Timeline of the introduction of radio in countries

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A map showing when radio broadcasting was introduced in each country.
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1920s, 1st half, or earlier (33)
1920s, 2nd half (53)
1930s (56)
1940s (35)
1950s (27)
1960s or later (17)
No data Radio-introduction-world-map.png
A map showing when radio broadcasting was introduced in each country.
  1920s, 1st half, or earlier (33)
  1920s, 2nd half (53)
  1930s (56)
  1940s (35)
  1950s (27)
  1960s or later (17)
  No data

This is a list of when the first radio broadcasts to the public occurred in the mentioned countries and territories. Non-public field tests and closed circuit demonstrations are not referred to; neither are license dates or dates of the official opening.


Basis for each entry is the time of introduction. Listed are independent countries, dependent territories and territories within a country only if they became independent later or if it is a large country and there is a vast time difference with the introduction in different parts.

Each entry comprises: the flag linked to the country or territory, the name of the country or territory and, in parentheses, the designation of the radio station (either by call sign or by name, linked to a main article), its city and some additional information.


1910s and 1920s

YearCountries and territories
1916 Flag of the United States (1912-1959).svg United States (2XG New York City; 8MK Detroit > WWJ & 8XK Pittsburgh > KDKA 1920)
1919 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Netherlands (PCGG The Hague; HDO Hilversum 1923)
1920 Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina (LOR Buenos Aires), Canadian Red Ensign (1868-1921).svg Canada (XWA Montreal > 9AM > CFCF)
1921 Flag of Australia (converted).svg Australia (2CM Sydney), Flag of France.svg France (R. Tour Eiffel, Paris), Flag of Mexico (1916-1934).svg Mexico (TND Monterrey)
1922 Flag of Brazil (1889-1960).svg Brazil (SPE Rio de Janeiro), [1] Flag of Cuba (sky blue).svg Cuba (2LC Havana, followed by PWX), Flag of New Zealand.svg New Zealand (R. Dunedin > 4AB), Flag of Paraguay (1842-1954).svg Paraguay (CXZ-27 Asunción; ZP1 1926), Flag of the Philippines (1919-1936).svg Philippines (KZKZ Manila), Flag of Puerto Rico (1895-1952).png Puerto Rico (WKAQ San Juan), Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom (2MT Writtle; [2] 2LO London), Flag of Uruguay.svg Uruguay (CW90A R. Paradizábal, Montevideo; [3] CWOA 1927)
1923 Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Belgium (R. Bruxelles), Flag of Chile.svg Chile (CBC R. Chilena Santiago), Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Czechoslovakia (Radiojournal, Prague), Flag of Germany (3-2 aspect ratio).svg Germany (Funk-Stunde, Berlin), British Raj Red Ensign.svg India (2FV R. Club Bombay > IBC 1927), Flag of the Shanghai International Settlement.svg Shanghai (XRO Shanghai), Red Ensign of South Africa (1912-1951).svg South Africa (JB Johannesburg), Flag of Switzerland (Pantone).svg Switzerland (2HB Lausanne) [4]
1924 Flag of Austria.svg Austria (RAVAG, Vienna), Flag of the Dominican Republic.svg Dominican Republic (HIH Santo Domingo; HIX 1928), [5] Flag of Italy (1861-1946) crowned.svg Italy (IRO Rome URI), Flag of Luxembourg.svg Luxembourg (R. Luxembourg), Dominion of Newfoundland Red Ensign.svg Newfoundland (8WMC St. John's > VOWR), Flag of the British Straits Settlements (1925-1946).svg Singapore (1SE AWSM > ZHI 1933), [6] Flag of the Soviet Union (1924-1936).svg Soviet Union (Moscow: RA1 Komintern, RA2 MGSPS), Flag of Spain (1785-1873, 1875-1931).svg Spain (EAJ2 Madrid, EAJ1 Barcelona), Flag of Yugoslavia (1918-1941).svg YU: Serbia (R. Belgrade; Rakovica 1924)
