Index of World War II articles (B)

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  1. B-17 Flying Fortress
  2. B-17, Queen of the Skies
  3. B-24 Liberator
  4. B-29 Superfortress
  5. B-Reactor
  6. Błyskawica radiostation
  7. Błyskawica submachine gun
  8. Børge Mathiesen
  9. BA-10
  10. BA-11
  11. BA-20
  12. BA-21
  13. BA-27
  14. BA-3
  15. BA-30
  16. BA-6
  17. BA-64
  18. BA-I armoured car
  19. Babi Yar: A Document in the Form of a Novel
  20. Babi Yar
  21. Baldur von Schirach
  22. Bali Holocaust Conference
  23. Balkan ethnic conflict in the 1940s
  24. Balkans Campaign German order of battle
  25. Balkans Campaign
  26. Baltic Sea Campaigns (1939-1945)
  27. Banat (1941–1944)
  28. Band of Brothers (TV miniseries)
  29. Banjica concentration camp
  30. Banka Island massacre
  31. Bardufoss concentration camp
  32. Barefoot Gen
  33. Baron Blitzkrieg
  34. Battery Lothringen
  35. Battery Moltke
  36. Battle at Borodino Field
  37. Battle between HMAS Sydney and German auxiliary cruiser Kormoran
  38. Battle for Australia
  39. Battle for Brest
  40. Battle for Caen
  41. Battle for Czech Radio
  42. Battle for Germany
  43. Battle for Henderson Field
  44. Battle for Kharkov
  45. Battle for Soviet Ukraine
  46. Battle for The Hague
  47. Battle for Velikiye Luki (1943)
  48. Battle of Łódź (1939)
  49. Battle of Åndalsnes
  50. Battle of Aachen
  51. Battle of Alam el Halfa
  52. Battle of Ambon
  53. Battle of Angaur
  54. Battle of Anzio
  55. Battle of Arawe
  56. Battle of Arracourt
  57. Battle of Arras (1940)
  58. Battle of Badung Strait
  59. Battle of Balikpapan (1942)
  60. Battle of Balikpapan (1945)
  61. Battle of Bamianshan
  62. Battle of Baoying
  63. Battle of Barking Creek
  64. Battle of Bataan (1945)
  65. Battle of Bataan
  66. Battle of Bautzen (1945)
  67. Battle of Beiping-Tianjin
  68. Battle of Beirut (1941)
  69. Battle of Belgorod
  70. Battle of Berlin (air)
  71. Battle of Białystok-Minsk
  72. Battle of Biak
  73. Battle of Bir Hakeim
  74. Battle of Blackett Strait
  75. Battle of Bloody Gulch
  76. Battle of Borneo (1941–42)
  77. Battle of Borowa Góra
  78. Battle of Brisbane
  79. Battle of Britain (film)
  80. Battle of Britain Aircraft
  81. Battle of Britain Airfields
  82. Battle of Britain II: Wings of Victory
  83. Battle of Britain Memorial Flight
  84. Battle of Britain Memorial, Capel-le-Ferne
  85. Battle of Britain Monument in London
  86. Battle of Britain RAF squadrons
  87. Battle of Britain
  88. Battle of Brody (1941)
  89. Battle of Broekhuizen
  90. Battle of Bryansk (1941)
  91. Battle of Brześć Litewski
  92. Battle of Budapest
  93. Battle of Bukit Timah
  94. Battle of Buna-Gona
  95. Battle of Calabria
  96. Battle of Cape Bon (1941)
  97. Battle of Cape Esperance
  98. Battle of Cape Gloucester
  99. Battle of Cape Matapan
  100. Battle of Cape Passero (1940)
  101. Battle of Cape Spada
  102. Battle of Cape Spartivento
  103. Battle of Cape St. George
  104. Battle of Carentan
  105. Battle of Central Henan
  106. Battle of Changde
  107. Battle of Changsha (1939)
  108. Battle of Changsha (1941)
  109. Battle of Changsha (1942)
  110. Battle of Changsha (1944)
  111. Battle of Cherbourg
  112. Battle of Chojnice (1939)
  113. Battle of Christmas Island
  114. Battle of Cisterna
  115. Battle of Cocos
  116. Battle of Corregidor (1945)
  117. Battle of Corregidor
  118. Battle of Crete
  119. Battle of Crucifix Hill
  120. Battle of Dachen Archipelago
  121. Battle of Dakar
  122. Battle of Dalushan Islands
  123. Battle of Damascus (1941)
  124. Battle of Damour
