Trunojoyo Airport

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Trunojoyo Airport

Bandar Udara Trunojoyo
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Airport typePublic
Operator Government of Sumenep Regency
Serves Sumenep Regency, Madura Island, East Java, Indonesia
Elevation  AMSL 3.05 m / 10 ft
Coordinates 07°01′27.3″S113°53′24.74″E / 7.024250°S 113.8902056°E / -7.024250; 113.8902056 [1]
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Location of the Airport in Java
Direction LengthSurface
12/301,6005,249 Asphalt

Trunojoyo Airport (Indonesian : Bandara Trunojoyo) ( IATA : SUP, ICAO : WART), is an airport near Sumenep, a city in the Madura Island of East Java, Indonesia. It is named after the Madurese nobleman Trunajaya, who led a rebellion in the 17th century against Maturamish and Dutch forces.


Airlines and destinations

Wings Air Surabaya [2]

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Sumenep Regency Regency in East Java, Indonesia

Sumenep Regency is a regency of the East Java province, Indonesia. It has an area of 2,093.59 km² and a population of 1,042,312 inhabitants according to the 2010 Census ; the 2020 Census resulted in a total of 1,124,436. The regency occupies the eastern end of Madura island and also includes numerous islands to the east, the north, and the south of Madura. It is bordered by the Pamekasan Regency to the west, Madura Strait to the south, and the Java Sea to the north and east. Its administrative capital is Sumenep. The airport nearby is Trunojoyo Airport with flights to Surabaya.

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PT ASI Pudjiastuti Aviation, operating as Susi Air, is a scheduled and charter airline based in Pangandaran, West Java, Indonesia. Sixty percent of the airline's operation serves commercial regular routes and pioneer routes while the rest is charter flights. The company currently operates from several main bases across the Indonesian archipelago. Susi Air is listed in category 2 by Indonesian Civil Aviation Authority for airline safety quality.

Trunojoyo University

Trunojoyo University (Unijoyo) is a public university in the Bangkalan Regency, in East Java province, Indonesia. Unijoyo was redesignated as a public university under the Presidential Decree dated July 5, 2001. The college was inaugurated on 23 July 2001 by President Abdurrahman Wahid.

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Perssu 1977 Sumenep Indonesian football club

Persatuan Sepakbola Sumenep 1977 or Perssu, commonly known as Perssu 1977 is an Indonesian football club based in Sumenep Regency, East Java. The club plays in the Liga 3.

Trunajaya (Madurese) or Tronajâyâ, also known as Panembahan Maduretno, was a prince and warlord from Arosbaya, Bangkalan, Madura, known for leading a rebellion against the rulers of the Mataram Sultanate on the island of Java.

Great Mosque of Sumenep Mosque in Indonesia

The Great Mosque of Sumenep is an 18th-century mosque in Sumenep, Madura. Standing on the alun-alun of Sumenep, it is the largest mosque in Madura Island and a noted landmark of Madura.

Madura F.C. Indonesian football club

Madura Football Club is an Indonesia football club based in Sumenep, East Java. After relegation, the club will compete in Liga 3 in 2020. Madura FC plays their home matches in the Ahmad Yani Stadium. Their nickname is Laskar Jokotole and Sapi Madura.

Masalembu is an island located in the Java Sea and is the largest island in the Masalembu Islands. It is administered by the Masalembu District of the Sumenep Regency which is centered on the island of Madura and is made up of two administrative villages of Sukajeruk and Massalima.

Dimonim Air is a national airline in Indonesia, with services that are "chartered airlines." It has an air base at Sentani International Airport, and its head office is on Jl. Cidurian No.6 Cikini, Central Jakarta.

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