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Sculpture by Gio Pomodoro for the 9th Quadriennale nazionale d'arte of Rome. Photo by Paolo Monti. Paolo Monti - Servizio fotografico (Italia, 1965) - BEIC 6343298.jpg
Sculpture by Giò Pomodoro for the 9th Quadriennale nazionale d'arte of Rome. Photo by Paolo Monti.

The Rome Quadriennale (Italian: Quadriennale di Roma, also called in English the Rome Quadrennial) is a foundation for the promotion of contemporary Italian art.


Its name derives from the four-yearly exhibitions it is required to host by its constitution. It is based in Rome in the monumental complex of Villa Carpegna.


All the Rome Quadriennale main exhibitions held at its historical site, the Palazzo delle Esposizioni of Rome, except where indicated.

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  2. 15th Rome Quadrennial [ permanent dead link ] at Palazzo delle Esposizioni official website.

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