Tjilik Riwut Airport

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Tjilik Riwut Airport

Bandar Udara Tjilik Riwut
Airport typePublic
Owner Government of Indonesia
Operator Angkasa Pura II
Serves Palangkaraya
Location Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia
Time zone WIB (UTC+07:00)
Elevation  AMSL 82 ft / 25 m
Coordinates 02°13′30″S113°56′33″E / 2.22500°S 113.94250°E / -2.22500; 113.94250
Indonesia Central Kalimantan location map.svg
Airplane silhouette.svg
Location of airport in Central Kalimantan / Indonesia
Indonesia Kalimantan location map.svg
Airplane silhouette.svg
PKY (Kalimantan)
Indonesia location map.svg
Airplane silhouette.svg
PKY (Indonesia)
Direction LengthSurface
16/342,6008,530 Asphalt
Source: DAFIF [1] [2]

Tjilik Riwut Airport( IATA : PKY, ICAO : WAGG), formerly Panarung Airport, is an airport in Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. This airport is named after Tjilik Riwut (1918–1987), [3] the second Governor of Central Kalimantan. The airport served about 1 million passengers in 2018. [4]



Tjilik Riwut Airport formerly Panarung Airport, opened on 1 May 1958 the inauguration was carried out by the governor of Central Kalimantan, Tjilik Riwut. At that time it can be used and landed by a Twin Otter aircraft (from the Indonesian Air Force).

On 24 September 1973 Panarung Airport by the Regional Government of Central Kalimantan was handed over to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation at the Department Transportation of Indonesia. Since then the responsibility of the Central Kalimantan Regional Government has shifted completely to the central government, as a follow-up to the handover by the Minister of Transportation Emil Salim declared Panarung Palangka Raya Airport as a domestic airport using a Fokker 27 aircraft.   Panarung Airport becomes Tjilik Riwut Airport Coinciding with the commemoration of National Heroes' Day on 10 November 1988 the name of Tjilik Riwut (former Governor of Central Kalimantan), enshrined for the airport name (previously named Panarung Airport). The name change to Tjilik Riwut Airport and the signing of the inscription was carried out by the Minister of Transportation Republic of Indonesia Ir. Azwar Anas. The name change is in accordance with the proposal of the Governor of Central Kalimantan, and recommendations / responses of Minister of the Interior. The prescription of the name is because Tjilik Riwut is a National Hero (Dekrit Presiden Republik Indonesia tanggal 6 November 1988, No.108 / TK / 1988).

On 28 March 2019 the airport's new terminal began operations, all flight activities at the airport's old terminal were moved to the new airport terminal.

Then on 8 April 2019 the new terminal of Tjilik Riwut Airport was inaugurated by President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo.

Terminal facilities

The capacity of the airport has increased after the new terminal was officially inaugurated on 28 March 2019. The total terminal capacity at that time was 15,000 square meters, able to serve 1,000 passengers daily. The terminal was extended further with an area of 29,124 square meters; the double level terminal can now serve 2,200 passengers daily. [5]

There are a few shops and restaurants in the terminal to serve the passengers. The airport has its own taxi service for arrival passengers; alternative local taxi and transport companies such as Grab, GoJek and small local buses (angkot) are not permitted to collect passengers from the airport.

Airlines and destinations


Batik Air Jakarta–Soekarno-Hatta
Citilink Jakarta–Soekarno-Hatta, Surabaya
Garuda Indonesia Jakarta–Soekarno-Hatta
Lion Air Jakarta–Soekarno-Hatta, Surabaya
Susi Air Muara Teweh, Pangkalan Bun
Wings Air Balikpapan

Accidents and incidents

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