List of postal codes in Montenegro

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List of postal codes in Montenegro:



Podgorica Subdivision (Centralna Pošta Podgorica)

Podgorica Series

  • 81000 - Podgorica.
    • 81101 - Podgorica 1
    • 81102 - Podgorica 2
    • 81103 - Podgorica 3
    • 81104 - Podgorica 4
    • 81105 - Podgorica 5
    • 81106 - Podgorica 6
    • 81107 - Podgorica 7
    • 81108 - Podgorica 8
    • 81109 - Podgorica 9
    • 81110 - Podgorica 10
    • 81111 - Podgorica 11
    • 81112 - Podgorica 12
    • 81113 - Podgorica 13
    • 81114 - Podgorica 14
    • 81115 - Podgorica 15
    • 81204 - Lijeva Rijeka
    • 82205 - Ubli
    • 81206 - Tuzi
    • 81214 - Bioče
    • 81304 - Golubovci

Kolašin Series

Danilovgrad Series

Bar Subdivision (Centralna pošta Bar) - Virpazar series

Cetinje Subdivision (Centralna pošta Cetinje)

Nikšić Subdivision (Centralna pošta Nikšić)

Nikšić series

Plužine series

Šavnik series


Berane Subdivision (Centralna pošta Berane)

Berane series

Andrijevica series

Plav series

Bijelo Polje Subdivision (Centralna pošta Bijelo Polje)

Bijelo Polje series

Mojkovac series

Nikšić Subdivision (Centralna pošta Nikšić) - Žabljak series

Pljevlja Subdivision (Centralna pošta Pljevlja)

Rožaje Subdivision (Centralna pošta Rožaje)


Bar Subdivision (Centralna pošta Bar)

Budva Subdivision (Centralna pošta Budva)

Tivat Subdivision (Centralna pošta Tivat)

Kotor Subdivision (Centralna pošta Kotor)

Herceg Novi Subdivision (Centralna pošta Herceg Novi)

Ulcinj Subdivision (Centralna pošta Ulcinj)

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This is a list of cities in Serbia and Montenegro. For a list of municipalities, see Internal structure of Serbia and Montenegro; for a list of all places in Serbia, see List of places in Serbia; for lists of villages in Serbia and Montenegro, see List of villages in Serbia and Montenegro.

Zeta Banovina

The Zeta Banovina, was a province (banovina) of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia between 1929 and 1941. This province consisted of all of present-day Montenegro as well as adjacent parts of Central Serbia, Croatia, Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was named after the Zeta River which also gave its name to the medieval state of Zeta that roughly corresponds to modern-day Montenegro. The capital city of the Zeta Banovina was Cetinje.

Sport in Montenegro revolves mostly around team sports, such as water polo, football, basketball, handball, and volleyball. Other sports involved are boxing, tennis, swimming, judo, karate, athletics, table tennis, and chess.

Television in Montenegro was first introduced in 1956. This is a list of television channels that broadcast in Montenegro.

Societe Generale bank Montenegro is a bank operating in Montenegro. Founded in 1906 as Podgorička banka, it offers services in corporate and retail banking. The bank provides a range of depository and lending services, which include checking accounts, savings accounts, money market accounts, commercial loans, consumer loans and construction, mortgage loans, safety deposit boxes, VISA credit cards, Western Union services and an ATM network.

The Third League of Montenegro is the third and lowest-tier football league in Montenegro. It is headed by the regional unions of the Football Association of Montenegro, under the Football Association of Montenegro. In the 2019-20 season, 27 teams participated, divided into three regions. The top team from each region qualifies for the playoff from which the top team qualify for the Second League of Montenegro.

The Montenegrin Second League of Men's Handball is the lower Men's handball league in Montenegro. It is organized by the Handball Federation of Montenegro. The league has seven teams.

The Montenegrin Men's Handball Cup is an elimination handball tournament held annually. It is the second most important national title in Montenegrin handball after the Montenegrin First League.

Law enforcement in Montenegro

Law enforcement in Montenegro is primarily the responsibility of the Police Administration.

This is a list of coats of arms of Montenegro. Most municipalities of Montenegro have their own coat of arms. Many Montenegrin military units and other public agencies and some private families have coats of arms. There are also many historical Montenegrin coat of arms throughout history.

Montenegrin First League playoffs is a two legs tournament between the teams from Montenegrin First League which above direct relegation, and the teams from Montenegrin Second League which below the direct promotion.

Statistical regions of Montenegro

Statistical regions of Montenegro are defined, as of 2011, by the Montenegrin Regional Development Law. The regions, as defined by law, roughly correspond to the informal and colloquial division of Montenegro, often used by the Montenegrin media and citizens.

The Prva A liga 2011–12 basketball team regular season started October 2011.

The Montenegrin Volleyball League is the highest level of men's volleyball in Montenegro and it is organized by Montenegrin Volleyball Federation. In the Montenegrin Volleyball League currently competes 8 clubs.

Telephone numbers in Yugoslavia Wikipedia list article

Telephone numbers in Yugoslavia consisted of a 3-digit area code followed by 6 digits. In Serbia, they mainly began with 1, 2 or 3, in Croatia 4 or 5, in Slovenia 6, Bosnia 7, in Montenegro 8 and in Macedonia 9.

The 2015–16 Montenegrin Cup is the 10 season of the Montenegrin knockout football tournament. The winner of the tournament received a berth in the first qualifying round of the 2016–17 UEFA Europa League. The defending champions are Mladost, who beat Petrovac in the final of the last competition. The competition will feature 30 teams. It started on 16 September 2015 and ended with the final on 2 June 2016.

2008–10 Montenegrin municipal elections

Montenegrin municipal elections were held in all 21 municipalities, between April 2004 and October 2006. It resulted in the decisive victory of the ruling Coalition for European Montenegro in 18 out of 21 municipalities, where he has secured a majority, on its own or in a coalition with national minority parties.