2018 Croydon London Borough Council election

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2018 Croydon Council Election
  2014 3 May 2018

All 70 seats to Croydon London Borough Council
36 seats needed for a majority
 First partySecond party
  No image wide.svg No image wide.svg
LeaderTony NewmanTim Pollard
Party Labour Conservative
Leader since200522 September 2014
Leader's seat Woodside Sanderstead
Last election40 seats, 35.8%30 seats, 33.4%
Seats before3931
Seats won4129
Seat changeIncrease2.svg2*Decrease2.svg2*
Popular vote46,26641,569

Croydon London UK local election 2018 map.svg

Map of the results of the 2018 Croydon council election. Conservatives in blue and Labour in red.

Notional 2014 results based on new electoral boundaries, as calculated by BBC News

*Indicates boundary change - so this is a notional figure

Leader of the Council before election

Tony Newman

Elected Leader

Tony Newman

The 2018 Croydon Council election took place on 3 May 2018 to elect members of Croydon Council in England. [1] This was on the same day as other London local elections.


This election was the first fought on new ward boundaries in Croydon. The total number of seats remains the same, however the number of wards has increased by four, from 24 to 28.


The campaign officially began on 27 March 2018. [2]

The Conservative Party released their manifesto first, on 2 April, entitled "A Council that's on your side". [3] The manifesto included policies such as planning committee reform, an immediate pause on the council's building company, Brick by Brick, and active Fly-Tip patrols.

The Labour manifesto was launched on 7 April, with many street stalls in district centres around the borough. The Labour manifesto was called "Labour's plan for Croydon". [4] It heavily echoed the party's 2014 manifesto, 'Ambitious for Croydon', and largely reflected a continuation of existing council policies.

The Liberal Democrat manifesto was released shortly after, with campaigns that included a People’s Vote on Brexit, campaigning to stop the axing of local bus routes, the restoration of community policing and an extension of the night Overground to Crystal Palace. [5]

Overall results

Croydon Council election result 2018 [6]
PartySeatsGainsLossesNet gain/lossSeats %Votes %Votes+/−
  Labour 4101+258.644.546,266+8.7
  Conservative 2910-241.440.141,569+6.7
  Green 007.78,866-0.9
  Liberal Democrats 005.86,589+0.1
  UKIP 000.8888-14.0
  Independent 000.6590+0.2

Notional changes calculated by BBC News [7]


Ward Results

An asterisk * indicates an incumbent councillor seeking re-election.

Addiscombe East

Addiscombe East (2)
Labour Maddie Henson* 1,903 46.5
Conservative Jeet Bains 1,754 42.9
Labour Caragh Skipper174642.7
Conservative Joseph Lee170941.8
Green Tim Eveleigh2736.7
Liberal Democrats Andrew Bennett2075.1
Green Bernice Goldberg1974.8
Liberal Democrats Valerie Astles1974.8
Turnout 411146.77
Labour hold Swing
Conservative gain from Labour Swing

Addiscombe West

Addiscombe West (3)
Labour Co-op Sean Fitzsimons* 2,146 53.8
Labour Co-op Jerry Fitzpatrick 2,138 53.6
Labour Co-op Patricia Hay-Justice* 1,992 50.0
Conservative Jade Appleton128032.1
Conservative Lindsey Blackburn112728.3
Conservative Michael O'Dwyer110127.6
Green Esther Sutton49412.4
Green Tracey Hague2857.1
Green Joe Hague2696.7
Liberal Democrats Rachel Howard2396.0
Liberal Democrats Sasa Konechni2155.4
Liberal Democrats Peter Ladanyi1754.4
Turnout 400038.57
Labour hold Swing
Labour hold Swing
Labour hold Swing

Bensham Manor

Bensham Manor (3)
Labour Alison Butler 2,665 69.6
Labour Jamie Audsley 2,652 69.3
Labour Humayun Kabir 2,546 66.5
Conservative Alan Bowden72619.0
Conservative Kumari Anupama56814.8
Conservative Jebun Quadir47212.3
Green Varyl Thorndycraft3679.6
Green Pravina Ellis3328.7
Green Raj Mehta3118.1
Labour hold Swing
Labour hold Swing
Labour hold Swing

Broad Green

Broad Green (3)
Labour Stuart Collins 3,105 74.8
Labour Muhammad Ali 2,820 68.0
Labour Manju Shahul-Hameed 2,678 64.5
Conservative Jayde Edwards69816.8
Conservative Kofi Frimpong69316.7
Conservative Sharmmi Jeganmogan66115.9
Green Tim Watson41410.0
Green Am Weatherspoon2997.2
Labour hold Swing
Labour hold Swing
Labour hold Swing

