2020 United States Olympic Trials (track and field)

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2020 United States Olympic Track And Field Trials
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DatesJune 18–27, 2021
Host city Eugene, Oregon, USA
Venue Hayward Field
Events40 (men: 20; women: 20)

The 2020 United States Olympic Trials for track and field were held in Eugene, Oregon, after an initial bid for Hilmer Lodge Stadium in Walnut, California failed. [1] This was the first major event for the redesigned and rebuilt Hayward Field. [2]


Organized by USA Track and Field and TrackTown USA, the ten-day competition was originally scheduled for June 19–28, 2020, but was rescheduled to June 18–27, 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the postponement of the 2020 Summer Olympics to 2021. It is serving as the national championships in track and field for the United States. [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

The results of the event determined qualification for the American Olympic team at the 2020 Summer Olympics, to be held in Tokyo. Provided they had achieved the Olympic standard or are in the World Athletics ranking quota, the top three athletes in each event gained a place on the Olympic team. In the event that a leading athlete did not hold the standard, or an athlete withdrew, the next highest finishing athlete with the standard was selected instead. USA Track and Field announced their Olympic roster based on these guidelines on July 6, 2021. [8]

The trials for the men's and women's marathon were held on February 29, 2020 in Atlanta [9] and the trials for the men's 50 km race walk were held on January 25, 2020 at San Diego Christian College and the Santee Town Center station in Santee, California.

Multiple rising high school and collegiate track athletes such as Nico Young, Erriyon Knighton, Hobbs Kessler, and Sha'Carri Richardson participated in the trials. Multiple world-leads, US records, and world records were broken during the trials such as Sydney McLaughlin's 400m hurdles WR of 51.90 during the finals, Erriyon Knighton's U-18 and U-20 200m record of 19.84 in the finals, and Ryan Crouser's shot put WR of 23.37m.

Men's results

 Athlete without Olympic qualifying standard, not selected
  Athlete without Olympic qualifying standard, invited to Olympics based on world list position

Men track events

100 meters
(Wind: +0.8 m/s)
Trayvon Bromell 9.80 Ronnie Baker 9.85 PB Fred Kerley 9.86 PB
200 meters
(Wind: +0.3 m/s)
Noah Lyles 19.74 Kenny Bednarek 19.78 PB Erriyon Knighton 19.84 WJR
400 meters Michael Norman 44.07 Michael Cherry 44.35 PB Randolph Ross 44.74
800 meters Clayton Murphy 1:43.17 Isaiah Jewett 1:43.85 PB Bryce Hoppel 1:44.14
1500 meters Cole Hocker 3:35.28 Matthew Centrowitz 3:35.34 Yared Nuguse 3:36.19
5000 meters Paul Chelimo 13:26.82 Grant Fisher 13:27.01 Woody Kincaid 13:27.13
10,000 meters Woody Kincaid 27:53.62 Grant Fisher 27:54.29 Joe Klecker 27:54.90
Marathon [lower-greek 1] Galen Rupp 2:09:20 Jacob Riley 2:10:02 Abdi Abdirahman 2:10:03
110 meters hurdles
(Wind: +0.4 m/s)
Grant Holloway 12.96 [10] Devon Allen 13.10 Daniel Roberts 13.11
400 meters hurdles Rai Benjamin 46.83 CR Kenny Selmon 48.08 PB David Kendziera 48.38
3000 meters steeplechase Hillary Bor 8:21.34 Benard Keter 8:21.81 Mason Ferlic 8:22.05
20 km walk Nick Christie 1:30:48 Daniel Nehnevaj 1:31:59 Emmanuel Corvera 1:34:38
50 km walk Andreas Gustafsson 4:12:11 Matthew Forgues 4:14:42 Nick Christie 4:27:28

