London Borough of Redbridge

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London Borough of Redbridge
Coat of arms
LBRedbridge logo.png
Council logo
Redbridge in Greater London.svg
Redbridge shown within Greater London
Sovereign state United Kingdom
Constituent country England
Region London
Ceremonial county Greater London
Created1 April 1965
Admin HQ Ilford
  Type London borough council
  Body Redbridge London Borough Council
  LeadershipLeader & Cabinet
Leader, Cllr Jas Athwal
Deputy, Cllr Elaine Norman (Labour)
  MayorCllr Zulfiqar Hussain (LAB)
  London Assembly Keith Prince (CON) AM for Havering and Redbridge
   MPs John Cryer (LAB)
Iain Duncan Smith (CON)
Sam Tarry (LAB)
Wes Streeting (LAB)
  Total21.78 sq mi (56.41 km2)
Area rank257th (of 309)
 (mid-2019 est.)
  Rank42nd (of 309)
  Density14,000/sq mi (5,400/km2)
  Ethnicity [1]
34.5% White British
1.4% White Irish
0.1% White Gypsy or Irish Traveller
6.6% Other White
1.1% White & Black Caribbean
0.6% White & Black African
1.2% White & Asian
1.2% Other Mixed
16.4% Indian
11.1% Pakistani
5.7% Bangladeshi
1.1% Chinese
7.4% Other Asian
4.4% Black African
3.2% Black Caribbean
1.2% Other Black
0.6% Arab
2.1% Other
Time zone UTC (GMT)
  Summer (DST) UTC+1 (BST)
Area code(s) 020
ONS code 00BC
GSS code E09000026
Police Metropolitan Police

The London Borough of Redbridge is a London borough in East London, England. [2] It is home to Redbridge Institute of Adult Education [3] and Redbridge Football Club. It borders four other London boroughs: Waltham Forest to the west, Newham to the south-west, Barking and Dagenham to the south-east and Havering to the east, as well as the shire county of Essex to the north.


Its administrative headquarters is at Redbridge Town Hall in Ilford. Wanstead and Woodford are the other principal settlements. The local authority is Redbridge London Borough Council.


The name comes from a bridge over the River Roding which was demolished in 1921. The bridge was made of red brick, unlike other bridges in the area made of white stone. The name had first been applied to the Redbridge area and Redbridge tube station was opened in 1947. It was earlier known as Hocklee's Bridge. [4]

Places of interest

Parks and open spaces

Redbridge has more than 35 parks, playgrounds and open spaces. These include Hainault Forest Country Park, with 300 acres of countryside including adventure play areas, cafe and petting zoo; Roding Valley Park, a wildlife sanctuary with a range of flora and fauna and woodland areas; Valentines Park, including Valentines Mansion, ornamental gardens, bowling green and outdoor gym; and Claybury Woods and Park, a conservation area that features an ancient area of oak and hornbeam woodland, meadows and wildlife ponds. [5]

Arts and culture

Valentines Mansion is a Georgian country house and gardens in the grounds of Valentines Park, Ilford. [6]

Kenneth More Theatre in Oakfield Road, Ilford opened in 1975. [7]

Redbridge Museum, which opened in 2000, is situated on the second floor of Redbridge Central Library, Clements Road, Ilford, along with the Redbridge Heritage Centre. [8] [9]

The Embassy Cinema is an Art Deco former cinema in Chadwell Heath. It opened in 1934 and closed in 1966, but is currently the focus of a major restoration project. [10]


Redbridge has 13 libraries across the borough. This includes the Redbridge Central Library, in Clements Road, Ilford, which had a major refurbishment in 2012. The libraries offer a number of services including reading clubs, story time sessions, study areas and learning resources. The libraries in Redbridge are: [11]

  • Aldersbrook Library
  • Clayhall Library
  • Fullwell Cross Library
  • Gants Hill Library
  • Goodmayes Library
  • Hainault Library
  • Redbridge Central Library
  • Keith Axon Library
  • Seven Kings Library
  • South Woodford Library
  • Uphall School Library
  • Wanstead Library
  • Woodford Green Library