  125. Battle of Dazhongji
  126. Battle of Debrecen
  127. Battle of Deir ez-Zor
  128. Battle of Demyansk (1943)
  129. Battle of Dengbu Island
  130. Battle of Dombås
  131. Battle of Dong-Yin
  132. Battle of Dongshan Island
  133. Battle of Drøbak Sound
  134. Battle of Dražgoše
  135. Battle of the Transdanubian Hills
  136. Battle of Driniumor River
  137. Battle of Dunkirk
  138. Battle of Dutch Harbor
  139. Battle of Edson's Ridge
  140. Battle of El Guettar
  141. Battle of Elsenborn Ridge
  142. Battle of Empress Augusta Bay
  143. Battle of Eniwetok
  144. Battle of Flers-Courcelette
  145. Battle of Fort Eben-Emael
  146. Battle of France
  147. Battle of Gabon
  148. Battle of Gallipoli
  149. Battle of Gazala
  150. Battle of Gdańsk Bay
  151. Battle of Gdynia
  152. Battle of Gemmano
  153. Battle of Gondar
  154. Battle of Gratangen
  155. Battle of Greece
  156. Battle of Grodno (1939)
  157. Battle of Groningen
  158. Battle of Grudziądz
  159. Battle of Guadalcanal order of battle
  160. Battle of Guam (1941)
  161. Battle of Guam (1944)
  162. Battle of Guanzhong (1946–1947)
  163. Battle of Guilin-Liuzhou
  164. Battle of Halbe
  165. Battle of Hannut
  166. Battle of Hayes Pond
  167. Battle of Hegra Fortress
  168. Battle of Hel
  169. Battle of Hill 70
  170. Battle of Hong Kong
  171. Battle of Honkaniemi
  172. Battle of Houmajia
  173. Battle of Huaiyin-Huai'an
  174. Battle of Hurtgen Forest
  175. Battle of Ilomantsi
  176. Battle of Imphal
  177. Battle of Iwo Jima
  178. Battle of Jarosław
  179. Battle of Java (1942)
  180. Battle of Jezzine (1941)
  181. Battle of Jianmenguan
  182. Battle of Jinzhou
  183. Battle of Jitra
  184. Battle of Jiulianshan
  185. Battle of Jordanów
  186. Battle of Kępa Oksywska
  187. Battle of Königsberg
  188. Battle of Kałuszyn
  189. Battle of Kaiapit
  190. Battle of Kampar
  191. Battle of Kampinos Forest
  192. Battle of Kelja
  193. Battle of Keren
  194. Battle of Khalkhin Gol
  195. Battle of Kissoué
  196. Battle of Kobryń
  197. Battle of Kock (1939)
  198. Battle of Kohima
  199. Battle of Kolberg (1945)
  200. Battle of Kollaa
  201. Battle of Kolombangara
  202. Battle of Koromokina Lagoon
  203. Battle of Kos
  204. Battle of Kozara
  205. Battle of Kranji
  206. Battle of Krasnobród
  207. Battle of Krasny Bor
  208. Battle of Kufra (1941)
  209. Battle of Kula Gulf
  210. Battle of Kuningtou
  211. Battle of Kunlun Pass
  212. Battle of Kursk order of battle
  213. Battle of Kwajalein
  214. Battle of Lanfeng
  215. Battle of Lanzerath ridge
  216. Battle of Lasy Królewskie
  217. Battle of Le Transloy
  218. Battle of Lenino
  219. Battle of Leros
  220. Battle of Leyte Gulf
  221. Battle of Leyte
  222. Battle of Lingbi
  223. Battle of Lone Tree Hill (1944)
  224. Battle of Los Angeles
  225. Battle of Luzon
  226. Battle of Lwów (1939)
  227. Battle of Mława
  228. Battle of Maastricht
  229. Battle of Madagascar
  230. Battle of Mairy
  231. Battle of Makassar Strait
  232. Battle of Makin
  233. Battle of Malaya
  234. Battle of Manado
  235. Battle of Manila (1945)
  236. Battle of Manners Street
  237. Battle of Marseille
  238. Battle of Meiktila and Mandalay
  239. Battle of Memel
  240. Battle of Merdjayoun
  241. Battle of Midtskogen
  242. Battle of Midway
  243. Battle of Mikołów
  244. Battle of Milne Bay
  245. Battle of Mindanao
  246. Battle of Mindoro
  247. Battle of Modlin
  248. Battle of Moerbrugge
  249. Battle of Mokra
  250. Battle of Mont Sorrel
  251. Battle of Monte Cassino
  252. Battle of Monte Castello
  253. Battle of Morotai