Men field events

High jump JuVaughn Harrison 2.33 m (7 ft 7+12 in) Darryl Sullivan 2.33 m (7 ft 7+12 in) Shelby McEwen 2.30 m (7 ft 6+12 in)
Pole vault Chris Nilsen 5.90 m (19 ft 4+14 in) Sam Kendricks
KC Lightfoot
5.85 m (19 ft 2+14 in)Not awarded
Long jump JuVaughn Harrison 8.47 m (27 ft 9+14 in)
(Wind: -0.2 m/s)
Marquis Dendy 8.38 m (27 ft 5+34 in)
(Wind: +0.5 m/s)
Steffin McCarter 8.26 m (27 ft 1 in)
(Wind: -0.2 m/s)
Triple jump Will Claye 17.21 m (56 ft 5+12 in)
(Wind: +0.1 m/s)
Donald Scott 17.18 m (56 ft 4+14 in)
(Wind: +0.5 m/s)
Chris Benard 17.01 m (55 ft 9+12 in)
(Wind: +0.1 m/s)
Shot put Ryan Crouser 23.37 m (76 ft 8 in) WR Joe Kovacs 22.34 m (73 ft 3+12 in) Payton Otterdahl 21.92 m (71 ft 10+34 in)
Discus throw Mason Finley 63.07 m (206 ft 11 in) Reggie Jagers 62.61 m (205 ft 4 in) Sam Mattis 62.51 m (205 ft 1 in)
Hammer throw Rudy Winkler 82.71 m (271 ft 4 in) NR CR Daniel Haugh 79.39 m (260 ft 5 in) Alex Young 78.32 m (256 ft 11 in)
Javelin throw Curtis Thompson 82.78 m (271 ft 7 in) Michael Shuey 79.24 m (259 ft 11 in) Riley Dolezal 77.07 m (252 ft 10 in)
Decathlon Garrett Scantling 8647 pts Steve Bastien 8485 pts Zach Ziemek 8471 pts

Women's results

Key: Athlete without Olympic qualifying standard, not selected.


Women track events

100 meters
(Wind: -1.0 m/s) [a]
Sha'Carri Richardson 10.86 Javianne Oliver 10.99 Teahna Daniels 11.03
200 meters
(Wind: +1.3 m/s)
Gabrielle Thomas 21.61 WL MR Jenna Prandini 21.89 Anavia Battle 21.95
400 meters Quanera Hayes 49.78 Allyson Felix 50.02 MWR Wadeline Jonathas 50.03
800 meters Athing Mu 1:56.07 WL MR Raevyn Rogers 1:57.66 Ajeé Wilson 1:58.39
1500 meters Elinor Purrier St. Pierre 3:58.03 CR Cory McGee 4:00.67 Heather MacLean 4:02.09
5000 meters Elise Cranny 15:27.81 Karissa Schweizer 15:28.11 Rachel Schneider 15:29.56
10,000 meters Emily Sisson 31:03.82 MR Karissa Schweizer 31:16.52 Alicia Monson 31:18.55
Marathon [lower-greek 1] Aliphine Tuliamuk 2:27:23 Molly Seidel 2:27:31 Sally Kipyego 2:28:52
100 meters hurdles
(Wind: +0.8 m/s)
Keni Harrison 12.47 Brianna McNeal [b] 12.51 Christina Clemons 12.53
400 meters hurdles Sydney McLaughlin 51.90 WR Dalilah Muhammad 52.42 Anna Cockrell 53.70
3000 meters steeplechase Emma Coburn 9:09.41 CR Courtney Frerichs 9:11.79 Valerie Constien 9:18.34
20 km walk Robyn Stevens 1:35:13 Maria Michta-Coffey 1:39:25 Miranda Melville 1:40:39
50 km walk Robyn Stevens 4:37:31 Erin Taylor-Talcott 4:47:00 Katie Burnett 4:53:26