Sport and leisure facilities

Redbridge has a number of sports and leisure facilities including the road and off-road cycling tracks at Redbridge Cycling Centre. [12]

There are two local football teams both playing in the Isthmian League Division One: Redbridge F.C. (not to be confused with Dagenham & Redbridge) and Ilford FC. In addition there is fellow Non-League football club Barkingside F.C. who play at The Oakside stadium. [13]

Valentines Park in Ilford acted as one of Essex County Cricket Club's home grounds in 1923-4 and from 1935 until 2002, when the club stopped playing there due to financial constraints. [14]


A map showing the wards of Redbridge since 2002 Redbridge London UK labelled ward map 2002.svg
A map showing the wards of Redbridge since 2002


In 2011 the population of Redbridge was recorded at 278,970. [15] In common with the other London boroughs this continues a period of growth; between the 1991 and 2001 censuses the increase was 7.5% [16] with a further rise of 15.3% by 2011. [15] Redbridge has the third highest proportion of children and a higher-than-average proportion of older adults while the proportion of working age adults is slightly lower than average. [17] The population density was last recorded at 4,945 residents per km2 (the London regional density is 5,199, far higher than the England and Wales figure of 371). [15]

The healthy life expectancy (HLE) at birth for Redbridge residents stands at 65.5 years for males and 62.4 years for females (the England average HLE is 63.4 for males and 64.1 for females). [18]

Redbridge is one of the most ethnically diverse local authorities in the UK. 34% of respondents to the 2011 census stated that they were born outside the UK and 65.5% identified as belonging to an ethnic group other than white British. [19] Redbridge's largest ethnic group is White British (34.5%), followed by Indian (16.4%), [19] and Pakistani (Redbridge has the highest proportion of Pakistani residents of any London borough). [19]

Population census
1801 4,909    
1811 6,317+28.7%
1821 7,829+23.9%
1831 8,572+9.5%
1841 9,290+8.4%
1851 9,921+6.8%
1861 16,409+65.4%
1871 22,897+39.5%
1881 29,385+28.3%
1891 51,250+74.4%
1901 77,621+51.5%
1911 117,735+51.7%
1921 152,209+29.3%
1931 196,790+29.3%
1941 230,876+17.3%
1951 270,876+17.3%
1961 254,605−6.0%
1971 239,337−6.0%
1981 224,724−6.1%
1991 231,198+2.9%
2001 238,628+3.2%
2011 278,970+16.9%
Note: [20]

Ethnic and religious change

In common with many London boroughs, the most recent (2011) census showed notable ethnic and religious population mobility in Redbridge. Ethnic groups whose proportions fell in Redbridge were White British (-23% of the borough's total), Irish (-0.9%), and Caribbean (-0.6%). Ethnic groups whose proportions rose include Pakistani (+4.9%), other Asians (+4.4%), Bangladeshis (+3.9%), and other White (+2.9%). Religious groups whose proportions fell in Redbridge were Christian (-13.9%) and Jews (-2.5%). For Jews this represented a fall of over 50% of their number in some wards. Religious groups whose proportions rose include Muslims (+11.4%) followed by Hindu (+3.6%). [19]


Ethnic Group2001 [21] 2011 [22]
White: British137,09757.5%96,25334.5%
White: Irish5,5592.3%3,9001.4%
White: Gypsy or Irish Traveller1400.1%
White: Other8,9313.7%18,3536.6%
White: Total151,58763.5%118,64642.6%
Asian or Asian British: Indian33,30414.0%45,66016.4%
Asian or Asian British: Pakistani14,8886.2%31,05111.1%
Asian or Asian British: Bangladeshi4,2241.8%16,0115.7%
Asian or Asian British: Chinese1,9620.8%3,0001.1%
Asian or Asian British: Other Asian7,2073.0%20,7817.4%
Asian or Asian British: Total61,58525.8%116,50341.7%
Black or Black British: African7,8273.3%12,3574.4%
Black or Black British: Caribbean9,1263.8%9,0643.2%
Black or Black British: Other Black1,1590.5%3,4241.2%
Black or Black British: Total18,1127.6%24,8458.8%
Mixed: White and Black Caribbean1,8841.5%3,2041.1%
Mixed: White and Black African7420.8%1,6920.6%
Mixed: White and Asian1,8530.8%3,2511.2%
Mixed: Other Mixed1,3522.5%3,3091.2%
Mixed: Total5,8314.2%11,4564.1%
Other: Arab1,5510.6%
Other: Any other ethnic group1,5200.6%5,9692.1%
Other: Total1,5200.6%7,5202.7%
Black, Asian, and minority ethnic: Total87,04836.5%160,32457.3%


