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Radio Georgia was the international broadcasting service of Georgian Radio, now known as Georgian Public Broadcaster, the public broadcaster in Georgia. It was closed in 2005. [1]

Radio Georgia broadcast on the shortwave radio bands in English, German and Russian. [2]

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Peabody Award International awards for excellence in radio and television

The George Foster Peabody Awards program, named for the American businessman and philanthropist George Peabody, honor the most powerful, enlightening, and invigorating stories in television, radio, and online media. Programs are recognized in seven categories: news, entertainment, documentaries, children's programming, education, interactive programming, and public service. Peabody Award winners include radio and television stations, networks, online media, producing organizations, and individuals from around the world.

A non-commercial educational station is a radio station or TV station that does not accept on-air advertisements, as defined in the United States by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and was originally intended to offer educational programming as part, or whole, of its programming. NCE stations do not pay broadcast license fees for their non-profit uses of the radio spectrum. Stations which are almost always operated as NCE include public broadcasting, community radio, and college radio, as well as many religious broadcasting stations. Nearly all Non-Commercial radio stations derive their support from listener support, grants and endowments, such as the governmental entity Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) that distributes supporting funds provided by the congress to support Public Radio.

Georgia Public Broadcasting PBS/NPR member network in Georgia, United States

Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB) is a state network of PBS member television stations and NPR member radio stations serving the U.S. state of Georgia. It is operated by the Georgia Public Telecommunications Commission, an agency of the Georgia state government which holds the licenses for most of the PBS and NPR member stations licensed in the state. The broadcast signals of the nine television stations and 19 radio stations cover almost all of the state, as well as parts of Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.

WHCJ Radio station in Savannah, Georgia

WHCJ is a campus radio station, owned by Savannah State University, broadcasts 24 hours a day from the campus. Broadcasting at 90.3 FM it covers all of Chatham County, and can also be heard in Effingham, Bryan, Beaufort, and Liberty counties.

Tbilisi TV Broadcasting Tower

Georgia Tbilisi TV Broadcasting Tower is a free-standing tower structure used for communications purposes. The tower is located in Tbilisi, Georgia and was built in 1972. The preceding structure, built in 1955, was moved to the vicinity of the city of Gori.

WRFG Radio station in Atlanta, Georgia

WRFG is a non-commercial public FM radio station in Atlanta, Georgia. It calls itself Radio Free Georgia and is owned by the Radio Free Georgia Broadcasting Foundation, featuring a community radio format. WRFG airs a variety of musical styles not heard on most Atlanta radio stations, including blues, folk, bluegrass, jazz, R&B, soul and world music. News programs include "Democracy Now!," "Sojourner Truth Radio" and some shows from Pacifica Radio. The station's operations are funded by listener donations, with periodic fundraising drives heard during the year.

WISK-FM Radio station in Americus, Georgia

WISK-FM is a radio station airing a country music format. Licensed to Americus, Georgia, United States, the station serves the Albany area. The station is currently owned by Sumter Broadcasting Co., Inc. and features programming from ABC Radio. There is a pending application by the station owner to move the AM broadcast to Lawrenceville, Georgia and the 990 AM frequency.

WTYB Radio station in Bluffton, South Carolina

WTYB is a radio station licensed to serve Bluffton, South Carolina, United States. The station is owned by Cumulus Broadcasting.

Georgian Public Broadcasting

Georgian Public Broadcasting is the national public broadcaster of Georgia.

WMUM-FM is the Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB) Public radio station serving Macon and central Georgia. The station shares a tower with its sister GPB Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) member television station, WMUM-TV, in Cochran, its city of license.

The mass media in Georgia refers to mass media outlets based in the Republic of Georgia. Television, magazines, and newspapers are all operated by both state-owned and for-profit corporations which depend on advertising, subscription, and other sales-related revenues. The Constitution of Georgia guarantees freedom of speech. Georgia is the only country in its immediate neighborhood where the press is not deemed unfree. As a country in transition, the Georgian media system is under transformation.

WWWE is a commercial radio station licensed to Hapeville, Georgia and serving the Atlanta metropolitan area. Owned by Beasley Broadcasting Group, Inc., the station airs an urban adult contemporary/talk/sports radio format, with some hours of the broadcast day being paid brokered programming. WWWE is co-owned with WAEC in Atlanta, Georgia.

WZYP Radio station in Athens, Alabama

WZYP is a Top 40 (CHR) music-formatted radio station licensed to serve Athens, Alabama, and broadcasting in the Huntsville, Alabama, area. The station is owned by Cumulus Media and also broadcasts in HD Radio. The broadcast signal can be heard throughout all of northern Alabama and much of southern central Tennessee. Its studios are in Athens and its transmitter is in Madison, Alabama.

Broadcasting House, Belfast

Broadcasting House, Belfast is the headquarters of BBC Northern Ireland and operates many of its broadcasting services. The building is located on Ormeau Avenue in Belfast city centre, at the junction with Bedford Street. Public tours of the building are available.

WTJH Defunct radio station in East Point, Georgia

WTJH was an AM broadcasting station licensed to the city of East Point, Georgia, United States, broadcasting on the frequency of 1260 kHz with 5,000 Watts of power during daytime hours, and only 39 Watts of power during nighttime hours with a non-directional antenna pattern. The station served the Atlanta radio market. WTJH's programming consisted of Gospel Music and Christian religious programs.

WGPC Radio station in Albany, Georgia

WGPC was a radio station serving Albany, Georgia, United States and surrounding cities with sports radio programming from CBS Sports Radio. This station broadcast on AM frequency 1450 kHz and was under ownership of Cumulus Media.

WWIO is a Christian radio station licensed to serve St. Marys, Georgia, United States. The station is owned by Lighthouse Christian Broadcasting Corporation, which also owns WECC-FM at Folkston, Georgia. It broadcasts the same Christian programming as its sister station, WECC-FM 89.3, and it also broadcasts from its FM translator station W232DA 94.3 MHz, located at St. Marys.

WATY Radio station in Folkston, Georgia

WATY is an FM radio station licensed to Folkston, Georgia. The station is currently owned by Delmarva Educational Association and airs a Christian talk and teaching radio format using the moniker "The Truth." It is simulcast on 91.7 WTRJ-FM in Orange Park, Florida and 91.9 WAYL in St. Augustine, Florida. WTRJ covers the City of Jacksonville and its adjacent communities, while WAYL covers the southern part of the Jacksonville metropolitan area and WATY covers the northern section. Programming is also broadcast on WAYL's two translator stations in Jacksonville (94.3 MHz) and Atlantic Beach, Florida (103.7 MHz).

Georgian National Communications Commission

The Georgian National Communications Commission is an independent regulatory authority in the country of Georgia. The Commission, formed on July 1, 2000, is responsible for the broadcasting and electronic communications sectors. The Commission is a collegial administrative body. The Commission regulates TV broadcasting, Radio broadcasting, fixed/mobile telephone and internet services.

Latvijas Radio

Latvijas Radio is Latvia's national public-service radio broadcasting network. It began broadcasting on 1 November 1925, and has its headquarters in the Latvian capital, Riga. Latvijas Radio broadcasts six different channels in the FM band as well as via the internet: Latvijas Radio 1, Latvijas Radio 2, Latvijas Radio 3 Klasika, Latvijas Radio 4 Doma laukums, Latvijas Radio 5, and Latvijas Radio 6 – Radio NABA.


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