Coulsdon Town

Coulsdon Town (3)
Conservative Luke Clancy* 2,320 57.3
Conservative Mario Creatura* 2,265 55.9
Conservative Ian Parker 2,264 55.9
Labour Stephen Black1,04725.9
Labour Charlie King1,03025.4
Labour Ellily Ponnuthurai83320.6
Liberal Democrats Josh Viggiani43710.8
Green Lucy Farndon3999.9
Liberal Democrats Adrian Glendinning2887.1
Liberal Democrats Anna Jones2857.0
Green Jay Ginn2355.8
Green Leo Hopkins2015.0
Conservative hold Swing
Conservative hold Swing
Conservative hold Swing

Crystal Palace and Upper Norwood

Crystal Palace and Upper Norwood (3)
Labour Pat Ryan 2,399 50.9
Labour Nina Degrads 2,380 50.5
Labour Stephen Mann 2,215 47.0
Liberal Democrats Claire Bonham92719.7
Conservative Gemma Patient82717.5
Conservative Andy Phillips81917.4
Conservative Dan Edwardson81317.2
Liberal Democrats Guy Burchett75416.0
Green Rachel Chance70615.0
Liberal Democrats Chris Jordan61413.0
Green Tom Chance49910.6
Green Michael O'Sullivan4569.7
Independent Andrew Rothschild1072.3
Labour hold Swing
Labour hold Swing
Labour hold Swing


Fairfield (3)
Labour Mary Croos 1,351 52.5
Labour Chris Clark 1,329 51.7
Labour Niroshan Sirisena 1,226 47.7
Conservative Ben Joce79230.8
Conservative Philip Smith75329.3
Conservative Elizabeth Agyepong75029.2
Green Takudzwa Chideme26710.4
Green Alex Gwilt-Cox26610.3
Liberal Democrats Thomas Forster2419.4
Liberal Democrats Alan Reynolds2098.1
Labour hold Swing
Labour hold Swing
Labour hold Swing


Kenley (2)
Conservative Jan Buttinger* 2,025 66.2
Conservative Stephen O'Connell* 1,966 64.2
Labour Maggie Conway61320.0
Labour Appu Srinivasan44814.6
Green Kate Morris2508.2
Green Ian Dixon2327.6
Liberal Democrats Anne Howard2076.8
Liberal Democrats Arfan Bhatti1866.1
Conservative hold Swing
Conservative hold Swing

New Addington North

New Addington North (2)
Labour Simon Hall 1,209 62.9
Labour Felicity Flynn 1,119 58.2
Conservative Ace Nnorom40220.9
Conservative Phil Sheppard36018.7
BNP John Clarke1427.4
UKIP Dan Heaton1417.3
Green David Beall1206.2
UKIP Robert King1005.2
Labour hold Swing
Labour hold Swing

New Addington South

New Addington South (2)
Labour Oliver Lewis 1,306 49.0
Labour Louisa Woodley 1,156 43.4
Conservative Tony Pearson98436.9
Conservative Mark Johnson94935.6
UKIP Peter Staveley1726.5
BNP Dave Clarke1314.9
Green Martin Douglas1254.7
UKIP Michael Swadling803.0
Labour hold Swing
Labour hold Swing

Norbury and Pollards Hill

Norbury and Pollards Hill (2)
Labour Maggie Mansell 1,981 64.6
Labour Shafi Khan 1,934 63.1
Conservative Calum Bardsley64421.0
Conservative Mike Mogul63820.8
Green Stephen Amor2999.8
Green Cheryl Zimmerman2919.5
Labour hold Swing
Labour hold Swing

Norbury Park

Norbury Park (2)
Labour Sherwan Chowdhury 1,730 54.1
Labour Alisa Flemming 1,697 53.1
Conservative Blake O'Donnell1,03932.5
Conservative Olaluwa Kolade97630.5
Green Rebecca Weighell2497.8
Green Graham Jones1996.2
Liberal Democrats Anne Viney1595.0
Liberal Democrats Stephen Viney1213.8
Labour hold Swing
Labour hold Swing

Old Coulsdon

Old Coulsdon (2)
Conservative Margaret Bird 2,099 61.2
Conservative Steven Hollands 1,779 51.9
Liberal Democrats Gill Hickson83824.4
Liberal Democrats Richard Howard57216.7
Labour Alan Donovan48514.1
Labour Ann Creighton43112.6
Green Alison Gillett1293.8
UKIP Hoong-Wai Cheah1293.8
Green Jonathan Moles1083.1
Conservative hold Swing
Conservative hold Swing