1925 Flag of Afghanistan (1919-1921).svg Afghanistan (R. Kabul), Flag of France.svg Algeria (8DB Algiers), Flag of the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic (1919-1927).svg Byelorussian SSR (RA18 Minsk), Flag of Ceylon (1875-1948).svg Ceylon (Colombo R.), Flag of Denmark.svg Denmark (Statsradiofonien, Copenhagen), Flag of the Netherlands.svg Dutch East Indies (BRX, Batavia > NIROM), [7] Flag of Hungary (1915-1918, 1919-1946).svg Hungary (Magyar Telefonhírmondó és Rádió Rt., Budapest; wired Hírmondó 1893), Merchant flag of Japan (1870).svg Japan (JOAK Tokyo), Flag of Japan (1870-1999).svg Kwantung (JQAK Dairen), Flag of Latvia.svg Latvia (Radiofon Riga), Flag of Norway.svg Norway (Kringkastingsselskapet, Oslo), Flag of Peru.svg Peru (OAX Lima), Flag of Portugal.svg Portugal (P1AA Lisbon), Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden (Radiotjänst, Stockholm), Flag of the Ukrainian SSR (1927-1937).svg Ukrainian SSR (RA21 Kharkov)
1926 Flag of SSRA.svg Armenian SSR (RA49 Yerevan), Flag of Azerbaijan SSR (1937-1940).svg Azerbaijan SSR (RA45 Baku), British Burma 1937 flag.svg Burma (2HZ R. Club Rangoon), Flag of China (1912-1928).svg China (XOH Harbin; Flag of the Republic of China.svg XKM Nanjing 1928; Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg XNCR Yan'an 1940); Flag of the Czech Republic.svg CZ: Slovakia (Radiojournal, Bratislava), Flag of the Free City of Danzig.svg Danzig (Landessender Danzig), Flag of Egypt (1922-1958).svg Egypt (R. Farouk et al., Cairo), [8] Flag of El Salvador.svg El Salvador (AQM San Salvador), Flag of Estonia.svg Estonia (R. Ringhääling, Tallinn), Flag of Finland.svg Finland (Yle, Helsinki; 3NB Tampere 1924), Flag of the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic (1921-1922).svg Georgian SSR (RA27 Tbilisi), Flag of Iceland (1918-1944).svg Iceland (H.f. Útvarp, Reykjavík), Flag of Ireland.svg Ireland (2RN Dublin), Flag of Lithuania.svg Lithuania (Lietuvos radijas, Kaunas), Flag of Poland.svg Poland (Polskie R., Warsaw), Flag of Venezuela (1905-1930).svg Venezuela (AYRE Caracas), Flag of Yugoslavia (1918-1941).svg Yugoslavia: Croatia (R. Zagreb)
1927 Bandera de Bolivia (Estado).svg Bolivia (CPX La Paz; CP1AA 1922), Flag of Costa Rica.svg Costa Rica (TI4NRH Heredia), Flag of Kenya (1921-1963).svg  Kenya (VQ7LO Nairobi), Flag of Japan (1870-1999).svg Korea, South (JODK Keijo), Ottoman flag.svg Turkey (İstanbul Radyosu), Flag of the Turkmen Soviet Socialist Republic (1937-1940).svg Turkmen SSR (RA6 Ashgabat), Flag of the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic(1937-1938).png Uzbek SSR (RA27 Tashkent)
1928 Flag of Greece (1822-1978).svg Greece (Thessaloniki; YRE 1938), Flag of Honduras (1866-1898).svg Honduras (HRB La Voz del Trópico, Tegucigalpa), Flag of Hong Kong 1876.svg Hong Kong (GOW), Merchant flag of French Morocco.svg Morocco (R. Maroc), British Raj Red Ensign.svg Pakistan (YMCA, Lahore; Karachi 1926), [9] Flag of Romania.svg Rumania (R. Bukarest), Flag of Japan (1870-1999).svg Taiwan (JFAK Taihoku), Flag of Thailand.svg Thailand (4PJ Bangkok), Flag of Colonial Annam.svg Vietnam: Tonkin (R. Sindex, Haiphong), Flag of Yugoslavia (1918-1941).svg YU: Slovenia (R. Ljubljana)
1929 Flag of Colombia.svg Colombia (HJN Bogotá), [10] Flag of Ecuador (1900-2009).svg Ecuador (El Prado, Riobamba), Flag of France.svg Réunion (R. Saint-Denis)


