Pedimental sculptures in the United States

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Women's Building Pediment (1893, destroyed), World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, Illinois, by Alice Rideout Rideout pediment.jpg
Women's Building Pediment (1893, destroyed), World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, Illinois, by Alice Rideout

Pedimental sculptures are sculptures within the frame of a pediment on the exterior of a building, some examples of which can be found in the United States. Pedimental sculpture pose special challenges to sculptors: the triangular composition limits the choices for figures or ornament at the ends, and the sculpture must be designed to be viewed both from below and from a distance.



Classical tradition

Historian Walter Copland Perry wrote that it was proof of the power of Greek art that the classical sculptors not only overcame the rigid restrictions of the pediment's shape, but turned them to their advantage. [1] Compositionally, the restrictions imposed by both the physical triangular shape of a pediment, and the traditional themes that are usually employed for the subject matter, are, according to Professor Gardner of Oxford University, “as exactly regulated as that of a sonnet or a Spenserian stanza: the artist has liberty only in certain directions and must not violate the laws of rhythm.” [2]

In all examples, classical and modern, the central area below the apex is inevitably the tallest, most spacious, the natural focus, and will contain the main figures and the focus of action. Secondary figures decrease in size and importance on both sides, as they approach the far angles at the base. The well-known classical examples all observe "unity of action", although the Greek historian Pausanias describes a sculpture by Praxiteles in which Hercules appears several times in different sizes. [1]

As with the ancient Greeks, and the Roman architects and sculptors who followed them, American artists had two different structural approaches creating pedimental sculpture. They are either freestanding statues that stand on the bed (the ledge or cornice that creates the bottom of the pediment), or they can be relief sculpture, attached to the back wall of the pediment. [3] [4] As an additional physical restriction in the pediment format, a deeper recess will throw the triangular field into deeper shadow, which means the figures should be executed in deeper relief or fully in the round. [1]

United States

Pedimental sculptures in the United States were rare prior to the 1880s, most surviving examples in cities along the east coast. The earliest seems to be Whitehall (1765), outside Annapolis, Maryland, attributed to English architect Joseph Horatio Anderson and English-born carver William Buckland, typical of early dependence on European talent. [5]

Greek Revival architecture became dominant throughout the first half of the 19th century, but almost always with chaste, blank pediments. It was only post-Civil War, with the advent of the American Renaissance and the City Beautiful movement especially the architectural vision of "The White City" presented at Chicago's World's Columbian Exposition of 1893 that the use of sculpture in pediments increased dramatically.[ citation needed ]

The advent of the Great Depression largely brought the use of pediment sculpture to a halt,[ citation needed ] with the major exception of government buildings of the Federal Triangle in Washington, D.C. completed in the mid-1930s. One 21st-century example is the Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville, Tennessee, with a pedimental sculpture Orpheus and Eurydice by sculptor Raymond Kaskey completed in 2006. [6]

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Pedimental sculptures in Washington, D.C. (by building)