Park Hill and Whitgift

Park Hill and Whitgift (1)
Conservative Vidhhyacharan Mohan 1,110 55.86
Labour Ranil Perera61831.10
Green James Cork1266.34
Liberal Democrats Robert George Williams1336.69
Turnout 1991
Conservative hold Swing

Purley and Woodcote

Purley and Woodcote (3)
Conservative Simon Brew* 3,028 65.1
Conservative Oni Oviri 2,727 58.6
Conservative Badsha Quadir 2,663 57.3
Labour Jason Arday95320.5
Labour Mark Justice93120.0
Labour Catherine Wilson80917.4
Independent Donald Speakman*3798.1
Liberal Democrats James Arneill3778.1
Liberal Democrats Frances Conn3768.1
Green Wendy Harding3477.5
Liberal Democrats Andy Sparkes3146.8
Green Simon Hargrave2966.4
Green Martyn Post1593.4
Conservative hold Swing
Conservative hold Swing
Conservative hold Swing

Purley Oaks and Riddlesdown

Purley Oaks and Riddlesdown (2)
Conservative Simon Hoar 2,010 60.9
Conservative Helen Redfern 1,927 58.4
Labour Gill Millman80424.4
Labour Khizar Sahi72522.0
Liberal Democrats Julian Rees2417.3
Green Simon Desorgher2307.0
Liberal Democrats Thomas Hesmondhalgh2276.9
Green Colette Ramuz2146.5
Conservative hold Swing
Conservative hold Swing


Sanderstead (3)
Conservative Lynne Hale 3,971 70.5
Conservative Yvette Hopley 3,954 70.2
Conservative Timothy Pollard 3,844 68.3
Labour Paul Ainscough90816.1
Labour Lynda Graham90416.1
Labour Joshua Andrew85315.2
Liberal Democrats John Jefkins4988.8
Liberal Democrats Annie Jordan4628.2
Liberal Democrats Keith Miller3576.3
Green Matt Bullock3345.9
Green Hanna Short2855.1
Conservative hold Swing
Conservative hold Swing
Conservative hold Swing


Selhurst (2)
Labour Toni Letts 1,606 69.7
Labour David Wood 1,570 68.1
Conservative Sas Conradie39917.3
Conservative Sophie Hoar34715.1
Green Catherine Graham26611.5
Green Matthew Lucas1898.2
Labour hold Swing
Labour hold Swing

Selsdon and Addington Village

Selsdon and Addington Village (2)
Conservative Helen Pollard 2,095 60.6
Conservative Rob Ward 1,901 55.0
Labour Joyce Reid91726.5
Labour Kenneth Towl70420.4
Green Peter Underwood2788.0
Liberal Democrats Helen Elishmund2717.8
Green Catherine Shelley2296.6
UKIP Crispin Williams1273.7
BNP Michael Collard421.2
Conservative hold Swing
Conservative hold Swing

Selsdon Vale and Forestdale

Selsdon Vale and Forestdale (2)
Conservative Andy Stranack 1,982 63.4
Conservative Stuart Millson 1,950 62.4
Labour Peter Buckingham-Stephens64920.8
Labour Deirdre O'Connor64620.7
Green Bryony Morris2287.3
Green Adrian Douglas1866.0
Liberal Democrats Jean Semadeni1785.7
UKIP William Bailey1765.6
Conservative hold Swing
Conservative hold Swing

Shirley North

Shirley North (3)
Conservative Susan Bennett* 2,748 54.5
Conservative Richard Chatterjee* 2,683 53.3
Conservative Gareth Streeter 2,454 48.7
Labour Mark Henson1,90037.7
Labour Robert Elliott1,80235.8
Labour Eunice O'Dame1,70533.8
Green Chris Sciberras3887.7
Green Frances Fearon3216.4
Green Sam Small2895.7
Conservative hold Swing
Conservative hold Swing
Conservative hold Swing

Shirley South

Shirley South (2)
Conservative Jason Cummings 1,869 52.6
Conservative Scott Roche 1,766 49.7
Labour Marzia Nicodemi1,15032.4
Labour David Percival1,15032.4
Green Liz Bebington2757.7
Green Andy Bebington2396.7
Liberal Democrats Christopher Adams1554.4
UKIP Kathleen Garner1434.0
Liberal Democrats Andrew Thynne1063.0
Conservative hold Swing
Conservative hold Swing