Religion in Redbridge [23]
No religion

According to the 2011 Census, the largest religious groupings are Christians (36.8 per cent), followed by Muslims (23.3 per cent), Hindus (11.4 per cent), those of no religion (11.0 per cent), no response (6.5 per cent), Sikhs (6.2 per cent), Jews (3.7 per cent), Buddhists (0.7 per cent) and other (0.5 per cent).

The number of Christians residing in Redbridge ranked fourth lowest in England and Wales, and 12 percent below the London average of 48.4%. The number of Muslims in Redbridge has more than doubled since 2001. [24]


Walking and cycling

The Roding Valley Way is a designated walking and cycling route between Woodford and Ilford. [25]

TfL Rail

Hainault Loop
BSicon uCONTg.svg
Roding Valley
BSicon ukSTRc2.svg
BSicon uSTR.svg
BSicon lhSTRa@fq.svg
BSicon ukBHF3+l.svg
BSicon MSTR2+r.svg
BSicon uhkSTR2+r.svg
BSicon RB.svg
BSicon uhkSTRc3e.svg
BSicon ukABZg+1.svg
BSicon MASKe.svg
BSicon MSTRq.svg
BSicon hkSTR-c1e.svg
BSicon RB.svg
BSicon ukBHF+4.svg
BSicon uBHF.svg
BSicon uTUNNEL1.svg
BSicon MFADEf.svg
BSicon uLSTR.svg
BSicon uBHF.svg
Grange Hill
BSicon ulDST~F.svg
BSicon uSTR~L.svg
BSicon uBS2+l.svg
BSicon udSTR~R.svg
Hainault depot
BSicon ulDST~G.svg
BSicon uSTR~L.svg
BSicon uBS2l.svg
BSicon udSTR~R.svg
BSicon uBHF.svg
BSicon uBHF.svg
BSicon uBHF.svg
BSicon uBHF.svg
Newbury Park
BSicon uSKRZ-G4u.svg
A12 (Eastern Avenue)
BSicon uSPLa.svg
BSicon lvKRZu+F-.svg
BSicon lv-KRZu+F.svg
BSicon exSTR.svg
BSicon ulBHFc2.svg
BSicon utSPLg+3.svg
BSicon exSHI1l.svg
BSicon ulBHFc3.svg
BSicon ulBHFc2.svg
BSicon ulBHFc1.svg
BSicon ulBHFc3.svg
BSicon utSTR3+1.svg
BSicon exv-STR.svg
BSicon ulBHFc4.svg
BSicon MFADEg.svg
BSicon ulBHFc2.svg
BSicon uLSTR.svg
BSicon ulBHFc1.svg
BSicon ulBHFc3.svg
BSicon utSTR3+1.svg
BSicon ulBHFc4.svg
BSicon exv-STR.svg
BSicon uSTR.svg
BSicon ulBHFc1.svg
BSicon utSPL+1.svg
BSicon ulBHFc4.svg
BSicon exdSTRc2.svg
BSicon exdSTR3.svg
BSicon lvKRZu+G-.svg
BSicon lv-KRZu+G.svg
BSicon uSTR.svg
BSicon uSPLe.svg
BSicon exdSTRc2.svg
BSicon exSTR3+1.svg
BSicon exdSTRc4.svg
Ilford Curve closed 1947
Seven Kings Curve closed 1956
BSicon uBHF.svg
BSicon exSTR+1.svg
BSicon exdSTRc4.svg
Central line
to Central London
BSicon uCONTf.svg
BSicon lDST~F.svg
BSicon exSTR.svg
BSicon STRc2.svg
BSicon d-CONT3.svg
Junction now site
of Ilford Depot
BSicon dSTRc2.svg
BSicon STRl.svg
BSicon lDST~G.svg
BSicon ABZ3+gl.svg
BSicon HSTr+1.svg
BSicon dSTRc4.svg
Seven Kings
BSicon dSTRc2.svg
BSicon BHF3+1.svg
BSicon dSTRc4.svg
BSicon dCONT1-.svg
BSicon dSTRc4.svg
Shenfield to London Liverpool Street 6 trains per hour
StationImageOpened [26] Notes [26]
Ilford Ilford station building2.JPG 20 June 1839
Seven Kings Wheelchair symbol.svg Seven Kings stn building.JPG 1 April 1899
Goodmayes Goodmayes station building.JPG 18 February 1901
Chadwell Heath Wheelchair symbol.svg Chadwell Heath stn building.JPG 11 January 1864