William Jefferson Clinton Federal Building
(formerly Ariel Rios Federal Building and Post Office Department Building)
12th Street & Pennsylvania Avenue
38°53′38.04″N77°1′44.04″W / 38.8939000°N 77.0289000°W / 38.8939000; -77.0289000 (William Jefferson Clinton Federal Building)
Old Post Office and Clock Tower, view from the tower, 1 cropped.jpg 12th Street: The Spirit of Progress and Civilization [7] Adolph Alexander Weinman
John Donnelly & Company (carver)
Delano & Aldrich 1935limestone
Close view of the central pavilion in the curving east facade to show paired columns and pediment with sculpture by Adolph Alexander Weinman entitled "The Spirit of Progress and HABS DC-814-2.tif
Weinman's concave sculptured pediment may be unique in the United States.
Old&NewPostOffices(cropped) HABS029904pv.jpg (at upper right)Pennsylvania Avenue: The Bond of Postal Union [8] Walker Hancock
Adolph Alexander Weinman
1935limestoneBased on a sketch model by Weinman [9]
Woodrow Wilson Plaza - Federal Triangle.JPG (at upper right)13th Street: Africa and Europe [10] George Holburn Snowden
Adolph Alexander Weinman
John Donnelly & Company (carver)
13th Street: America and Asia [11] Joseph E. Reiner
Adolph Alexander Weinman
John Donnelly & Company (carver)
Daughters of the American Revolution Constitution Hall 18th Street, between C & D Streets
38°53′35″N77°2′30″W / 38.89306°N 77.04167°W / 38.89306; -77.04167 (DAR Constitution Hall)
DARConTop.JPG Eagle Pediment [12] Ulysses Ricci John Russell Pope 1929Alabama limestone
DAR Constitution Hall.JPG
Dirksen Senate Office Building Constitution Avenue & 1st Street
38°53′35″N77°0′19″W / 38.89306°N 77.00528°W / 38.89306; -77.00528 (Dirksen Senate Office Building)
Dirksen Building Detail (28005663870).jpg Eagle Pediment [13] Ulysses Ricci
Rochette & Parzini (carvers)
Eggers Group Architects1956marble
Historical Society of Washington, D.C. (formerly the central District of Columbia Public Library)Eighth & K Streets Northwest
Carnegie Library of Washington D.C. in 2012.jpg two identical pediments, each with a head of Minerva surrounded by curled flora Philip Martiny Ross & Ackerman [14] 1903white Vermont marble
Eisenhower Executive Office Building
(formerly Old Executive Office Building and State, War, and Navy Building)
1700 Pennsylvania Avenue
38°53′51.24″N77°2′20.93″W / 38.8975667°N 77.0391472°W / 38.8975667; -77.0391472 (Eisenhower Executive Office Building)
War Old Executive Office Building.jpg North pediment: War [15] designed by
Richard von Ezdorf
Alfred B. Mullett 1884painted iron
OEOB Penn Avenue.jpg
Herbert C. Hoover Building
United States Department of Commerce
1401 Constitution Avenue NW
38°53′39.48″N77°1′58.08″W / 38.8943000°N 77.0328000°W / 38.8943000; -77.0328000 (Herbert C. Hoover Building)
Fisheries pediment, Dept, of Commerce Building WDC.jpg Fisheries Pediment [16] Joseph Kiselewski
James Earle Fraser
John Donnelly & Company (carver)
Louis Ayres 1934limestone
Commerce Building view from Mall 2.jpg
The building's 4 sculptured pediments are on the 15th Street facade, facing The Ellipse.
Mining pediment, Dept of Commerce bldg.jpg Mining Pediment [17] Frederick Roth
James Earle Fraser
John Donnelly & Company (carver)
Close view of one of the pedimented pavilions on Fifteenth Street; the sculpture by James E. Fraser entitled "Mining" is set into the pediment - United States Department of Commerce, HABS DC-872-2.tif
Patent quote - United States Department of Commerce - DSC05103.JPG Foreign and Domestic Commerce Pediment [18] Ulysses Ricci
James Earle Fraser
John Donnelly & Company (carver)
Aeronautics Pediment [19] Haig Patigian
James Earle Fraser
John Donnelly & Company (carver)
Jefferson Memorial Tidal Basin
38°52′53″N77°2′13″W / 38.88139°N 77.03694°W / 38.88139; -77.03694 (Jefferson Memorial)
Jefferson Memorial pediment.jpg Drafting the Declaration of Independence [20] Adolph Alexander Weinman John Russell Pope 1943marble
Thomas Jefferson Memorial - National Park Service (7554555326).jpg
Closed Jefferson Memorial; Washington, DC; 2013-10-06.JPG
Robert F. Kennedy Department of Justice Building [21] 950 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
| 38°53′35.52″N77°1′30″W / 38.8932000°N 77.02500°W / 38.8932000; -77.02500 (Robt. F. Kennedy Dept. of Justice Bldg)
Washington DC pediment by C. Paul Jennewein.jpg Eastern pediment: Ars Aequi (The Rights of Man) C. Paul Jennewein
Henry Kreis
John Donnelly & Company (carver)
Milton Bennett Medary
Zantzinger, Borie & Medary
The two sculptured pediments are on the Pennsylvania Avenue facade. The building's other pediments are blank.
Washington DC pediment Ars Boni by C. Paul Jennewein.jpg Western pediment: Ars Boni (The Good of the State) C. Paul Jennewein
Henry Kreis
John Donnelly & Company (carver)
Library of Congress
Thomas Jefferson Building
Capitol Hill
38°53′19″N77°00′17″W / 38.8887°N 77.0046°W / 38.8887; -77.0046 (Library of Congress)
America Fostering the Arts and Industries and Atlantes by William Boyd - Thomas Jefferson Building - Washington, D.C. - Sarah Stierch.jpg America Fostering the Arts and Industries and Atlantes [22] William Boyd Edward Pearce Casey
Smithmeyer & Pelz
The two rounded pediments flank the central pavilion of the Jefferson Building's west front.
Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium /
United States Department of Labor Building
1301 Constitution Avenue NW
38°53′33.4″N77°1′46.91″W / 38.892611°N 77.0296972°W / 38.892611; -77.0296972 (Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium)
Columbia by Edgar Walter - Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium, Washington, DC - DSC08485.JPG Columbia Pediment [23] Edgar Walter
Edward Ardolino (carver)
Arthur Brown, Jr. 1935limestone
Aerial view of National Museum of American History.jpg
The Mellon Auditorium is middle-ground center; the U.S. Customs Building is left; the U.S. Interstate Commerce Commission is right:
National Academy of Sciences Building 2101 Constitution Avenue NW
38°53′34.8″N77°2′51.72″W / 38.893000°N 77.0477000°W / 38.893000; -77.0477000 (National Academy of Sciences Building)
Pediment, National Academy of Sciences, Washington, D.C LCCN2011631950.tif Constitution Avenue entrance Lee Lawrie Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue 1924
National Academy of Sciences, Washington, D.C LCCN2011633817.tif
National Archives Building [24] 700 Pennsylvania Avenue
38°53′34″N77°01′23″W / 38.89278°N 77.02306°W / 38.89278; -77.02306 (National Archives Building)
Portico of the National Archives.JPG North pediment: The Recorder of the Archives [25] James Earle Fraser
Edward H. Ratti (carver)
John Russell Pope 1935Limestone
Destiny - pediment.JPG South pediment: Destiny [26] Adolph Alexander Weinman
Edward Ardolino [27] (carver)
1935Indiana limestone
Milford pink granite
US National Archives Building.jpg
Notre Dame Chapel Trinity Washington University,
125 Michigan Avenue, NE
Notre Dame Chapel (Trinity Washington University) 02.JPG Madonna and Child Enthroned Attended by AngelsD. H. McBride
McBride Studios
Maginnis & Walsh 1924white Carrara marble
Rayburn House Office Building Independence Avenue, between South Capitol & 1st Streets AOC employees work on Rayburn roof work. (8492489638).jpg Eagle Pediment [28] [29] Carl Paul Jennewein Harbeson, Hough, Livingston & Larson 1964Vermont marble
Renwick Gallery 1661 Pennsylvania Avenue
38°53′55.92″N77°2′22.01″W / 38.8988667°N 77.0394472°W / 38.8988667; -77.0394472 (Renwick Gallery)
Renwick Gallery-8.jpg Relief portrait bust of William Wilson Corcoran [30] Moses Jacob Ezekiel James Renwick Jr. 1878bronze
Renwick Gallery - Pennsylvania Avenue.JPG
Original home of the Corcoran Gallery of Art:
Riggs National Bank 1503-05 Pennsylvania Avenue
38°53′55.52″N77°2′2.84″W / 38.8987556°N 77.0341222°W / 38.8987556; -77.0341222 (Riggs National Bank)
Riggs National Bank.JPG Eagle pediment York and Sawyer 1902
Riggs National Bank in 1915.jpg
In a 1915 photograph:
United States Capitol Capitol Hill
38°53′23.29″N77°00′32.81″W / 38.8898028°N 77.0091139°W / 38.8898028; -77.0091139 (U.S. Capitol)
The U.S. Capitol Building, Washington, D.C.jpg Central portico, east front: The Genius of America [31] [32] Luigi Persico [32] Thomas Ustick Walter 1828sandstone (1828)
marble (1960)
US Capitol east center pediment.jpg
By 1959 the original sandstone sculpture group was badly deteriorated. Under the supervision of Paul Manship, sculptor Carl Schmitz repaired the statues, G. Giannetti made a plaster model from them, and Bruno Mankowski carved new statues. These were unveiled in 1960. [32]
Crawford's pediment at US Capitol.jpg Senate wing, east front: The Progress of Civilization [33] [34] Thomas Crawford
T. Gagliardi, Vinchenzo Casoni, G. Butti, Louis Galli, G. Caprero, and Domenico Giampaoli [34]
Flickr - USCapitol - Apotheosis of Democracy - House Pediment.jpg
Capitol pediment Washington DC 2007.jpg House of Representatives wing, east front: Apotheosis of Democracy [35] Paul Wayland Bartlett
Piccirilli Brothers (carvers)
Capitol House of Rep Washington.jpg
The art treasures of Washington - an account of the Corcoran Gallery of Art and of the National Gallery and Museum, with descriptions and criticisms of their contents; including, also, an account of (14784450212).jpg
United States Customs Building /
United States Department of Labor
14th Street & Constitution Avenue NW
38°53′33″N77°01′51″W / 38.892513°N 77.030930°W / 38.892513; -77.030930 (U.S. Customs Bldg / U.S. Dept. of Labor)
Albert Stewart pediment Wash.DC.jpg Eastern pediment: Labor and Industry [36] Albert Stewart
John Donnelly & Company (carver)
Arthur Brown, Jr. 1935limestone
Sherry Fry pediment Wash. DC.jpg Western pediment: Abundance and Industry [37] Sherry Fry
John Donnelly & Company (carver)
United States Department of Agriculture Building Jefferson Drive between 12th & 14th Streets
38°53′16.85″N77°1′48.12″W / 38.8880139°N 77.0300333°W / 38.8880139; -77.0300333 (U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Building)
Fruit [38] Adolph Alexander Weinman Rankin, Kellogg & Crane1908Vermont marble
The West and East Buildings (left & right) were completed in 1908. The Administration Building (center), connecting them, was completed in 1930.
Forestry [39] Adolph Alexander Weinman1908Vermont marble
Exterior details, James L. Whitten Federal Building, Washington, D.C LCCN2010719786.tif Cereals [40] Adolph Alexander Weinman1908Vermont marble
West wing, new agricultural Building 4a23929v.jpg
West Building:
Exterior details, James L. Whitten Federal Building, Washington, D.C LCCN2010719788.tif Flowers [41] Adolph Alexander Weinman1908Vermont marble
United States Interstate Commerce Commission Building
(now United States Environmental Protection Agency Building)
1201 Constitution Avenue
38°53′38″N77°01′44″W / 38.893881°N 77.028891°W / 38.893881; -77.028891 (U.S. Interstate Commerce Commission Building)
AlbertStewartDeptOfLabor.jpg Eastern pediment: Interstate Transportation [42] Edward McCartan
John Donnelly & Company (carver)
Arthur Brown, Jr. 1935Indiana limestone
Commerce & Communications.jpg Western pediment: Commerce and Communications [43] Wheeler Williams
John Donnelly & Company (carver)
1935Indiana limestone
Close of the pedimented pavilion - Interstate Commerce Commission, Constitution Avenue between Twelfth and Fourteenth streets, Washington, District of Columbia, DC HABS DC-871-3.tif
United States Supreme Court Building Capitol Hill
38°53′25.8″N77°0′16.2″W / 38.890500°N 77.004500°W / 38.890500; -77.004500 (U.S. Supreme Court Building)
Liberty Enthroned by Robert Aitken, US Supreme Court.jpg West pediment: Equal Justice Under Law [44] [45]
(Liberty Enthroned)
Robert Ingersoll Aitken Cass Gilbert 1935Vermont marble
U.S. Supreme Court Building.JPG
Supreme court east facade.jpg East pediment: Justice, the Guardian of Liberty [46] [47] Hermon Atkins MacNeil 1935Vermont marble