  254. Battle of Mount Austen, the Galloping Horse, and the Sea Horse
  255. Battle of Muar
  256. Battle of Mura
  257. Battle of Murowana Oszmianka
  258. Battle of Nan'ao Island
  259. Battle of Nanchang
  260. Battle of Nancy (1944)
  261. Battle of Nanking
  262. Battle of Nanpēng Archipelago
  263. Battle of Nanpéng Island
  264. Battle of Nanri Island
  265. Battle of Narva - Battle for the Narva Bridgehead (1944)
  266. Battle of Narva - Battle of the Tannenberg Line (1944)
  267. Battle of Narva (1944)
  268. Battle of Neretva
  269. Battle of New Georgia
  270. Battle of Niangziguan
  271. Battle of Nietjärvi
  272. Battle of Nikolayevka
  273. Battle of Noemfoor
  274. Battle of North Borneo
  275. Battle of North Cape
  276. Battle of Northern and Eastern Henan
  277. Battle of Northern Burma and Western Yunnan
  278. Battle of Okinawa
  279. Battle of Oktwin
  280. Battle of Ormoc Bay
  281. Battle of Ortona
  282. Battle of Osuchy
  283. Battle of Overloon
  284. Battle of Pęcice
  285. Battle of Palembang
  286. Battle of Palmyra
  287. Battle of Pasir Panjang
  288. Battle of Peleliu
  289. Battle of Petsamo (1939)
  290. Battle of Phoenix Peak
  291. Battle of Pindus
  292. Battle of Pingxingguan
  293. Battle of Piva Forks
  294. Battle of Pokoku and Irrawaddy River operations
  295. Battle of Poljana
  296. Battle of Porkuni
  297. Battle of Poznań (1945)
  298. Battle of Prachuab Khirikhan
  299. Battle of Prokhorovka
  300. Battle of Przemyśl (1939)
  301. Battle of Pszczyna
  302. Battle of Różan
  303. Battle of Raate road
  304. Battle of Rabaul (1942)
  305. Battle of Radom
  306. Battle of Radzymin (1944)
  307. Battle of Ramree Island
  308. Battle of Raseiniai
  309. Battle of Rehe
  310. Battle of Remagen
  311. Battle of Rennell Island
  312. Battle of Rovaniemi
  313. Battle of Rugao-Huangqiao
  314. Battle of Rugao
  315. Battle of Saipan order of battle
  316. Battle of Saipan
  317. Battle of Salla (1939)
  318. Battle of San Pietro Infine
  319. Battle of Saranda
  320. Battle of Saumur (1940)
  321. Battle of Savo Island
  322. Battle of Shangcai
  323. Battle of Shanggao
  324. Battle of Shanghai
  325. Battle of Shaobo
  326. Battle of Shicun
  327. Battle of Sidi Bou Zid
  328. Battle of Singapore
  329. Battle of Siping
  330. Battle of Skerki Bank
  331. Battle of Slater's Knoll
  332. Battle of Slim River
  333. Battle of South Guangxi
  334. Battle of South Henan
  335. Battle of South Shanxi
  336. Battle of Stalingrad in the media
  337. Battle of Stalingrad
  338. Battle of Studzianki
  339. Battle of Suixian-Zaoyang
  340. Battle of Sunda Strait
  341. Battle of Suomussalmi
  342. Battle of Sutjeska
  343. Battle of Szack
  344. Battle of Tachiao
  345. Battle of Taierzhuang
  346. Battle of Taiyuan
  347. Battle of Tali-Ihantala
  348. Battle of Tangtou-Guocun
  349. Battle of Tarakan (1942)
  350. Battle of Tarakan (1945)
  351. Battle of Taranto
  352. Battle of Tarawa
  353. Battle of Tashan
  354. Battle of Tassafaronga
  355. Battle of Tehumardi
  356. Battle of the Admin Box
  357. Battle of the Afsluitdijk
  358. Battle of the Ancre Heights
  359. Battle of the Argenta Gap
  360. Battle of the Atlantic
  361. Battle of the Barents Sea
  362. Battle of the Bay of Viipuri
  363. Battle of the Beams
  364. Battle of the Bismarck Sea
  365. Battle of the Border
  366. Battle of the Bulge (1991 game)
  367. Battle of the Bulge (film)
  368. Battle of the Bulge order of battle
  369. Battle of the Bulge
  370. Battle of the Bzura
  371. Battle of the Caribbean
  372. Battle of the Caucasus
  373. Battle of the Cigno Convoy