These services serving these stations will be rebranded from TfL Rail to Elizabeth Line in late 2020.

London Underground

Central line: Epping Branch.

StationImageOpened [26] Notes [26]
Snaresbrook Snaresbrook station building.JPG 14 December 1947First opened by the Eastern Counties Railway in 1856
South Woodford Wheelchair symbol.svg South Woodford entrance east.JPG 14 December 1947First opened by the Eastern Counties Railway as South Woodford (George Lane) in 1856; renamed 1947
Woodford Wheelchair symbol.svg Woodford Station.jpg 14 December 1947First opened by the Eastern Counties Railway in 1856. Terminus of Hainault Loop

Central line: Hainault Loop (follows the route of the A12 from Wanstead to Newbury Park)

StationImageOpened [26] Notes [26]
Wanstead Wanstead station building northwest.JPG 14 December 1947
Redbridge Redbridge station entrance east.JPG 14 December 1947
Gants Hill Gants Hill stn southwest entrance.JPG 14 December 1947
Newbury Park Wheelchair symbol.svg Newbury Park Tube station.jpg 14 December 1947First opened by the Great Eastern Railway in 1903
Barkingside Barkingside station building.JPG 31 May 1948First opened by the Great Eastern Railway in 1903
Fairlop Fairlop station building.JPG 31 May 1948First opened by the Great Eastern Railway in 1903
Hainault Wheelchair symbol.svg Hainault stn building.JPG 31 May 1948First opened by the Great Eastern Railway in 1903. Closed 1908 to 1930.
Grange Hill Grange Hill stn entr.JPG 21 November 1948First opened by the Great Eastern Railway in 1903


Ilford Hainault Street Bus Station, where nine different bus routes terminate. Ilford bus station - - 131968.jpg
Ilford Hainault Street Bus Station, where nine different bus routes terminate.

Numerous London buses run through and within the borough.

Travel to work

In March 2011, the main forms of transport that residents used to travel to work were: driving a car or van, 23.5% all residents aged 16–74; underground, metro, light rail, tram, 18.4%; train, 6.2%; bus, minibus or coach, 4.6%; on foot, 3.7%; work mainly at or from home, 2.6%; passenger in a car or van, 1.5%. [27]


The borough was formed in 1965 by the London Government Act 1963 as a merger of the former area of:

Redbridge Town Hall on Ilford High Road Ilford Redbridge Town Hall.JPG
Redbridge Town Hall on Ilford High Road
Former local government districtPopulation (1961) [28]
Municipal Borough of Ilford 178,024
Municipal Borough of Wanstead and Woodford 61,416
northern part of the Municipal Borough of Dagenham around Hog Hill 3,569
south eastern part of Chigwell Urban District around Hainault 7,071

All of which had been transferred from Essex to Greater London by the Act. The former town hall in Ilford is now known as Redbridge Town Hall. [29]


In November 2018, Redbridge Council was reported as the sixth-most productive council in England overall and the most productive in provision of adult social care in a report published by the public service consultancy iMPOWER. [30] [31]

