List of people from Arizona

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State flag of Arizona
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Location of Arizona on the U.S. map
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The following are people either born/raised or have lived for a significant period of time in the U.S. state of Arizona and/or the Arizona Territory.


Art, literature, journalism, and poetry





Film, television, and theater

Rex Allen Rex Allen and Koko 1952.jpg
Rex Allen
Ted Danson Ted Danson.jpg
Ted Danson

Military and war

Frank Luke Frank Luke cph.3a45244.jpg
Frank Luke


Chester Bennington Linkin Park-Rock im Park 2014- by 2eight 3SC0368.jpg
Chester Bennington
Dierks Bentley Dierks 4.jpg
Dierks Bentley
Joe Jonas Joe Jonas, 2010.jpg
Joe Jonas
Stevie Nicks StevieNicks2.jpg
Stevie Nicks

Old West era

Apache Kid The Apache Kid.jpg
Apache Kid
Geronimo Geronimo agn 1913.jpg


Cesar Chavez Cesar chavez crop2.jpg
Cesar Chavez
Barry Goldwater Barry Goldwater photo1962.jpg
Barry Goldwater
Carl Hayden Carl Hayden.jpg
Carl Hayden
John McCain John McCain official portrait 2009.jpg
John McCain
Sandra Day O'Connor Sandra Day O'Connor 1982.jpg
Sandra Day O'Connor

Science and medicine


Cody Bellinger Dodgers bellinger 2017.jpg
Cody Bellinger
Ian Kinsler Ian Kinsler on May 13, 2016.jpg
Ian Kinsler
Pat Tillman Corporal Patrick Tillman.jpg
Pat Tillman
Neal Walk Neal Walk 1969.jpg
Neal Walk

Television and radio

Fictional characters


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