South Croydon

South Croydon (3) [8]
Conservative Maria Gatland 2,345 49.8
Conservative Michael Neal 2,169 46.1
Conservative Jason Perry 2,108 44.8
Labour Stella Nabukeera1,63334.7
Labour Matthew Hill1,60634.1
Labour Paul Martin Waddell1,57533.5
Green Stephen Harris4429.4
Liberal Democrats Michael Bishopp4389.3
Green Saima Raza3958.4
Green Marc Richards3397.2
Liberal Democrats Toby Keynes2946.2
Independent Mark Samuel1042.2
Turnout 4,71940.08
Registered electors 11,774
Conservative hold Swing
Conservative hold Swing
Conservative hold Swing

South Norwood

South Norwood (3)
Labour Jane Avis 2,363 67.3
Labour Clive Fraser 2,356 67.1
Labour Patsy Cummings 2,338 66.6
Conservative Matthew O'Flynn59316.9
Conservative Tirena Gunter57516.4
Conservative Chidi Umez55915.9
Green Tariq Salim3058.7
Green Hania Wisskirchen2878.2
Liberal Democrats Alexandra Kellert2627.5
Green Marcus Boyle2567.3
Liberal Democrats Aoife Noone1895.4
Liberal Democrats James Clark1865.3
Labour hold Swing
Labour hold Swing
Labour hold Swing

Thornton Heath

Thornton Heath (3)
Labour Co-op Pat Clouder 2,991 71.4
Labour Co-op Karen Jewitt 2,722 65.0
Labour Co-op Callton Young 2,458 58.7
Conservative Peter Anike67016.0
Conservative Aaliyah Brown57413.7
Conservative Shantelle Francis57013.6
Green Kirsty Bluck3748.9
Green Mark Lord3548.5
Liberal Democrats Michael Hunter2716.5
Green Matt Wilcock1914.6
Liberal Democrats Jean Ivanov1824.3
Liberal Democrats Martin Hammond1774.2
Duma Polska=Polish PrideMalgorzata Roznerska1443.4
Labour hold Swing
Labour hold Swing
Labour hold Swing


Waddon (3)
Labour Robert Canning 2,209 48.6
Labour Joy Prince 2,134 47.0
Labour Andrew Pelling 2,103 46.3
Conservative Alessia Cesana1,68337.0
Conservative Luke Springthorpe1,64536.2
Conservative Donald Ekekhomen1,62235.7
Green Nicholas Barnett3577.9
Green Grace Onions3267.2
Green Andy Ellis2605.7
Liberal Democrats Yusuf Osman1884.1
Liberal Democrats Karen Townsend1693.7
Liberal Democrats Alaric Taylor1453.2
Unity in ActionMarianne Bowness631.4
Unity in Action Winston McKenzie 591.3
Labour hold Swing
Labour hold Swing
Labour hold Swing

West Thornton

West Thornton (3)
Labour Janet Campbell 2,978 76.2
Labour Bernadette Khan 2,716 69.5
Labour Stuart King 2,640 67.6
Conservative Dominic Schofield65316.7
Conservative Alasdair Stewart62115.9
Conservative Matin Talukdar56314.4
Green Eileen Gale3649.3
Green Barry Buttigieg2787.1
Labour hold Swing
Labour hold Swing
Labour hold Swing


Woodside (3)
Labour Tony Newman 2,647 63.3
Labour Hamida Ali 2,539 60.7
Labour Paul Scott 2,446 58.5
Conservative Rebecca Natrajan82319.7
Conservative Eray Arda Akartuna78218.7
Conservative Mus Tary76718.3
Green Christopher Brann46011.0
Green Elaine Garrod3628.7
Liberal Democrats Hilary Waterhouse3227.7
Green Lydia Regan3147.5
Liberal Democrats Sam Bayes2937.0
Liberal Democrats Luke Bonham2125.1
Labour hold Swing
Labour hold Swing
Labour hold Swing

2018-2022 by elections

Norbury and Pollards Hill by-election, 14 March 2019
Labour Leila Ben-Hassel 1,379 64.5 Decrease2.svg3.3
Conservative Tirena Gunter32415.2Decrease2.svg6.9
Independent Mark O’Grady1627.6N/A
Green Rachel Chance914.3Decrease2.svg6.0
Duma PolskaMargret Roznerska723.4N/A
Liberal Democrats Guy Burchett703.3N/A
UKIP Kathleen Garner401.9N/A
Labour hold Swing
Fairfield by-election, 7 November 2019
Labour Caragh Skipper 849 40.8 Decrease2.svg9.7
Conservative Jayde Edwards53625.7Decrease2.svg4.0
Liberal Democrats Andrew Rendle39719.1Increase2.svg10.4
Green Esther Sutton23711.4Increase2.svg1.1
Women's Equality Heather Twindle401.9N/A
Independent Mark Samuel231.1N/A
Turnout 22.7
Labour hold Swing

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