Pedimental sculptures (by state, city, and building)


Calhoun County Courthouse 25 West 11th Street,
Calhoun County, Alabama Courthouse.JPG Eagle pediment J. W. Golucke 1900
burned 1931
a flying eagle flanked by fasces and cornacopias


Santa Cruz County Courthouse [48] Morley Avenue & Court Street,
Santa Cruz Court House pediment.jpg Trost & Rust 1904
Santa Cruz County Courthouse.jpg
Now a museum.


Inyo County Courthouse Independence
36°48′13″N118°11′56″W / 36.80361°N 118.19889°W / 36.80361; -118.19889 (Inyo County Courthouse)
Inyo County Courthouse.jpg William H. Weeks 1921-22"Reposed women" hold a shield that is presumed to represent Justice. [49] :5
California State Capitol Sacramento California State Capitol pediment.jpg West portico: California [50] Pietro MezzaraM. Frank Butler
Reuben Clark
Gordon Cummings
1873cast stone
California State Library 10th Street & Capitol Mall,
Architectural sculpture, CA State Lib.jpg Into the Highlands of the Mind Let Me Go [51] Edward Field Sanford, Jr. Weeks and Day 1928painted terra cotta
California State Library Building.jpg
California State Office Building
(now Jesse M. Unruh State Office Building)
915 Capitol Mall,
Arch Sculpt - CA 09.jpg Bring Me Men to Match My Mountains [52] Edward Field Sanford, Jr. Weeks and Day 1928painted terra cotta
Sacramento City Hall 915 I Street,
Eastern end pavilion of south elevation, pediment detail - Sacramento City Hall, 915 I Street, Sacramento, Sacramento County, CA HABS CAL,34-SAC,48-4.tif Rounded pediments on end pavilionsRudolph A. Herold1909terra cotta
Sacramento City Hall.jpg
California State Chamber of Commerce Building
San Francisco Mining Exchange
350 Bush Street,
San Francisco
California State Chamber of Commerce 02.JPG Greek Pediment [53] Jo Mora Miller & Pflueger 1921terra cotta
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Building [54]
(now Ritz Carlton San Francisco)
Nob Hill, 600 Stockton Street,
San Francisco
Pflueger-MetLife-Patigian.jpg An Allegorical Group [55] Haig Patigian
Jo Mora
Miller & Pflueger 1920glazed terra cotta Napoleon LeBrun & Sons designed the original building, 1909. The pediment was added as part of Miller & Pflueger's 1919-20 expansion. [56]
San Francisco City Hall 400 Van Ness Avenue,
San Francisco
San Francisco City Hall - San Francisco, CA - DSC01295.JPG Van Ness Avenue pediment [57] Henri Crenier Bakewell & Brown 1914granite
SF City Hall facade.JPG
Polk Street pediment [57]
San Francisco Savings Union Bank
(now Emporio Armani)
1 Grant Avenue,
San Francisco
Savings union bank san francisco large.jpg Liberty [58] Haig Patigian Bliss & Faville 1911granite
1907 double eagle obv.jpg
Patigian's bas relief head of Liberty was based on the 1907 $20 gold coin.
Hearst Castle
San Simeon
San Simeon Neptune Pool (Hearst Castle) - DSC06495.JPG Neptune Pool Roman Temple: Neptune and Neraids [59] pediment is a collection of unrelated Roman & Greek works. [60] Julia Morgan 1936white marble
DSC27412, Hearst Castle, San Simeon, California, USA (4881266812).jpg
The Roman Temple was assembled from ancient architectural fragments and modern reproductions.


Colorado State Capitol 200 East Colfax Avenue,
Colorado Capitol pediment.jpg West pediment: Elijah E. Myers 1894
Denver Capitol.jpg
Pueblo County Courthouse 10th & Main Streets,
Architectural detail of the ornate Pueblo County Courthouse in Pueblo, Colorado LCCN2015632367.tif Eagle and wreath Albert Randolph Ross 1912white sandstone
Corrected Pueblo County, CO, Courthouse IMG 5089.JPG


New Haven County Courthouse [61] 121 Elm Street,
New Haven
New Haven County Courthouse, October 17, 2008.jpg The pediment figures are Justice, Victory, Precedence, Accuracy, Common Law, Statutory Law, Progress and Commerce. [62] John Massey Rhind Allen & Williams 1917marble
Basilica of the Immaculate Conception 74 West Main Street,
West Main Street, Waterbury CT.jpg Virgin Mary flanked by angels Maginnis & Walsh 1928


Georgia State Capitol Capitol Square,
PEDIMENT DETAIL - Georgia State Capitol, Capitol Square, Atlanta, Fulton County, GA HABS GA,61-ATLA,3-101 (CT).tif West pediment: Seal of Georgia , flanked by Commerce, Industry, Justice, and Prosperity [63] George Crouch [64] Edbrooke & Burnham 1889Oolitic limestone
Georgia State Capitol, Atlanta, Northwest view 20160716 1.jpg
The building's other pediments are blank.
Chatham AcademyBull Street & East Oglethorpe Avenue,
GA Savannah HD Chatham Acad01.jpg pediment on western facade: a scene of several young women studying, with a background of the Coliseum and the ParthenonunknownHenry Urban1908stone


Boise High School 1010 West Washington Street,
Boise High School May 2007.jpg Boise High School Portico [65] Joseph Conradi Tourtellotte & Hummel 1922A relief head of Plato is at center.


Civic Opera Building 20 North Wacker Drive,
HenryHeringChicago2.jpg North entrancePediments over north and south entrances Henry Hering Graham, Anderson, Probst & White 1929
South entrance Civic Opera House.jpg
South entrance
Home of the Lyric Opera of Chicago
Kankakee County Courthouse 450 East Court Street,
41°7′9″N87°51′37″W / 41.11917°N 87.86028°W / 41.11917; -87.86028 (Kankakee County Courthouse)
Kankakee County Courthouse.jpg Zachary Taylor Davis 1912Similar pediments above "KANKAKEE COUNTY COURTHOUSE" on north and south sides of courthouse include an escutcheon (coat of arms) representing the county. [66]


