos
Flag of Sri Lanka.svg  Sri Lanka Ministry of Posts, Postal Services & Muslim Religious Affairs Department of Post Sri Lanka Post
Flag of Sudan.svg  Sudan
Flag of Suriname.svg  Suriname Surpost
Flag of Sweden.svg  Sweden Ministry of Enterprise Swedish Post and Telecom Authority PostNord Sverige
Other operators:
Over 30 other licensed operators as of 2014 [31]
Flag of Switzerland.svg   Switzerland Swiss Post
Flag of Syria.svg  Syria Syrian Post
Flag of Tajikistan.svg  Tajikistan
Flag of Tanzania.svg  Tanzania Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority Tanzania Posts Corporation
Flag of Thailand.svg  Thailand Ministry of Transport None Thailand Post
Flag of Togo.svg  Togo La Poste du Togo
Flag of Tonga.svg  Tonga [N 4] Tonga Post
Flag of Trinidad and Tobago.svg  Trinidad and Tobago TTPost
Flag of Tunisia.svg  Tunisia La Poste Tunisienne
Flag of Turkey.svg  Turkey PTT (Turkey)
Flag of Turkmenistan.svg  Turkmenistan Turkmenpochta
Flag of Tuvalu.svg  Tuvalu
Flag of Uganda.svg  Uganda Uganda Communications Commission Posta Uganda
Flag of Ukraine.svg  Ukraine Ukrposhta
Flag of the United Arab Emirates.svg  United Arab Emirates Empost
Flag of the United States.svg  United States United States Postal Service [N 5] Postal Regulatory Commission United States Postal Service
Flag of Uruguay.svg  Uruguay Unidad Reguladora de Servicios de Comunicaciones Correo Uruguayo
Flag of Uzbekistan.svg  Uzbekistan O′zbekiston Pochtasi
Flag of Vanuatu.svg  Vanuatu Vanuatu Post
Flag of the Vatican City.svg   Vatican City Poste Vaticane
Flag of Venezuela.svg  Venezuela IPOSTEL
Flag of Vietnam.svg  Vietnam Vietnam Post Corporation
Flag of Yemen.svg  Yemen Yemen Post
Flag of Zambia.svg  Zambia ZamPost
Flag of Zimbabwe.svg  Zimbabwe ZimPost
  1. 1 2 3 4 now called Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten
  2. 1 2 3 4 5 Presumably the country's principal or only postal operator; not listed as designated postal operator on the UPU website.
  3. including the Ross Dependency
  4. including Niuafo'ou
  5. The United States Postal Service is a government-owned corporation; its board members are appointed by the President with the advice and consent of the Senate.

Countries or territories that are not members of the UPU

Country or territoryGovernmental authorityRegulatory authorityOperator(s)
Flag of Kosovo.svg  Kosovo Post and Telecom of Kosovo
Flag of Palestine.svg  Palestinian territories West Bank (PNA): Palestinian Ministry of Telecom & IT
Gaza Strip (Hamas): Ministry of Telecom and Information Technology
West Bank: Palestine Post
Flag of the Republic of China.svg  Taiwan Ministry of Transportation and Communications None Chunghwa Post

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