YearCountries and territories
1930 Flag of Bermuda 1910.svg Bermuda (TJW Hamilton), [11] Flag of Bulgaria.svg Bulgaria (Rodno R., Sofia), Flag of Guatemala.svg Guatemala (TGW La Voz de Guatemala, Guatemala City), Flag of the Federated Malay States (1895-1946).svg Malaysia (KLAWS, Kuala Lumpur), Flag of France.svg Saint Pierre and Miquelon (R. Club), Flag of Tunisia with French canton.svg Tunisia (Tunis Kasbah), Flag of Colonial Annam.svg Vietnam: Cochinchina (FZS Saigon)
1931 Flag of Kazakh SSR (1937-1940).svg Kazakh SSR (RV60 Alma-Ata), Flag of France.svg Madagascar (R. Tananarive), Flag of the Samoa Trust Territory.svg Samoa (5ZA Apia), Flag of Tajik SSR (1937-1940).svg Tajik SSR (RV47 Stalinabad), Flag of Vatican City State - 2023 version.svg Vatican City (Vatican R.)
1932 Flag of Southern Rhodesia (1924-1964).svg Southern Rhodesia (ZEA Salisbury)
1933 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Curaçao (CUROM Willemstad), Flag of Portugal.svg Macau (CQN/CRY-9), Flag of Portugal.svg Mozambique (LM Radio, Lourenço Marques), Flag of Panama.svg Panama (HPJ5 R. Tembleque, Panama City), Merchant flag of Spanish Morocco.svg Spanish Morocco (EAJ-21 Melilla)
1934 Flag of France.svg French Polynesia (FO8AA R. Club Oceanien, Papeete), Flag of the People's Republic of Mongolia (1924-1930).svg Mongolia (R. Ulaanbaatar), Flag of Nicaragua (1908-1971).svg Nicaragua (YNLF Managua), Provincia de Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Escudo.svg Tenerife (EAJ-43 R. Club Tenerife, Santa Cruz)
1935 Flag of British Guiana (1919-1955).svg British Guiana (VP3BG Georgetown > ZFY), Flag of the Netherlands.svg Dutch Guiana (AVROS, Paramaribo), Flag of Ethiopia (1897-1936; 1941-1974).svg Ethiopia (R. Addis Ababa), Flag of Fiji (1924-1970).svg Fiji (ZJV Suva), Flag of France.svg French Equatorial Africa [AEF]/Congo (R. Club Brazzaville), Flag of Haiti (1859-1964).svg Haiti (HHK Port-au-Prince), Flag of Hyderabad 1900-1947.svg Hyderabad (VUV Deccan R.), Flag of Leeward Islands (1871-1956).svg Leeward Islands (VP2LO Caribbean Broadcasting Service, Basseterre > ZIZ), Flag of Malta (1923-1943).svg Malta (Radju Malta, Valletta), Flag of Kingdom of Mysore.svg Mysore (VU7MC Ākāśavāṇī), Flag of the Territory of Papua.svg Papua (4PM Port Moresby) [12]
1936 Flag of the Bahamas (1923-1953).svg Bahamas (ZNS Nassau), Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Botswana (ZNB Mafeking), Flag of Iraq (1924-1959).svg Iraq (R. Baghdad), Flag of Japan (1870-1999).svg Korea, North (JBBK Heijō), Provincia de Las Palmas - Escudo.svg Las Palmas (EAJ-50 R. Las Palmas), Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Palestine (PBS, Jerusalem/Ramallah), Flag of the Tuvan People's Republic (1933-1939).svg Tyva (R. Kyzyl) [13]
1937 Flag of Portugal.svg Angola (CR6AA Lobito), [14] Flag of Congo Free State.svg Belgian Congo (OQ2AA R. Léo, Léopoldville), Flag of British Honduras (1919-1981).svg British Honduras (ZIK-2 Belize), Flag of France.svg Guadeloupe (R. Guadeloupe), Snake Flag of Martinique.svg Martinique (R. Martinique), Flag of France.svg New Caledonia (FK8AA Nouméa)
1938 Flag of Albania (1934-1939).svg Albania (R. Tirana), Flag of the Kyrgyz SSR (1940-1952).svg Kirghiz SSR (RV6 Frunze; wired earlier), Lebanese French flag.svg Lebanon (R. Levant), Flag of Italy (1861-1946).svg Libya (ITR Tripoli), Flag of Liechtenstein (1937-1982).svg Liechtenstein (R. Liechtenstein), Flag of Italy (1861-1946).svg Italian Somaliland (R. Mogadiscio)
1939 Flag of Andorra.svg Andorra (R. Andorra), British Raj Red Ensign.svg Bangladesh (All India Radio, Dhaka), Baroda flag.svg Baroda (Baroda), Flag of France.svg French West Africa [AOF]/Senegal (R. AOF, Dakar), Flag of Jamaica (1906-1957).svg Jamaica (VP5PZ Kingston) [15]