Allen County Courthouse 715 South Calhoun Street,
Fort Wayne
41°4′47″N85°8′21″W / 41.07972°N 85.13917°W / 41.07972; -85.13917 (Allen County Courthouse)
Allen Co.jpg Spirit of the LawCalhoun Street pediment: Spirit of Civilization
Main Street pediment: Spirit of Government
Berry Street pediment: Spirit of the Law
Court Street pediment: Spirit of the Arts
Barth & Staak? Brentwood S. Tolan 1902Bedford limestone
Circle Theater [67] 45 Monument Circle,
Circle Theater.jpg Alexander Sangernebo Rubush & Hunter 1916terra cotta
Indiana State House 200 West Washington Street,
StateCapitolIndiana 09.JPG East pediment: Edwin May
Adolph Scherrer
Tippecanoe County Courthouse Public Square,
Tecumseh in Lafayette IN.jpg North and south pediments: William Henry Harrison - Marquis de Lafayette - Tecumseh [68] J. L. Mott Iron Works Elias Max and/or
James F. Alexander
1884painted zinc
Tippecanoe courthouse 7-2004.jpg
Identical sculpture groups on the north and south pediments, and on the east and west pediments.
Corte del Condado de Tippecanoe, Lafayette, Indiana, Estados Unidos, 2012-10-15, DD 01.jpg East and west pediments: Justice - Industry - Agriculture
Boone County Courthouse Courthouse Square,
Boone County Courthouse in Lebanon from south.jpg North & south pediments [69] Joseph T. Hutton1911limestoneThe building has identical sculptured pediments on the north and south facades.
Muncie Public Library 301 East Jackson Street,
Muncie Public Library.jpg Marshall S. Mahurin 1903Indiana limestone
Vigo County Courthouse 33 So. 3rd St.,
Terre Haute, Indiana
39°27′57″N87°24′52″W / 39.46583°N 87.41444°W / 39.46583; -87.41444 (Vigo County Courthouse)
Vigo County Courthouse, Terre Haute, IN, US (02).jpg Samuel Hannaford 1888


Iowa State Capitol Des Moines Des Moines Iowa 20090110 State Capitol Statue.JPG East facadeEast and west pediments are identical, with five robed, female, allegorical figures, the central one holding a torch John C. Cochrane
Alfred H. Piquenard
Iowa State House; Des Moines, Iowa; June 30, 2013.JPG
West facade:
Dubuque County Courthouse 720 Central Avenue,
DETAIL OF ARCH AND PEDIMENT OF WEST FACADE - Dubuque County Courthouse, 720 Central Avenue, Dubuque, Dubuque County, IA HABS IOWA,31-DUBU,5-6.tif West facade: Eagle pediment Fridolin Heer & Son1891
Dubuque County Courthouse.jpg
Painted zinc sculptures adorn the roof:
Macbride Hall University of Iowa,
17 North Clinton Street,
Iowa City
Iowa Hall.JPG A buffalo stands flanked by two elkSinclair Shearer [70] Proudfoot & Bird 1908
Greene County Courthouse 114 North Chestnut Street,
GreeneCountyCourthouse.jpg male and female figures flank a clock Proudfoot, Bird & Rawson 1918
First Newton National Bank100 N 2nd Avenue West,
a central figure of agricultural plenty is surrounded by four other figures and farm scenes in low relief [71] E. Jackson Case Company of Chicago [72] 1920


Kenton County Library 1028 Scott Street,
KentonCoLibrary.jpg pediment with four figures surrounding an angelJ.C. Meyerberg [73] Boll & Taylor [74] 1904sandstoneBuilt as a Carnegie library and auditorium
The building is now The Carnegie, a community arts center.[ permanent dead link ]
Mother of God Roman Catholic Church 119 West Sixth Street,
Mother of God Church (Covington, Kentucky) - exterior, relief, the Annunciation.jpg The Annunciation unknownarchitect James Keys Wilson of Walter & Stuart [75] 1871unknown
Kentucky State Capitol Frankfort Tympanum, Kentucky State Capitol - DSC09131.JPG North pediment [76] Charles Henry Niehaus
Peter A. Rossack (carver)
Frank Mills Andrews 1906 Oolitic limestone
Kentucky State Capitol Front.jpg
The building's east, west and south pediments are blank.
Louisville City Hall 601 West Jefferson Street,
City Hall Louisville Kentucky.jpg Progress [77] unknownJohn Andrew Artha1873Indiana limestoneThe pedimental sculpture depicts a steam locomotive moving toward southern flora.


Calcasieu Parish District CourthouseLakeshore Drive and Kirby Street, Lake Charles Calcasieu District 14 Courthouse.JPG central pelican Favrot & Livaudais [78] 1912The sculpture is a version of the Seal of Louisiana, depicting the "pelican in her piety" under a scroll reading "Union, Justice and Confidence"
The Cabildo 701 Chartres Street,
New Orleans
Cabildo9Jul07SousaphoneFront.jpg Pietro Cardelli Gilberto Guillemard 1822
Facade from Jackson Square. May 1936. - The Cabildo, 711 Chartres Street, New Orleans, Orleans Parish, LA HABS LA,36-NEWOR,4-3.tif
The 1795-99 building's pediment originally featured the Royal Arms of Spain, by sculptor Cristobal Le Prévost. [79] [80]
This was replaced in 1822 by an American eagle flanked by cannons, by Cardelli. [81]
Gallier Hall
(New Orleans City Hall)
545 St. Charles Avenue,
New Orleans
CBD11Oct07GallierHallFront.jpg figures of Liberty, Justice, and Commerce [82] R.E. Launitz James Gallier 1851white marble
Paul M. Hebert Law Center 1 E Campus Dr,
Baton Rouge
Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana - panoramio (40).jpg three figures Leon C. Weiss of Weiss, Dreyfous & Seiferth [83] 1937originally Leche Hall, named for Governor Richard W. Leche


Maryland State House AnnexMaryland
State Circle,
Maryland State House Porch (21601300955).jpg Seal of Maryland Baldwin & Pennington 1905
Maryland State House from College Ave.JPG
The west portico and pediment were part of a 1902-05 expansion of the 1722 building.
Whitehall Maryland
1915 Whitehall Road, Annapolis
Whitehall, front (21413233360).jpg Seal of Province of Maryland [84] William Buckland Joseph Horatio Anderson 1765painted wood
Baltimore City Recreational PierMaryland
Fells Point,
1715 Thames Street,
City Recreation Pier (21603728955).jpg Recreation Pier Relief [85] Theodore Wells Pietsch 1914limestone
First Unitarian Church Maryland
Charles & Franklin Streets,
Angeloftruth035.JPG Pediment with the Angel of Truth emerging from a sunburst [86] Antonio Cappellano
Henry Berge (1960 copy)
Maximilian Godefroy 1818
polychrome terra cottaThe pedimental sculpture was replaced by a copy, 1960. [87]
Baltimore Museum of Art Maryland
Art Museum Drive,
39°19′34″N76°37′9″W / 39.32611°N 76.61917°W / 39.32611; -76.61917 (Baltimore Museum of Art)
BaltimoreMuseumofArt.JPG To the Fine Arts [88] Adolph Alexander Weinman John Russell Pope 1930limestone
St. Mary's Seminary and University Maryland
Belvedere and Roland Avenues,
St Mary's Seminary , Roland Park, MD.jpg unknown Maginnis & Walsh 1929
Colonial Theatre Maryland
12-14 South Potomac Street,
Colonial Theater Hagerstown MD1.jpg two figures, with lute and lyre, face each other, with two angelic putti [89] Henri Plasschaert of the Boston Terra Cotta CompanyHarry E. Yessler1914 polychrome terra cotta


Dunster House Massachusetts
Harvard University,
945 Memorial Drive,
Dunster House.jpg Central pediment: Harvard College Coat of ArmsHugh Shepley of Coolidge, Shepley, Bulfinch & Abbott 1930
Dunster House roofline - Harvard University - DSC03005.JPG
Named for Henry Dunster, Harvard's first president.
One end pavilion pediment features the coat of arms of the Dunster family, and the other the coat of arms of Dunster's alma mater, Magdalene College, Cambridge.
Mary Immaculate of Lourdes Church Massachusetts
270 Elliot Street,
MaryImmaculateNewtonMA ETPGrahm.JPG The Virgin Mary flanked by attendants Edward T. P. Graham 1910
New Bedford City HallMassachusetts
William Street,
New Bedford
City Hall, New Bedford MA.jpg New Bedford Industries and City Seal [90] Timothy J. McAuliffeSamuel C. Hunt1908brownstone
New Bedford Institution for SavingsMassachusetts
174 Union Street,
New Bedford
NewBedford21June07NewBedfordInstitutionForSavings.jpg Worker and mother flank an angel, who is both winged and modestly dressed [91] Hugh Cairns Charles Brigham 1897
Saint Joseph Memorial ChapelMassachusetts
College of the Holy Cross,
1 College Street,
St Joseph Chapel CollegeOfTheHolyCross.jpg Maginnis & Walsh 1924 [92] Memorial to Holy Cross students and alumni killed in World War I.