  374. Battle of the Coral Sea
  375. Battle of the Denmark Strait
  376. Battle of the Duisburg Convoy
  377. Battle of the Dukla Pass
  378. Battle of the Eastern Solomons
  379. Battle of the Espero Convoy
  380. Battle of the Green Islands
  381. Battle of the Java Sea
  382. Battle of the Kasserine Pass
  383. Battle of the Kerch Peninsula
  384. Battle of the Komandorski Islands
  385. Battle of the Kuril Islands
  386. Battle of the Last Panzer
  387. Battle of the Litani River
  388. Battle of the Malacca Strait
  389. Battle of the Mediterranean
  390. Battle of the Netherlands
  391. Battle of the Oder-Neisse
  392. Battle of the Philippine Sea
  393. Battle of the Philippines (1941–42)
  394. Battle of the pips
  395. Battle of the Reichswald
  396. Battle of the River Plate
  397. Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands
  398. Battle of the Scheldt
  399. Battle of the Seelow Heights
  400. Battle of the St. Lawrence
  401. Battle of the Tarigo Convoy
  402. Battle of the Tenaru
  403. Battle of the Tennis Court
  404. Battle of the Treasury Islands
  405. Battle of the Visayas
  406. Battle of Thermopylae (1941)
  407. Battle of Tianmen
  408. Battle of Tianquan
  409. Battle of Tienhaara
  410. Battle of Timor
  411. Battle of Tinian
  412. Battle of Tokyo Bay
  413. Battle of Tolvajärvi
  414. Battle of Tomaszów Lubelski
  415. Battle of Tomaszów Mazowiecki
  416. Battle of Tornio
  417. Battle of Toungoo
  418. Battle of Troina
  419. Battle of Tuchola Forest
  420. Battle of Tulagi and Gavutu-Tanambogo
  421. Battle of Târgul Frumos
  422. Battle of Uman
  423. Battle of Vella Gulf
  424. Battle of Verrières Ridge
  425. Battle of Vevi (1941)
  426. Battle of Villers-Bocage
  427. Battle of Vimy Ridge
  428. Battle of Vinjesvingen
  429. Battle of Voronezh (1942)
  430. Battle of Voronezh (1943)
  431. Battle of Vuosalmi
  432. Battle of Węgierska Górka
  433. Battle of Wólka Węglowa
  434. Battle of Wake Island
  435. Battle of Walcheren Causeway
  436. Battle of Wanjialing
  437. Battle of Wau
  438. Battle of West Henan-North Hubei
  439. Battle of West Hubei
  440. Battle of West Hunan
  441. Battle of West Suiyuan
  442. Battle of West Ukraine (1944)
  443. Battle of Westerplatte
  444. Battle of Wilno (1939)
  445. Battle of Wizna
  446. Battle of Wola Cyrusowa
  447. Battle of Wuhan
  448. Battle of Wuhe
  449. Battle of Wuyuan
  450. Battle of Wytyczno
  451. Battle of Xiangshuikou
  452. Battle of Xinkou
  453. Battle of Xiushui River
  454. Battle of Xuzhou
  455. Battle of Yenangyaung
  456. Battle of Yijiangshan Islands
  457. Battle of Yinji
  458. Battle of Yiwu
  459. Battle of Yongjiazhen
  460. Battle of Yunnan-Burma Road
  461. Battle of Zaoyang-Yichang
  462. Battle of Zeeland
  463. Battle off Horaniu
  464. Battle off Samar
  465. Battle on Lijevča field
  466. Battlefield (documentary series)
  467. Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons Of WWII
  468. Battlefield 1942
  469. Battleground (film)
  470. Battlehawks 1942
  471. Battles and operations of the Indian National Army
  472. Battles of Arkan
  473. Battles of Narvik
  474. Battles of Rzhev
  475. Battles of the Imperial Japanese Navy
  476. Batu Lintang camp
  477. Bazooka
  478. BBC History of World War II
  479. BBC People's War
  480. Beer Hall Putsch
  481. Begleitkommando-SS
  482. Behind Enemy Lines (book)
  483. Belfast Blitz
  484. Belgian armoured fighting vehicles of World War II
  485. Belgian Congo in World War II
  486. Belgian Holocaust denial law
  487. Belgian National Movement
  488. Belgian government in exile