YearCountries and territories
1940 Flag of Bahrain (1932 to 1972).svg Bahrain (R. Bahrain > Arabic 1955), Flag of the Gold Coast (1877-1957).svg Gold Coast (ZOY Accra; wired 1935), State Flag of Iran (1925).svg Iran (R. Tehran), Flag of Aden (1937-1963).svg South Yemen (ZNR Aden R. > 1954), Flag of the Governor-General of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan.svg Sudan (R. Omdurman)
1941 Flag of France.svg AEF: French Cameroons (R. Douala), Flag of Northern Rhodesia (1939-1964).svg Northern Rhodesia (R. Lusaka), Flag of Japan (1870-1999).svg Palau (JRAK Koror), Kokbayraq flag.svg Xinjiang (R. Dihua; wired 1935), [16] Flag of Yugoslavia (1918-1943).svg YU: Macedonia (R. Skoplje)
1942 US flag 48 stars.svg American Samoa (WVUV Leone), Flag of the Falkland Islands (1925-1948).svg Falkland Islands (Falklands R.), Flag of Denmark.svg Greenland (Grønlands R., Godthåb), Flag of Syria (1932-1958; 1961-1963).svg Syria (R. Damas)
1943 Flag of British Somaliland (1903-1950).svg British Somaliland (R. Hargeisa), Flag of France.svg French Somaliland (R. Djibouti), Flag of Monaco.svg Monaco (R. Monte Carlo), Flag of Kingdom of Travancore.svg Travancore (Thiruvananthapuram)
1944 Flag of the Gilbert and Ellice Islands (1937-1976).svg Gilbert and Ellice Islands (WXLF Tarawa), Flag of Guam.svg Guam (WXLI Agana), Flag of the British New Hebrides (1906-1952).svg New Hebrides (WVUR Espiritu Santo), Flag of the Solomon Islands (1906-1947).svg Solomon Islands (WVUQ Guadalcanal), Flag of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands.svg Northern Mariana Islands (WXLD Saipan), Yugoslav Partisans flag 1945.svg YU: Montenegro (R. Cetinje)
1945 Yugoslav Partisans flag 1945.svg YU: Bosnia and Herzegovina (R. Sarajevo), Yugoslav Partisans flag 1945.svg YU: Kosovo (R. Pristina), Flag of North Vietnam 1945-1955.svg YU: Vietnam (Voice of Vietnam)
1946 Flag of Cambodia under French protection.svg Cambodia (R. Cambodge), Flag of Spain (1945 - 1977).svg Spanish Guinea (R. Atlántica, Fernando Póo), Flag of the Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemen.svg Yemen (Sana'a R. > 1955)
1947 Flag of Portugal.svg Portuguese Guinea (CMQ Bissau), Flag of Trinidad and Tobago (1889-1958).svg Trinidad and Tobago (R. Trinidad, Port of Spain)
1948 Flag of Portugal.svg Portuguese India (R. Goa), Flag of Nigeria (1914-1952).svg Nigeria (R. Nigeria; wired 1935) [17]
1949 Flag of France.svg AOF: Ivory Coast (R. Abidjan), Flag of South Africa (1928-1994).svg South West Africa (SABC via sw), Flag of Saudi Arabia (1938-1973).svg Saudi Arabia (R. Mecca, Jeddah)