Wayne County Courthouse Michigan
600 Randolph Street,
EWagnerAWayne1.jpg General Anthony Wayne and Indians Conducting a Treaty [93] Edward Wagner John Scott1901stone
Michigan State Capitol Michigan
Michigan Capitol pediment.jpg The Rise and Progress of Michigan [94] Carl H. Wehner
Lewis T. Ives
Richard Rutter (carver)
Richard Glaister (carver)
Elijah E. Myers 1876sandstone
Michigan state capitol.jpg


Basilica of Saint Mary Minnesota
1600 Hennepin Avenue,
1209ND70S 4155.jpg Virgin Mary with attendants and putti Emmanuel Louis Masqueray 1914


Mississippi State Capitol [95] Mississippi
Mississippi Street,
32°18′14″N90°10′56″W / 32.30389°N 90.18222°W / 32.30389; -90.18222 (Mississippi State Capitol)
Mississippi State Capitol, Jackson, Mississippi (3931963863).jpg Robert Bringhurst Theodore C. Link 1900
Heavenly witnesses (3476376552).jpg
"Sculpted in 1900, with an enthroned personification of the state at the center, surrounded by figures representing Poetry, Industry, and Science, huntsmen, farmers, white people, black people, and Native American, they are Mississippi's version of the pediment of the Parthenon in Athens, Greece." [96]
Illinois State MemorialMississippi
Vicksburg National Military Park,
Illinois Monument.jpg Pediment [97] Charles J. Mulligan William Le Baron Jenny 1906Georgia white marble


Missouri State Capitol Missouri
201 West Capitol Avenue,
Jefferson City
Missouri State Capitol Building, AA Weinman, sculptor.jpg Missouri State Capitol Pediment [98] Adolph Alexander Weinman Tracy & Swartout 1926Burlington limestone
New Masonic Temple Missouri
3681 Lindell Boulevard,
St. Louis
NewMasonicSrLouis.JPG two pediments, front and rear, decorate the attic temple of a neo-Classical concrete Masonic lodge [99] Victor Berlendis [100] Eames & Young with Albert B. Groves 1926front: two lamassu standing in profile face a radiant central structure (perhaps a Masonic altar). rear: low-relief garlands and floral carving


Omaha Central High School Nebraska
124 N 20th Street,
Omaha Central HS from E 1.JPG Omaha Central High School pediment [101] Jacob Maag John Latenser Sr. 1912
Pawnee County Courthouse Nebraska
625 6th St.,
Pawnee City
40°6′29″N96°9′12″W / 40.10806°N 96.15333°W / 40.10806; -96.15333 (Pawnee County Courthouse)
Pawnee County, Nebraska courthouse N pediment.JPG William F. Gernandt 1911terra cottaClassical Revival county courthouse with sculpture of two men and two women appearing to "symbolize agriculture and the fertility of the county." [102]
Washington County Courthouse Nebraska

16th St. between Colfax and South Sts.,
41°32′24″N96°08′06″W / 41.54000°N 96.13500°W / 41.54000; -96.13500 (Washington County Courthouse (Blair, Nebraska))

Washington County, Nebraska courthouse N pediment.JPG
Washington County, Nebraska courthouse W pediment.JPG
O.H. Placey 1889painted metalTwo pediments, north and west, contain symbols of the county, appearing to be set loosely in place. Items symbolize "farming in the county, the immigrant experience, and county government." [103]

New Hampshire

Latchis TheatreNew Hampshire
55 Pleasant Street,
Claremont NH 15.JPG Pediment [104] Mason & Haynes 1928concrete
New Hampshire State House New Hampshire
107 North Main Street,
New Hampshire State House dome 5.JPG Seal of New Hampshire Stuart Park1819granite
New Hampshire State House c. 1875:
Dover City HallNew Hampshire
228 Central Avenue,
Dover City Hall 5.JPG Dover City Seal [105] Edward J. Richardson1935 [106] concrete
Saint Joseph ChurchNew Hampshire
150 Central Avenue,
St. Joseph Church Dover 5.JPG St. Joseph with Infant Child [107] Lualdi & SonsJames J. O'Shaughnessy1948Indiana limestone

New Jersey

Jersey City City HallNew Jersey
280 Grove Street,
Jersey City
two pediment sculpturesLewis Broome [108] 1896metalthree of five original pediments destroyed in 1955 fire [109]
William L. Dickinson High School New Jersey
2 Palisade Avenue,
Jersey City
Dickenson High JC jeh.jpg John T. Rowland 1906
American Insurance Company Building New Jersey
15 Washington Street,
American Insurance Company Bldg-Washington Park-Newark.jpg central eagle in deep relief, trailing garlands John H. & Wilson C. Ely 1930limestoneFormerly housed S. I. Newhouse Center for Law and Justice (Rutgers School of Law – Newark)
New Brunswick Free Public Library New Jersey
60 Livingston Avenue,
New Brunswick
Free Public Library, New Brunswick, NJ - pediment.jpg six full-length male and female figures in high reliefJacobson & Co., contractors [110] George K. Parsell1903part of the Livingston Avenue Historic District [111]
Old Passaic County Courthouse New Jersey
71 Hamilton Street,
Paterson, New Jersey
Passiac County Courthouse, Paterson, NJ, 1906.jpg multiple robed figures, the middle two of whom flank a seal or escutcheon, in deep relief Samuel Burrage Reed 1903marble [112]