Women field events

High jump [c] Vashti Cunningham 1.96 m (6 ft 5 in) Inika McPherson 1.93 m (6 ft 3+34 in) Nicole Greene 1.93 m (6 ft 3+34 in)
Pole vault Katie Nageotte 4.95 m (16 ft 2+34 in) WL CR PB Morgann LeLeux 4.70 m (15 ft 5 in) PB Sandi Morris 4.60 m (15 ft 1 in)
Long jump Brittney Reese 7.13 m (23 ft 4+12 in)
(Wind: +1.3 m/s)
Tara Davis 7.04 m (23 ft 1 in)
(Wind: +1.4 m/s)
Quanesha Burks 6.96 m (22 ft 10 in)
(Wind: +1.6 m/s)
Triple jump Keturah Orji 14.52 m (47 ft 7+12 in)
(Wind: +0.9 m/s)
Tori Franklin 14.36 m (47 ft 1+14 in)
(Wind: +1.4 m/s)
Jasmine Moore 14.15 m (46 ft 5 in)
(Wind: +1.6 m/s)
Shot put Jessica Ramsey 20.12 m (66 ft 0 in) CR Raven Saunders 19.96 m (65 ft 5 in) Adelaide Aquilla 18.95 m (62 ft 2 in)
Discus throw [d] Valarie Allman 69.92 m (229 ft 4 in) Micaela Hazlewood 62.54 m (205 ft 2 in) Rachel Dincoff 60.21 m (197 ft 6 in)
Hammer throw DeAnna Price 80.31 m (263 ft 5 in) NR CR Brooke Andersen 77.72 m (254 ft 11 in) Gwen Berry 73.50 m (241 ft 1 in)
Javelin throw [e] Maggie Malone 63.50 m (208 ft 4 in) Kara Winger 61.47 m (201 ft 8 in) Avione Allgood-Whetstone 58.94 m (193 ft 4 in)
Heptathlon Annie Kunz 6703 pts Kendell Williams 6683 pts Erica Bougard 6667 pts


a Sha'Carri Richardson was not selected for the Olympic team after failing a drug test for marijuana. [12] While her 30 day suspension would expire before the 4 x 100 metres relay event, Richardson was also not named to the relay pool. Fourth-placed Jenna Prandini was instead selected for the event. [8]
b Brianna McNeal was suspended for five years for an anti-doping rule violation (missed tests). While she was allowed to compete at the Trials pending appeal, her suspension was later upheld. [13] Fourth-placed Gabbi Cunningham was instead named to the Olympic team. [8]
c Neither McPherson nor Greene achieved the Olympic standard or a qualifying world ranking. In addition to Cunningham, USATF selected fourth-placed Rachel McCoy who previously achieved the Olympic standard, and Tynita Butts, who did not reach the finals but held a qualifying ranking of #21. [8]
d Hazlewood had not achieved the Olympic standard or a qualifying world ranking. Fourth place Kelsey Card, who had a qualifying ranking of #23, was instead selected. [8]
e Allgood-Whetstone had not achieved the Olympic standard or a qualifying world ranking. Fourth place Ariana Ince, who had a qualifying ranking of #16, was instead selected. [8]