  489. Belgian Resistance
  490. Belgium in World War II
  491. Belorussian Front
  492. Belsen Trial
  493. Belsen Was a Gas
  494. Belzec extermination camp
  495. Benito Mussolini
  496. Berg concentration camp
  497. Bergen-Belsen concentration camp
  498. Bergen-Belsen displaced persons camp
  499. Berghof (Hitler)
  500. Berlin (comics)
  501. Berlin 1939-1945 Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cemetery
  502. Berlin Air Safety Center
  503. Berlin Embassy (book)
  504. Berlin Declaration (1945)
  505. Berlin: The Downfall 1945
  506. Bernard Montgomery, 1st Viscount Montgomery of Alamein
  507. Berthold Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg
  508. Beyond Castle Wolfenstein
  509. Białystok Ghetto Uprising
  510. Białystok Ghetto
  511. Big Stink (B-29)
  512. Birth of the B-29
  513. Biscari massacre
  514. Bismarck-classbattleship
  515. Black Book (film)
  516. Black Book (World War II)
  517. Black Brigades
  518. Black Fox: The Rise and Fall of Adolf Hitler
  519. Black Friday (1945)
  520. Black May (1943)
  521. Black Rain (Japanese film)
  522. Black Rain (novel)
  523. Black Rain
  524. Black Sea Campaigns (1941-44)
  525. Black Sun: The Nanking Massacre
  526. Black triangle (badge)
  527. Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions of WWII
  528. Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII
  529. Bleiburg repatriations
  530. Blitzkrieg (video game)
  531. Blitzkrieg 2
  532. Blitzkrieg
  533. Blockleiter
  534. Blood and soil
  535. Blood, toil, tears, and sweat
  536. Bloody Sunday (1939)
  537. Bobrek concentration camp
  538. Bockscar
  539. Boeing B-17 Survivors
  540. Boeing B-29 survivors
  541. Bomber B
  542. Bombing of Augsburg in World War II
  543. Bombing of Belgrade in World War II
  544. Bombing of Berlin in World War II
  545. Bombing of Braunschweig in World War II
  546. Bombing of Bucharest in World War II
  547. Bombing of Chongqing
  548. Bombing of Cologne in World War II
  549. Bombing of Darmstadt in World War II
  550. Bombing of Darwin (February 1942)
  551. Bombing of Dresden in World War II
  552. Bombing of Dublin in World War II
  553. Bombing of Duisburg in World War II
  554. Bombing of Essen in World War II
  555. Bombing of Frampol
  556. Bombing of Frankfurt am Main in World War II
  557. Bombing of Gelsenkirchen in World War II
  558. Bombing of Hamburg in World War II
  559. Bombing of Hanau in World War II
  560. Bombing of Helsinki in World War II
  561. Bombing of Hildesheim in World War II
  562. Bombing of Innsbruck in World War II
  563. Bombing of Königsberg in World War II
  564. Bombing of Kassel in World War II
  565. Bombing of Kobe in World War II
  566. Bombing of Konigsberg in World War II
  567. Bombing of Lübeck in World War II
  568. Bombing of Mannheim in World War II
  569. Bombing of Minsk in World War II
  570. Bombing of Nagoya in World War II
  571. Bombing of Naples in World War II
  572. Bombing of Osaka in World War II
  573. Bombing of Peenemünde in World War II
  574. Bombing of Pforzheim in World War II
  575. Bombing of Podgorica in World War II
  576. Bombing of Prague in World War II
  577. Bombing of Prague
  578. Bombing of Rabaul (1942)
  579. Bombing of Rabaul (November 1943)
  580. Bombing of Romania in World War II
  581. Bombing of Rome in World War II
  582. Bombing of Rothenburg in World War II
  583. Bombing of Schaffhausen in World War II
  584. Bombing of Schwäbisch Hall in World War II
  585. Bombing of Sofia in World War II
  586. Bombing of Stalingrad in World War II
  587. Bombing of Stuttgart in World War II