Redbridge London Borough Council

Summary of Council results:

Overall control Conservative Labour Lib Dem Others
2012No Overall Control292572
2010 [32] [33] No Overall Control302670
2009No Overall Control3114135
2006 [34] Conservative3318102
1998No overall control233090
1994No overall control24299
1990 [35] Conservative42183


Redbridge Council is the Local Education Authority. The Borough has the accolade of sending more young people to university than any other borough in the country in both 2011 and 2012. GCSE and A Level results are consistently higher than the Country's average. A 2017 report by Trust for London and the New Policy Institute found that Redbridge has the highest proportion of 19 year olds with Level 3 qualifications (equivalent to an A Level) of any London borough. [36]

All schools in the borough take part in the Redbridge Schools Choral Festival, a bi-annual music festival held in the Royal Albert Hall in Knightsbridge. [37]

Notable people

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Ilford Human settlement in England

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Hainault, London Suburb of east London, England

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Wanstead tube station London Underground station

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Newbury Park tube station London Underground station

Newbury Park is a London Underground station in Newbury Park, Ilford, East London. It is between Barkingside and Gants Hill stations on the Hainault loop of the Central line, in Travelcard Zone 4. The station was initially opened by the Great Eastern Railway on 1 May 1903 and subsequently transferred its services to the London & North Eastern Railway due to the amalgamation. Underground trains only started serving the station on 14 December 1947, operating via the Gants Hill tunnel. The line was extended to Hainault on 31 May 1948. The Grade II listed bus shelter designed by Oliver Hill opened on 6 July 1949. Lifts were fully installed at Newbury Park in November 2018 to provide step-free access to the station, approximately 10 years after TfL abandoned the project.

Barkingside tube station London Underground station

Barkingside is a London Underground station on the Central line. It is on the eastern edge of Barkingside in east London at the end of a cul-de-sac off Station Road. The station is next door to the home of Redbridge F.C.. It is between Newbury Park and Fairlop stations and has been in Travelcard Zone 4 since 2 January 2007.

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The London Borough of Redbridge, one of the northern peripheral London boroughs, has within its boundaries parts of two large open spaces: Epping Forest and Wanstead Flats. Apart from many smaller parks, gardens and sports grounds, the following are the main open spaces in Redbridge:

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Redbridge London Borough Council

Redbridge London Borough Council is the local authority for Redbridge in Greater London, England, and one of the capital's 32 borough councils. Redbridge is divided into 21 wards and elects 63 councillors. As of 4 May 2018, Redbridge Council comprises 51 Labour Party members, and 12 Conservative Party members. There were three Liberal Democrats elected in 2014, but they won no seats in 2018. Alternating between Conservative administration and no overall control from 1965 to 2014, the council is now run by the Labour Party.

The Hainault Loop was originally opened as the Fairlop Loop, a 6.5-mile (10 km) branch line of the Great Eastern Railway (GER). It once connected Woodford on the Ongar branch to Ilford on the Main Line, with an eastward connection for goods, excursions and stock transfers to Seven Kings. The loop opened to freight on 20 April 1903 and to passengers on 1 May 1903. In 1923, the GER was "grouped" into the London & North Eastern Railway (LNER), who provided passenger services until December 1947. After this date, the route was electrified for London Underground services from both the Woodford and Leytonstone directions, the link to Ilford closed, and today it forms the greater part of the Hainault Loop on the Central line, having been served by Tube trains since 1948.

2010 Redbridge London Borough Council election

Elections for Redbridge London Borough Council were held on 6 May 2010. The 2010 General Election and other local elections took place on the same day.

The 1964 Redbridge Council election took place on 7 May 1964 to elect members of Redbridge London Borough Council in London, England. The whole council was up for election and the Conservative party gained control of the council.

Jas Athwal British Labour Party politician

Jas Athwal is a British Labour Party politician who currently serves as the Leader of Redbridge London Borough Council.


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Coordinates: 51°34′N0°05′E / 51.567°N 0.083°E / 51.567; 0.083