New York

Buffalo History Museum
(built as the New York State Pavilion for the 1901 Pan-American Exposition)
New York
Delaware Park,
BuffaloHistory Museum pediment composite Amateis 1930.jpg Pediment [113] Edmond Amateis George Cary 1930Vermont white marble
Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society.jpg
The building's pediment was blank for the 1901 Pan-American Exposition. [114] Amateis created the pedimental sculptures and 9 relief panels, 1929-30. [115]
Greene County Courthouse [116] New York
GreeneCountyCourtHouse.jpg A. P. Lombard Company William J. Beardsley 1909Ohio sandstone
Hall of ChristNew York
Chautauqua Institution,
Wythe & South Streets,
Aula Christie pediment [117] Paul J. Pelz 1908 [118] concreteThe sculptured pediment features an open Bible emitting rays of knowledge.
Elmira City HallNew York
Lake & West Church Streets,
Elmira, New York (1548315882).jpg Arts & SciencesSouth pediment: The Arts and Sciences [119]
East pediment: Liberty?
New York Architectural Terra Cotta Company Pierce & Bickford 1895terra cotta
Bronx Zoo New York
Bronx Park,
2300 Southern Boulevard,
Bronx, New York City
Bronx Zoo 002.jpg Primate House: Orangutan Pediment [120] A. Phimister Proctor Heins & La Farge 1901stone
Annual report - New York Zoological Society (1906) (18431282595).jpg
Proctor also modeled the baboon figure atop the pediment and the monkey frieze along the building's cornice.
Annual report - New York Zoological Society (1903) (18432918771).jpg Lion House: Lion Pediment [121] Eli Harvey 1903stoneHarvey also modeled the seated lion sentinels and the lion heads in the building's cornice.
Brooklyn Museum New York
200 Eastern Parkway,
Brooklyn, New York City
Brooklyn Museum June 2008 sunset jeh.JPG Science and Art [122] Daniel Chester French
Adolph Alexander Weinman
Piccirilli Brothers (carvers)
McKim, Mead & White 1913Indiana limestone
Dime Savings Bank of Brooklyn New York
9 DeKalb Avenue, Brooklyn, New York City
Dime Savings Bank - Brooklyn, NY - DSC07877.JPG Morning and Evening of Life [123] Lee Lawrie Robert Helmer
Halsey, McCormack & Helmer
Dime Savings Bank Brooklyn.jpg
The original 1908 building, by architects Mowbray & Uffinger, had no pediment.
The portico and pediment were added by Helmer, 1931-32.
People's Trust CompanyNew York
183 Montague Street,
Brooklyn, New York City
Detail of bank building,181 Montague St., Brooklyn Heights 01 (9420475289).jpg a male and female figure recline on either side of an emblem Mowbray and Uffinger [124] 1903marble
People's Trust Company Building 183 Montague Street Brooklyn.jpg
Appellate Division Courthouse of New York State New York
35 East 25th Street,
Manhattan, New York City
2010 Appellate courthouse pediment center.jpg The Triumph of Law [125] Charles Henry Niehaus James Brown Lord 1900white marble
2010 Appellate courthouse pediment full.jpg
Daniel Chester French's acroterion sculpture Justice, atop the pediment.
Baudouine Building New York
1181-1183 Broadway,
Manhattan, New York City
Baudouine Building 1181 Broadway crop.jpg one fully carved pediment on an attic Greek temple, facing east; another two pediments on top floor contain floral designs [126] [127] Alfred Zucker 1896difficult to see from street level
Bowery Savings Bank New York
130 Bowery,
Manhattan, New York City
Bowery Savings Bank 130 Bowery from north.jpg 130 Bowery pediment2 identical sculpture groups [128] Frederick MacMonnies
Piccirilli Brothers (carvers)
Stanford White
McKim, Mead & White
1895limestoneThe L-shaped building has sculptured pediments on the Bowery and Grand Street facades.
Bowery Savings Bank 228 Grand Street at Elizabeth Street.jpg

228 Grand Street pediment:
Federal Hall (demolished)New York
Wall Street,
Manhattan, New York City
Federal hall02.jpg Eagle Pedimentunknown Pierre Charles L'Enfant 1788wood? George Washington's first presidential inauguration took place on the balcony in 1789.

Demolished 1812
Henry Clay Frick House
Frick Collection
New York
1 East 70th Street,
Manhattan, New York City
Frick Collection.jpg Garden pavilion, south pediment: [129] Philip Martiny
Ardolino Brothers (carvers)
Thomas Hastings 1914Bedford blue limestone
Henry C Frick House panoramic.jpg
Two of the rounded pediments adorn the garden pavilion, at left.
Piccirilli Attilio Frick pediment.jpg Garden pavilion, north pediment: Music [130] Attilio Piccirilli
Ardolino Brothers (carvers)
1914Bedford blue limestone
70th Street pediment: Sherry Fry [131] 1914
Henry C Frick House 010.JPG
Originally over the porte cochere. Now over the public entrance. Modeled by Audrey Munson.
71st Street pediment: Charles Keck 1914Originally over the porte cochere. Now beside the Frick Art Reference Library entrance.
Hudson River Railway Company Freight Terminal (demolished)
(New York Central Railroad)
New York
Hudson Street at St. John's Park,
Manhattan, New York City
Bas relief over old NYC HRRR (Hudson River Railroad) terminal at St. Jones Park, from Robert N. Dennis collection of stereoscopic views.jpg Cornelius Vanderbilt pediment Ernst Plassmann George Fischer & Brother, founder1868Statue: bronze
Relief: bronze
Cornelius GCT jeh.JPG
The statue was relocated in 1929 to Grand Central Terminal: [132]
The freight terminal site is now an approach to the Holland Tunnel.
Madison Square Presbyterian Church (demolished)New York
Madison Square,
24th Street & Madison Avenue,
Manhattan, New York City
Madison Square Presbyterian Church (1906) crop.jpg The Adoration of the Shrine of Truth
pedimental relief sculpture of the Ark of the Covenant, flanked by angels, cherubs, a knight and a shepherd figures in white & gold set against a blue background
Adolph Alexander Weinman Stanford White
McKim, Mead & White
Atlantic Terra Cotta Company
1910terra cotta
MMA Library exterior, 1920. Weinman MMA Bulletin March1920 p.276.jpg
MMA Library exterior, 1920.
The 44-foot-long pediment was removed prior to the church's demolition in 1919, and installed on the exterior of the Metropolitan Museum of Art Library. [133]
It was destroyed during a museum expansion in 1960.
Museum of the City of New York New York
1220-27 Fifth Avenue,
Manhattan, New York City
Museum of the City of New York, May 2008.jpg Seal of New York City Leo Friedlander Joseph H. Freedlander 1930white marble
New York City Police Headquarters New York
240 Center Street,
Manhattan, New York City
Police Building dome pediment and columns.jpg four pediments, with the main (western) facade featuring two figures on either side of a crest, trailing garlands, another version of the NYC municipal seal [134] Hoppin & Koen 1909
New York County Courthouse
(now New York State Supreme Court Building)
New York
60 Centre Street,
Manhattan, New York City
NYC - New York County Supreme Courthouse.jpg The True Administration of Justice is the Finest Pillar of Good Government [135] Frederick Warren Allen Guy Lowell 1927granite
New York County National Bank BuildingNew York
Eight Avenue and West 14th Street,
Manhattan, New York City
New York County National Bank Building.jpg a lone eagle, wings spread, centered in the pediment [136] unknown Rudolphe L. Daus
De Lemos & Cordes
New York Public Library Main Branch New York
Fifth Avenue & 42nd Street,
Manhattan, New York City
Northern pediment: The Arts [137] George Grey Barnard
John Donnelly (carver)
Ulysses Ricci
Carrère and Hastings 1917marble
New York Public Library - Panorama 21112004.jpg
The sculptured pediments are atop the end pavilions of the Fifth Avenue façade.
Southern pediment: History [138] George Grey Barnard
John Donnelly (carver)
Ulysses Ricci
New York Stock Exchange New York
11 Wall Street,
Manhattan, New York City
New York Stock Exchange LC-USZ62-124933.jpg Integrity Protecting the Works of Man [139] John Quincy Adams Ward
with Paul Wayland Bartlett
Gentulio Piccirilli (carver)
George Browne Post 1904white marble (1904)
painted copper (1936)
USA-NYC-New York Stock Exchange.JPG
Ward's marble figures were replaced with painted copper replicas in 1936.
St. Andrew's Roman Catholic Church New York
20 Cardinal Hayes Place,
Manhattan, New York City
StAndrewNewYork.JPG two male winged angels flank a cartouche [140] [141] Maginnis & Walsh with Robert J. Reiley 1939
St. Paul's Chapel New York
209 Broadway,
Manhattan, New York City
St Paul's Chapel sunny jeh.JPG Statue of St. Paul unknownThomas McBean1790wood (tulip poplar)
New York St. Paul's Chapel 1799.JPG
In a 1799 painting by Archibald Robertson:

The statue was replaced by a resin replica in 2016. [142] The original has been restored, [143] and is now housed inside the chapel.
John D. Rockefeller Estate
New York
200 Lake Road,
Pocantico Hills
Kykuit 3.JPG Francois Tonetti, possibly assisted by his spouse Mary Lawrence Tonetti Delano & Aldrich 1913
Kykuit, Tarrytown, NY - front facade.JPG
Rush Rhees Library New York
University of Rochester,
Rush rhees front.JPG Ulysses Ricci
Edward Ardolino (carver)
Charles A. Platt
Gordon & Kaelber
Hall of SpringsNew York
Saratoga Spa State Park,
Saratoga Springs
Saratoga State Park Hall of Springs 01Aug2008.jpg 3 pediments: Man and Nature Join Together in the Waters of the Springs [144]
Athena Introduces Asklepios to the Saratoga Springs [145]
The Infidelity of Asklepios [146]
George H. Snowden Joseph H. Freedlander 1934stone


Stark County Courthouse Ohio
Tuscarawas Street,
Stark County Courthouse and Annex 1.jpg Commerce - Justice - Agriculture - Industry [147] unknown George F. Hammond 1895
Stark County Courthouse (Canton, OH) edit.JPG
The 1870 Second Empire style courthouse was dramatically altered to a Beaux Arts style by Hammond, 1893-95. [148]
Cleveland Trust Company Building Ohio
9th Street & Euclid Avenue,
Cleveland Trust pediment.jpg
The Blessings of Land and Water [149] Karl Bitter George Browne Post & Sons1907granite
Cleveland Trust rotunda.jpg
Severance Hall Ohio
11001 Euclid Avenue,
HHSeverenceHall.jpg Severance Hall Pediment [150] Henry Hering Frank Ginn
Walker and Weeks
1931Indiana limestone
Stambaugh Auditorium Ohio
1000 Fifth Avenue,
Stambaugh Auditorium front.jpg Pediment Group [151] Gaetano Cecere Harvey Wiley Corbett 1926Indiana limestone


Carnegie Library (Guthrie, Oklahoma) Oklahoma
402 East Oklahoma Avenue,
Carnegie Library (Guthrie, Oklahoma).jpg South pediment2 identical pediments on south and west facadesJ. H. Bennett1903terra cotta?
Carnegie Library, 402 East Oklahoma Avenue, Guthrie (Logan County, Oklahoma).jpg


First National Bank Building Oregon
401 SW 5th Avenue,
First National Bank (Portland), frieze and cornice detail.jpg Seal of Oregon Territory flanked by allegorical figures Coolidge & Shattuck 1916
First National Bank - Portland Oregon.jpg


Kirby Hall, Lafayette College Pennsylvania
730 High Street,
Lafayette College Easton PA 18 building.jpg two female figures with props (fasces, scales, crown, owl, a pile of books) flank a rectangular panel reading "Hall of Civil Rights", with eagle perched above [152] Edward McCartan Warren and Wetmore 1930
Lynnewood Hall Pennsylvania
920 Spring Avenue,
Elkins Park
Lynnewood Hall, 920 Spring Avenue, Elkins Park, Montgomery County, PA HABS PA,46-ELKPA,3-4.tif Pedimental sculpture [153] Henri-Léon Gréber Horace Trumbauer 1914 Caen stone
LynnewoodHall front.jpg
Trumbauer altered the 1897 mansion's original pediment to accommodate Gréber's sculpture group. [154]
Westmoreland County Courthouse Pennsylvania
2 North Main Street,
Greensburg-pennsylvania-courthouse.jpg William S. Kaufman 1906
Matthew Ryan Legislative Office BuildingPennsylvania
Third Street and Pine
Pennsylvania State Capitol Complex,
Harrisburg Mar 5 2010 086.jpg version of Coat of Arms of Pennsylvania John T. Windrim 1893built as Executive Library and Museum Building [155]
Broad Street Station (demolished) Pennsylvania
Broad & Market Streets,
Schevill Karl Bitter pediment Pennsylvania Railroad station Philadelphia.jpg Fire and Water Tamed and Harnessed to the Service of Man Karl Bitter Frank Furness 1894red terra cotta
Sweet's 1906 p.271.jpg
Installed above the entrance to the 15th Street tunnel.

Demolished 1953
First Bank of the United States Pennsylvania
120 South 3rd Street,
First Bank of the United States 7.tiff Eagle Pediment [156] Clodius F. Legrand & SonsSamuel Blodgett (attributed),
possibly with James Hoban [157]
1797painted mahogany
FirstBankofUS00 crop.jpg
Free Library of Philadelphia
Parkway Central Library
1901 Vine Street,
Philadelphia Free Library pediment.jpg Eastern pediment: History of Printing [158] John Donnelly & Company [159] Horace Trumbauer 1927limestone
Free Library of Philadelphia Front 3008px.jpg
Vine Street façade:
Pediment Of The Central Library (Philadelphia, PA).jpg
Putti with books and screw printing press:
Philadelphia Free Library.jpg Western pediment: WritingJohn Donnelly & Company [160] 1927limestone
Detail of the Pediment Of The Central Library (Philadelphia, PA).jpg
Putti with paper and typewriter:
Germantown High School Pennsylvania
40 High Street,
a central winged female figure is flanked by 11 other figures, with children holding scrolls, skulls, a locomotive, other allegorical propsLouis Milione [161] 1914 [162]
Girard Trust Corn Exchange Bank
(now Ritz-Carlton Philadelphia)
34-35 South Broad Street,
EAST (FRONT) ELEVATION - Girard Trust Corn Exchange Bank, 34-36 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, PA HABS PA,51-PHILA,319-1.tif Relief portrait bust of Stephen Girard flanked by sailing ships Frank Furness (preliminary design)
Allen Evans (plan)
McKim, Mead & White (detailing) [163]
1908white marble
Ritz-Carlton Philadelphia:
Philadelphia County Family Court BuildingPennsylvania
1801 Vine Street,
Family Court Building Philadelphia.jpg Eastern pediment: Family UnityGiuseppe Donato John T. Windrim
Morton Keast
Logan Square.JPG
The building is a near twin to the Parkway Central Library (left).
Western pediment: Family Protection [164] Louis Milione1940limestone
Philadelphia Museum of Art Pennsylvania
Benjamin Franklin Parkway,
Pediment, Philly Art Museum (2).jpg Western Civilization [165] C. Paul Jennewein Horace Trumbauer
Zantzinger & Borie
1932polychrome terra cottaThe museum's exterior features 8 pediments. Only this sculpture group has been completed.
The one-third-size plaster models for sculptor John Gregory's never-completed Pursuit of Wisdom Pediment (1926) are in PMA's collection. [166]
Rodin Museum Pennsylvania
Benjamin Franklin Parkway & 21st Street,
Rodin Museum Entry Philadelphia.jpg replica of the Meudon Monument (Rodin's grave)Benedict Stone Corp. Paul Philippe Cret 1929limestone
sculpture: cast stone
Meudon Monument Tombe de Rodin 2.JPG
Meudon Monument
The Meudon Monument features the ruins of an 18th-century façade from the Château d'Issy (burned 1871). Rodin's grave is marked by a copy of his most famous sculpture, The Thinker . [167]
University of Pennsylvania Law School (now Silverman Hall) [168] Pennsylvania
34th & Chestnut Streets,
University of Pennsylvania Law School.JPG pediment with two unicorns flanking cartouche, eagle above Edward Maene Cope and Stewardson 1902limestoneThe building was modeled after Christopher Wren's 1689–1702 addition to Hampton Court Palace, which shows a similar heraldic image but with no pediment.