  588. Bombing of Tallinn in World War II
  589. Bombing of Tokyo in World War II
  590. Bombing of Treviso in World War II
  591. Bombing of Ulm in World War II
  592. Bombing of Vienna in World War II
  593. Bombing of Warsaw in World War II
  594. Bombing of Wesel in World War II
  595. Bombing of Wewak
  596. Bombing of Wieluń
  597. Bombing of Würzburg in World War II
  598. Bombing of Wuppertal in World War II
  599. Bombing of Zara in World War II
  600. Bombings of Heilbronn in World War II
  601. Bombings of Switzerland in World War II
  602. Bon Voyage (1944 film)
  603. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
  604. Borneo Campaign (1945) order of battle
  605. Borneo campaign (1945)
  606. Bougainville campaign (1943–45)
  607. Bowmanville POW camp
  608. Brazzaville Conference of 1944
  609. Bredtvet concentration camp
  610. Breendonk
  611. Breitenau concentration camp
  612. Breton nationalism and World War II
  613. Breton Social-National Workers' Movement
  614. Bretteville-sur-Laize Canadian War Cemetery
  615. Brigadeführer
  616. Bristol Beaufighter
  617. Bristol Blitz
  618. Britannia Theatre
  619. British 51st (Highland) Infantry Division (World War II)
  620. British anti-invasion preparations of World War II
  621. British Armies in World War II
  622. British armoured fighting vehicle production during World War II
  623. British armoured fighting vehicles of World War II
  624. British Army Aid Group
  625. British Army Groups in World War II
  626. British Army Groups in WWII
  627. British Army of the Rhine
  628. British Brigades in World War II
  629. British Commandos
  630. British Commonwealth Air Training Plan
  631. British Commonwealth Occupation Force
  632. British Corps in World War II
  633. British Divisions in World War II
  634. British Expeditionary Force order of battle (1940)
  635. British Expeditionary Force (World War II)
  636. British Far East Command
  637. British First Army order of battle, 20 April 1943
  638. British First Army order of battle, 4 May 1943
  639. British Free Corps
  640. British Guards Division
  641. British hardened field defences of World War II
  642. British Home Guard
  643. British Motor Minesweepers (BYMS)
  644. British Ninth Army
  645. British occupation of the Faroe Islands in World War II
  646. British Official Armour Specification
  647. British propaganda during World War II
  648. British S-class submarine (1914)
  649. British S-class submarine (1931)
  650. British Salonika Army
  651. British U-class submarine
  652. British V-class submarine (1914)
  653. British V-class submarine
  654. British World War II destroyers
  655. Brittany American Cemetery and Memorial
  656. Bronze Star Medal
  657. Brotherhood of War (novel series)
  658. Brothers in Arms (N-Gage 2.0)
  659. Brothers in Arms DS
  660. Brothers in Arms: Art of War
  661. Brothers in Arms: D-Day
  662. Brothers in Arms: Double Time
  663. Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood
  664. Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway
  665. Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30
  666. Buchenwald concentration camp
  667. Budapest ghetto
  668. Budapest Offensive
  669. Bugs & Daffy: The Wartime Cartoons
  670. Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips
  671. Bulgarian Air Force
  672. Bulgarian National Socialist Party
  673. Bulgarian resistance movement during World War II
  674. Burma Campaign 1942-1943
  675. Burma Campaign 1944-1945
  676. Burma Campaign 1944
  677. Burma Campaign
  678. Bény-sur-Mer Canadian War Cemetery

