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Inyeug Islet.jpg
Inyeug in 2017.
Location Pacific Ocean
Coordinates 20°14′57.08″S169°46′16.22″E / 20.2491889°S 169.7711722°E / -20.2491889; 169.7711722 Coordinates: 20°14′57.08″S169°46′16.22″E / 20.2491889°S 169.7711722°E / -20.2491889; 169.7711722
Archipelago Vanuatu
Province Tafea Province
Population0 (2015)

Inyeug Island is a small uninhabited island in Tafea Province of Vanuatu in the Pacific Ocean. "Inyeug" means "Small Island" in a local language.[ which? ] Inyueg is also called Mystery Island by the cruise ships that regularly visit the island. [1] [2]


The island has an area of about 15.9 hectares and is located only 1 km south of the island of Aneityum. Inyeug is flanked to the west and south by the coral Intao Reef, that extends further south, and, albeit submerged, is the southernmost point of Vanuatu.

The island has the airport for the neighboring inhabited Aneityum Island. The airport is basically a grass airstrip, which gets small plane flights twice weekly from Port Vila via Tanna Island. [3]

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