South Carolina

Charleston City Hall
(formerly Charleston Branch, Bank of the United States)
South Carolina
80 Broad Street,
Charleston, SC, City Hall IMG 4582.JPG Charleston City Seal [169] James E. Walker & Brothers Gabriel Manigault (attributed), 1804 [170]

Charles Reichardt, 1839
PEDIMENT CARTOUCHE AND 2ND FLOOR CORNICE (SOUTH SIDE) - Bank of the United States, 80 Broad Street, Charleston, Charleston County, SC HABS SC,10-CHAR,108-6.tif
Manigault designed the building as the Charleston Branch, Bank of the United States, 1804. Reichardt altered it into the City Hall, 1839. The seal's Latin motto translates, '"The Body Politic, She Guards Her Buildings, Customs and Laws." The building is the "second-oldest city hall in continuous use in America." [171]
South Carolina National Bank of Charleston South Carolina
16 Broad Street,
South Carolina National Bank.jpg carved, gilded eagle [172] unknownunknown1817gilded oak
PEDIMENT EAGLE (see also SC-562-1) - Second Bank of the United States, 16 Broad Street, Charleston, Charleston County, SC HABS SC,10-CHAR,233-3.tif


Shelby County Courthouse Tennessee
160 Adams Street,
Shelby County Court Adams Ave at Second St Memphis TN 05.jpg Four pediment groups: Canon Law, Roman Law, Statutory Law, Civil Law and Criminal Law . J. Massey Rhind H. D. Hale and James Gamble Rogers [173] Building constructed in 1909 [173]
Parthenon Tennessee
Centennial Park,
Nashville Parthenon 004.JPG East pediment: The Birth of Athena [174] George Julian Zolnay (1897)
Belle Kinney (1931)
Leopold Scholz (1931)
Capt. W.C. Smith, (1897)
Russell E. Hart, (1931)
1931painted concreteNashville's nickname is "The Athens of the South," and a replica of the Parthenon was built to be the main attraction at the 1897 Tennessee Centennial Exposition. Constructed of artificial stone over wood, it was expected to be temporary building.
A permanent replica, constructed of concrete over a steel armature, was begun in the 1920s and completed in 1931. [175]
Centennial Park, Parthenon back.JPG West pediment: The Battle between Athena and Poseidon [176]
Schermerhorn Symphony Center Tennessee
1 Symphony Place,
Schermerhorn.jpg Raymond Kaskey David M. Schwarz
Earl Swensson Associates
2006marbleHome of the Nashville Symphony


Noyes BuildingUtah
Snow College,
150 East College Avenue,
Snow College, Noyes Building.jpg The Three Muses [177] Richard C. Watkins1903painted tin over carved wood or plaster


George Washington Masonic National Memorial Virginia
101 Callahan Drive,
GWMNM1.jpg George Washington Medallion [178] Gail Sherman Corbett Harvey Wiley Corbett 1932granite
George Washington Masonic National Memorial from King Street Washington Metro station.JPG
Cabell HallVirginia
University of Virginia,
Old Cabell Hall UVa pediment with Homer statue b&w.jpg Ye Shall Know the Truth, and the Truth Shall Make You Free [179] George Julian Zolnay Stanford White
McKim, Mead & White
1898painted concrete
Old Cabell Hall and Homer University of Virginia.jpg

West Virginia

Marion County Courthouse West Virginia
Adams & Jefferson Streets,
Marion County Courthouse Fairmont.jpg Entrance Pediment [180] W. D. Priest of Whyte & Priest Yost & Packard 1900stone
Tyler County Courthouse and Jail West Virginia
Main & Dodd Streets,
Tyler County Courthouse WV.jpg seated Justice flanked by male and female supplicants [181] unknownHolmboe and Pogue1922The portico and pediment date from the 1922 redesign of an 1854 building.


Wisconsin State Capitol Wisconsin
2 East Main Street,
WiscCap2.jpg East pediment: Liberty Supported by the Law [182] Karl Bitter
John Grignola (carver)
George Browne Post & Sons1910Bethel Vermont granite [183]
Wisconsin State Capitol pediment (west) - Madison, WI - DSC02770.JPG West pediment: Wisconsin State Resources [184] Karl Bitter1917Bethel Vermont granite
Schevill Karl Bitter Wisconsin State Capitol east wing pediment.jpg
Bitter's plaster model for the west pediment.
WiscCap5AP.jpg North pediment: The Learning of the World [185] Attilio Piccirilli
Furio Piccirilli (carver)
1915Bethel white granite
WiscCap3AAW.jpg South pediment: Wisdom, Thought, and Reflection [186] Adolph Alexander Weinman 1917Bethel Vermont granite
Germania Building Wisconsin
135 W. Wells Street,
Germania Building, Milwaukee, WI, USA, pediment.jpg two pediments: lower on entry portico has two putti flanking cartouche, upper with two seated figures flanking cartouche reading "1896" [187] Carl Kuehns of the Milwaukee Ornamental Carving Company [188] Schnetsky & Liebert 1896stone Germania Building.jpg

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<span class="mw-page-title-main">Architectural sculpture</span> Use of sculptural techniques in architecture

Architectural sculpture is the use of sculptural techniques by an architect and/or sculptor in the design of a building, bridge, mausoleum or other such project. The sculpture is usually integrated with the structure, but freestanding works that are part of the original design are also considered to be architectural sculpture. The concept overlaps with, or is a subset of, monumental sculpture.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Whitley County Courthouse (Indiana)</span> United States historic place

The Whitley County Courthouse is an historic courthouse building located at Van Buren and Main Streets in Columbia City, Indiana, the seat of Whitley County. It was constructed in 1888, and is a three-story, cruciform plan, French Renaissance style Indiana limestone building designed by Brentwood S. Tolan. It has a slate roof and galvanized iron central dome.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Carl Conrads</span> American sculptor (1839–1920)

Carl H. Conrads was an American sculptor best known for his work on Civil War monuments and his two works in the National Statuary Hall Collection at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. He was also known as Charles Conrads.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">New York Court of Appeals Building</span> Offices of New York states highest court in Albany

The New York Court of Appeals Building, officially referred to as Court of Appeals Hall, is located at the corner of Eagle and Pine streets in central Albany, New York, United States. It is a stone Greek Revival building built in 1842 from a design by Henry Rector. In 1971 it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places, one of seven buildings housing a state's highest court currently so recognized. Seven years later it was included as a contributing property when the Lafayette Park Historic District was listed on the Register.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Jefferson County Courthouse (Birmingham, Alabama)</span> United States historic place

The Jefferson County Courthouse in Birmingham, Alabama is the main county courthouse of Jefferson County, Alabama. It is the county's sixth main courthouse building, and the third in Birmingham. The cornerstone was laid in 1929, and the building was completed in 1932. The prior courthouse was demolished in 1937. The new courthouse was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1982.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Domingo Mora</span> American sculptor

Domingo Mora (1840–1911) was a Spanish-American sculptor and architectural sculptor.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Eric Gugler</span> American architect and artist (1889–1974)

Eric Gugler was an American Neoclassical architect, interior designer, sculptor and muralist. He was selected by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to design the Oval Office.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Voelcker & Dixon</span>

Voelcker & Dixon was an architectural firm based in Wichita Falls, Texas which designed numerous county courthouses in Texas and some works elsewhere. At least two of their works, the Jack County Courthouse in Jacksboro, Texas and the Chicot County Courthouse in Lake Village, Arkansas, are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Santa Cruz County Courthouse (Arizona)</span> United States historic place

The Santa Cruz County Courthouse in Nogales, Arizona was built in 1903. It is a Classical Revival style building. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1977.


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