Related Research Articles

Asiatic-Pacific Theater area of operations of U.S. forces during the Pacific War of 1941-45

The Asiatic-Pacific Theater, was the theater of operations of U.S. forces during World War II in the Pacific War during 1941–45. From mid-1942 until the end of the war in 1945, there were two U.S. operational commands in the Pacific. The Pacific Ocean Areas (POA), divided into the Central Pacific Area, the North Pacific Area and the South Pacific Area, were commanded by Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, Commander-in-Chief Pacific Ocean Areas. The South West Pacific Area (SWPA) was commanded by General Douglas MacArthur, Supreme Allied Commander South West Pacific Area. During 1945, the United States added the United States Strategic Air Forces in the Pacific, commanded by General Carl A. Spaatz.

Elisabeth Volkenrath Female Nazi concentration camp guard

Elisabeth Volkenrath was a German supervisor at several Nazi concentration camps during World War II.

Bombing of Berlin in World War II

Berlin, the capital of Nazi Germany, was subject to 363 air raids during the Second World War. It was bombed by the RAF Bomber Command between 1940 and 1945, by the USAAF Eighth Air Force between 1943 and 1945, and the French Air Force between 1944 and 1945 as part of the Allied campaign of strategic bombing of Germany. It was also attacked by aircraft of the Red Air Force, especially in 1945 as Soviet forces closed on the city. British bombers dropped 45,517 tons of bombs; the Americans dropped 23,000 tons. As the bombings continued more and more people moved out. By May 1945, 1.7 million people had fled.

Below is the timeline of the events of the Eastern Front of World War II, the conflict between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union from 1941 to 1945.

11th Armoured Division (United Kingdom) British Army combat formation

The 11th Armoured Division, also known as The Black Bull, was an armoured division of the British Army which was created in March 1941 during the Second World War. The division was formed in response to the unanticipated success of the German panzer divisions. The 11th Armoured was responsible for several major victories in the Battle of Normandy from in the summer of 1944, shortly after the D-Day landings of 6 June 1944, and it participated in the rapid advance across France, Belgium, and the Netherlands and, later, the Rhine crossing in March 1945, and later invaded Germany. It was disbanded in January 1946 and reformed towards the end of 1950. In 1956, it was converted into the 4th Infantry Division.

Philip Roberts (British Army officer) British Army general

Major General George Philip Bradley Roberts,, better known as "Pip", was a senior officer of the British Army who served with distinction during the Second World War, most notably as General Officer Commanding of the 11th Armoured Division throughout the campaign in Northwestern Europe from June 1944 until Victory in Europe Day in May 1945.

Fritz Klein German Nazi physician

Fritz Klein was a German Nazi doctor-war criminal, hanged for his role in atrocities at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp during the Holocaust.

During World War II, many South Africans saw military service. The Union of South Africa participated with other British Commonwealth forces in battles in North Africa against Erwin Rommel and his Afrika Korps, and many South African pilots joined the Royal Air Force and fought against the Axis powers in the European theatre.

South West Pacific theatre of World War II

The South West Pacific theatre, during World War II, was a major theatre of the war between the Allies and the Axis. It included the Philippines, the Dutch East Indies, Borneo, Australia and its mandate Territory of New Guinea and the western part of the Solomon Islands. This area was defined by the Allied powers' South West Pacific Area (SWPA) command.

Allied leaders of World War II

The Allied leaders of World War II listed below comprise the important political and military figures who fought for or supported the Allies during World War II. Engaged in total war, they had to adapt to new types of modern warfare, on the military, psychological and economic fronts.

The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to World War II:

Franz H√∂ssler Schutzhaftlagerf√ľhrer at Auschwitz

Franz Hößler, also Franz Hössler was a Nazi German SS-Obersturmführer and Schutzhaftlagerführer at the Auschwitz-Birkenau, Dora-Mittelbau and Bergen-Belsen concentration camps during World War II. Captured by the Allies at the end of the war, Hößler was charged with crimes against humanity in the First Bergen-Belsen Trial, found guilty, and sentenced to death. He was executed by hanging at Hameln Prison in 1945.

Army Film and Photographic Unit

The Army Film and Photographic Unit was a subdivision of the British armed forces set up on 24 October 1941, to record military events in which the British and Commonwealth armies was engaged. During the war, almost 23 percent of all AFPU soldiers were killed in action; the AFPU was disbanded in 1946.

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