Event schedule
NBC Sports Gold
Time (PST)EventDivisionRound
2:50 p.m.National Anthem
4:03 p.m.1500mWomen1st Round
4:30 p.m.400mWomen1st Round
4:58 p.m.400mMen1st Round
5:26 p.m.800mMen1st Round
5:54 p.m.5000mWomen1st Round
6:37 p.m.100mWomen1st Round
7:25 p.m.10,000mMenFinal
Field Events
12:00 p.m.Shot PutMenQualifying
4:00 p.m.Discus ThrowWomenQualifying
4:45 p.m.High JumpWomenQualifying
6:15 p.m.Long JumpWomenQualifying
6:30 p.m.Shot PutMenFinal
1:00 p.m.100mMenDecathlon
5:04 p.m.100m hurdlesWomen1st Round
5:34 p.m.100mMen1st Round
6:03 p.m.100mWomenSemi-Finals
6:18 p.m.400mMenDecathlon
6:40 p.m.1500mWomenSemi-Finals
7:04 p.m.800mMenSemi-Finals
7:20 p.m.400mWomenSemi-Finals
7:35 p.m.400mMenSemi-Finals
7:51 p.m100mWomenFinal
1:00 p.m.100mMenDecathlon
1:50 p.m.Long JumpMenDecathlon
2:50 p.m.Shot PutMenDecathlon
4:00 p.m.High JumpMenDecathlon
6:18 p.m.400mMenDecathlon
Field Events
2:15 p.m.Javelin ThrowMenQualifying
4:30 p.m.Pole VaultMenQualifying
5:15 p.m.Triple JumpMenQualifying
6:42 p.m.Discus ThrowWomenFinal
12:15 p.m.110m HurdlesMenDecathlon
6:03 p.m.100mHWomenSemi-Finals
6:19 p.m100mMenSemi-Finals
6:35 p.m.3000m SteeplechaseWomen1st Round
7:06 p.m.400mWomenFinal
7:15 p.m.400mMenFinal
7:23 p.m.1500mMenDecathlon
7:43 p.m.100mHWomenFinal
7:52 p.m.100mMenFinal
12:15 p.m.110m HurdlesMenDecathlon
1:20 p.m.Discus ThrowMenDecathlon
3:45 p.m.Pole VaultMenDecathlon
5:15 p.m.JavelinMenDecathlon
6:15 p.m.JavelinMenDecathlon
7:23 p.m.1500mMenDecathlon
Field Events
5:50 p.m.High JumpWomenFinal
5:55 p.m.Triple JumpWomenFinal
4:20 p.m.National Anthem
4:29 p.m.3000m SteeplechaseMen1st Round
5:05 p.m.1500mWomenFinal
5:28 p.m.800mMenFinal
5:40 p.m.5,000mWomenFinal
Field Events
3:30 p.m.Pole VaultMenFinal
4:15 p.m.Javelin ThrowMenFinal
4:40 p.m.Triple JumpMenFinal
Field Events
12:50 p.m.National Anthem
1:00 p.m.Hammer ThrowMenQualifying
3:00 p.m.Hammer ThrowMenFinal
4:30 p.m.Hammer ThrowWomenQualifying
6:30 p.m.Hammer ThrowWomenFinal
5:50 p.m.National Anthem
6:04 p.m.1500mMen1st Round
6:31 p.m.200mWomen1st Round
7:00 p.m.800mWomen1st Round
7:32 p.m.400m hurdlesMen1st Round
8:04 p.m.5000mMen1st Round
8:47 p.m.3000m SteepleWomenFinal
Field Events
1:30 p.m.Shot PutWomenQualifying
5:00 p.m.Pole VaultWomenQualifying
5:45 p.m.Long JumpWomenQualifying
7:05 p.m.Discus ThrowMenQualifying
8:00 p.m.Shot PutWomenFinal
1:50 p.m.National Anthem
2:04 p.m.200mMen1st Round
2:33 p.m.110m HurdlesMen1st Round
3:02 p.m.800mWomenSemi-Finals
3:18 p.m.400m HurdlesMenSemi-Finals
3:35 p.m.400m HurdlesWomen1st Round
4:05 p.m.1500mMenSemi-Finals
4:25 p.m.200mWomenSemi-Finals
4:42 p.m.3000m SteeplechaseMenFinal
Field Events
1:00 p.m.Javelin ThrowWomenQualifying
2:10 p.m.Long JumpMenQualifying
3:00 p.m.High JumpMenQualifying
3:30 p.m.Discus ThrowMenFinal
9:00 a.m.20 km Race WalkMenFinal
9:01 a.m.20 km Race WalkWomenFinal
1:15 p.m100m HurdlesWomenHeptathlon
5:20 p.m.National Anthem
5:38 p.m200mWomenHeptathlon
6:03 p.m.110m HurdlesMenSemi-Finals
6:19 p.m.400m HurdlesWomenSemi-Finals
6:35 p.m.400m HurdlesMenFinal
6:44 p.m.10,000mWomenFinal
7:24 p.m.200mWomenFinal
7:33 p.m.200mMenSemi-Finals
7:51 p.m.110m HurdlesMenFinal
Field Events
5:30 p.m.JavelinWomenFinal
5:40 p.m.Pole VaultWomenFinal
6:30 p.m.Long JumpWomenFinal
1:15 p.m.100m HurdlesWomenHeptathlon
2:30 p.m.High JumpWomenHeptathlon
4:40 p.m.Shot PutWomenHeptathlon
5:38 p.m200mWomenHeptathlon
3:50 p.m.800m - bWomenHeptathlon
4:04 p.m.800m - aWomenHeptathlon
4:20 p.m.400m HurdlesWomenFinal
4:30 p.m.5000mMenFinal
4:52 p.m.800mWomenFinal
5:10 p.m.1500mMenFinal
5:22 p.m.200mMenFinal
3:20 p.m.High JumpMenFinal
4:00 p.m.Long JumpMenFinal
1:00 p.m.Long JumpWomenHeptathlon
2:15 p.m.Javelin ThrowWomenHeptathlon
3:50 p.m.800m - bWomenHeptathlon
4:04 p.m.800m - aWomenHeptathlon