YearCountries and territories
1950 Flag of Liberia.svg Liberia (ELBC Monrovia), Flag of Tibet.svg Tibet (R. Lhasa), [18] Flag of the United States Virgin Islands.svg U.S. Virgin Islands (WSTA Charlotte Amalie)
1951 Flag of France.svg French Guiana (R. Cayenne), Flag of Kuwait 1940-1961.png Kuwait (R. Kuwait), Flag of French Laos.svg Laos (RNL, Vientiane), Flag of Nepal.svg Nepal (R. Nepal, Kathmandu), Flag of Tanganyika (1923-1961).svg Tanganyika (Sauti ya Dar es Salaam), Flag of Zanzibar Under British Rule.svg Zanzibar (Sauti ya Unguja) [19]
1953 Blue Ensign of Cyprus (1922).svg Cyprus (CyBS, Nicosia; BBC 1948), Flag of France.svg AOF: Dahomey (R. Cotonou), Flag of France.svg AOF: French Guinea (R. Conakry), Flag of Togo (1957-1958).svg AOF: French Togoland (R. Lomé)
1954 Flag of Sarawak (1946-1963).svg Sarawak (R. Sarawak, Kuching), Flag of the British Windward Islands (1903-1953).svg Windward Islands (WIBS, St. George's, Grenada) [20]
1955 Flag of France.svg AEF: Chad (R. Tchad, Fort Lamy), Flag of North Borneo (1948-1963).svg North Borneo (R. Sabah, Jesselton), Flag of Sierra Leone 1916-1961.gif Sierra Leone (SLBS, Freetown; wired 1934)
1956 Flag of Jordan.svg Jordan (Radio Jordan)
1957 Flag of Brunei 1906-1959.svg Brunei (RTB), Flag of French Sudan.svg AOF: French Sudan (R. Soudan, Bamako), Flag of France.svg AOF: Mauritania (R. Mauritanie, Saint-Louis, Senegal)
1958 Flag of France.svg AEF: Ubangi-Shari (R. Bangui), Government Ensign of Gibraltar.svg Gibraltar (R. Gibraltar), Flag of France.svg AOF: Niger (R. Niger, Niamey), Flag of the Uganda Protectorate.svg Uganda (UBS, Kampala)
1959 Flag of Upper Volta.svg AOF: Upper Volta (R. Haute Volta, Ouagadougou), Flag of Gabon 1959-1960.svg AEF: Gabon (R. Gabon, Libreville)


YearCountries and territories
1960 Flag of Australia (converted).svg New Guinea (VL9BR Rabaul), Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Ruanda-Urundi (R. Usumbura)
1961 Flag of France.svg Comoros (R. Comores, Moroni), Flag of Spain (1945 - 1977).svg Spanish Sahara (EAJ-202/203 R. Sahara, El Aaiún), [21] Flag of Tonga.svg Tonga (ZCO Nukuʻalofa)
1962 Flag of The Gambia (1889-1965).svg Gambia (R. Gambia, Bakau), Flag of the Maldives 1953.svg Maldives (Malé R.)
1963 Flag of Barbados (1870-1966).svg Barbados (R. Barbados; wired 1935)
1964 Unofficial Basutoland Ensign.svg Lesotho (R. Lesotho, Maseru), Flag of Malawi.svg Malawi (MBC, Blantyre)
1965 Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Swaziland (SBS, Mbabane), Flag of Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah.svg Trucial States (Voice of the Coast, Sharjah)
1968 Flag of Nauru.svg Nauru (NBS)
1969 Flag of Anguilla.svg Anguilla (R. Anguilla, The Valley)

1970s and 1990s

YearCountries and territories
1970 Old Flag of Oman.svg Oman (R. Sultanate of Oman, Muscat)
1973 Flag of Bhutan.svg Bhutan (Radio NYAB, Thimphu)
1993 Flag of San Marino.svg San Marino (R. San Marino)

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