Tsogo language

Last updated
Native to Gabon
Ethnicity Mitsogho, Bongo Pygmies
Native speakers
9,000 (2007) [1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 tsv
Glottolog tsog1243 [2]
B.31 [3]

Tsogo (Getsogo) is a Bantu language of Gabon. It is one of the principal languages of the Babongo Pygmies.

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There is an official language in Gabon, however 32% of the people speak Fang as a mother tongue. French is the medium of instruction. Before World War II very few Gabonese learned French, nearly all of them working in either business or government administration. After the war, France worked for universal primary education in Gabon, and by the 1960-61 census, 47% of the Gabonese over the age of 14 spoke some French, while 13% were literate in the language. By the 1990s, the literacy rate had risen to about 60%.

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Myene is a cluster of closely related Bantu varieties spoken in Gabon by about 46,000 people. It is perhaps the most divergent of the Narrow Bantu languages, though Nurse & Philippson (2003) place it in with the Tsogo languages (B.30). The more distinctive varieties are Mpongwe (Pongoué), Galwa (Galloa), and Nkomi.

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Guthrie classification of Bantu languages Linguistic classification

The 250 or so "Narrow Bantu languages" are conventionally divided up into geographic zones first proposed by Malcolm Guthrie (1967–1971). These were assigned letters A–S and divided into decades ; individual languages were assigned unit numbers, and dialects further subdivided. This coding system has become the standard for identifying Bantu languages; it was the only practical way to distinguish many ambiguously named languages before the introduction of ISO 639-3 coding, and it continues to be widely used. Only Guthrie's Zone S is (sometimes) considered to be a genealogical group. Since Guthrie's time a Zone J has been set up as another possible genealogical group bordering the Great Lakes.

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The Bongo people, or Babongo, are an agricultural people of Gabon in equatorial Africa who are known as "forest people" due to their recent foraging economy. Though considered Mbenga Pygmies, they are not particularly short. They are originators of the Bwiti religion, based on consumption of the intoxicating hallucinogenic iboga plant.

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André Raponda Walker (1871–1968) was a Gabonese author, ethnographer, Catholic priest, and missionary. Walker wrote extensively about Gabonese language and culture.

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Tsogo Convent School is a private Roman Catholic, English medium, High School located in Mmakau north west of the city of Tshwane, in the North West Province of South Africa. It is primarily run by the Sisters of Mercy.

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The Tsogo languages are a clade of Bantu languages coded Zone B.30 in Guthrie's classification. According to Nurse & Philippson (2003), the languages form a valid node. They are:

Kele–Tsogo is a proposed intermediate group of Bantu languages, coded Zone B.10–30 in Guthrie's classification. According to Nurse & Philippson (2003), they are:

Mitsogo people

The Mitsogo or Tsogo are an ethno-cultural group from the highlands of Gabon. They reside mainly in Ngounié Province to the north and east of Mouila. Numbering around 13,000, they speak the Tsogo language. In the late 19th and early 20th century they were known for their fierce resistance to the French.

Ikoy River river of central-western Gabon

The Ikoy, also Dcoye, is a river of central-western Gabon. It is a tributary of the Ngounié River and flows into the river to the southeast of Lambaréné. It flows through the districts of Matèndè, Dibuwa, and Okobi and the banks are inhabited by Tsogo-speaking clans. The river is believed to be inhabited by a strange creature named a N’yamala, a dinosaur-like creature over 30 feet. Fang witch doctor Michel Obiang reported seeing it in 1946 near its confluence with the Ngounié River. Tributaries include the Ikobe and the Oumba. Geologically the Ikoy Fault is a defined fault in this area of Gabon.

Tsogo may be:

Delphine Zanga Tsogo is a writer, feminist and former politician in Cameroon. She served in the country's National Assembly from 1965 to 1972. Her married surname is Tsanga.

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