USA Track & Field sets minimum performances standards for entry into the national championships. In order to merit entry into the championships, an athlete must meet that standard, or better, within a set time frame prior to the competition.

All qualifying performances for the U.S. Olympic Trials must be attained on a standard outdoor track in the period

or on an indoor track, in the same event, in the period

except for the 10,000 meters, Decathlon & Heptathlon and 20 km Race Walks, whose qualifying period is from

The qualifying performance for the men's 50 km Race Walk must be attained in the period


There are also automatic qualifying criteria outside of the entry standards. Athletes who are the reigning indoor or outdoor national champion are automatically qualified to enter that event.

Qualifying marks must be attained in a 2020 U.S. Olympic Trials event. No qualifying marks will be allowed using alternate events, except for the men's Mile run as follows: An appeal to use a Mile qualifying mark for the 1500 will be accepted only if the mile mark was made during the 2020 season, from Wednesday, January 1, 2020 through Sunday, June 6, 2021, and the mark is 3:54.00 or better. [16]

For events over distances from 100 m to 800 m, performances will only be accepted if fully automatic timing (FAT) is used. For performances beyond that distance, FAT times are also used, but in the event that the athlete has not recorded a FAT performance, a manually recorded time may be used. There will be no adjustment for marks made at altitude. Wind-assisted performances will not be accepted for 2020 U.S. Olympic Trials qualifying.

EventMen's standardWomen's standardMax entrantsRounds
100 m10.0511.15323
200 m20.2422.80303
400 m45.2051.35283
800 m1:46.002:02.50323
1500 m3:37.50
(3:54.00 for mile run)
5000 m13:25.0015:20.00241
10,000 m28:00.0032:25.00241
20,000 m race walk1:36:001:48:00151
50,000 m race walk5:15:00-151
110/100 m hurdles13.4812.84323
400 m hurdles49.5056.25283
3000 m steeplechase8:32.009:50.00242
High jump2.26 m (7 ft 4+34 in)1.87 m (6 ft 1+12 in)242
Pole vault5.75 m (18 ft 10+14 in)4.60 m (15 ft 1 in)242
Long jump8.00 m (26 ft 2+34 in)6.70 m (21 ft 11+34 in)242
Triple jump16.66 m (54 ft 7+34 in)13.50 m (44 ft 3+14 in)242
Shot put20.65 m (67 ft 8+34 in)17.70 m (58 ft 34 in)242
Discus throw62.00 m (203 ft 4+34 in)58.00 m (190 ft 3+14 in)242
Hammer throw72.00 m (236 ft 2+12 in)68.00 m (223 ft 1 in)242
Javelin throw75.00 m (246 ft 34 in)54.00 m (177 ft 1+34 in)242
Decathlon/Heptathlon7900 pts6000 pts181

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The 2020 USATF U20 Outdoor Championships will be the 49th edition of the annual national championship in outdoor track and field for American athletes aged under 20, organized by USA Track & Field. The three-day competition will take place on June 12–14 at the Ansin Sports Complex in Miramar, Florida. The Ansin Sports Complex will host the event for the second year in a row. It will be the sixth time the meet has been held in Florida. Update: This competition was cancelled due to the Corona Virus pandemic.

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