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Prime Minister of Burundi
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Alain-Guillaume Bunyoni

since 23 June 2020
Appointer The King (1961–1966)
The President (1966–1998, 2020–present)
Formation26 January 1961
23 June 2020 (restored)
First holder Joseph Cimpaye
Abolished12 June 1998 – 23 June 2020

This article lists the prime ministers of Burundi since the formation of the post of Prime Minister of Burundi in 1961 until the present day. The office of Prime Minister was abolished in 1998, and reinstated in 2020 with the appointment of Alain-Guillaume Bunyoni. [1] [2]


A total of fifteen people have served as Prime Minister of Burundi (not counting one Acting Prime Minister). Additionally, two persons, Pierre Ngendandumwe and Albin Nyamoya, served on two non-consecutive occasions.


Political parties
Other factions

List of officeholders

Term of office Ethnic group Political party Head of state
Took officeLeft officeTime in office
Kingdom of Burundi (part of Ruanda-Urundi)
1 No image.png Joseph Cimpaye
26 January 196128 September 1961245 days Hutu UPP Mwambutsa IV
2 Louis Rwagasore portrait.png Louis Rwagasore
28 September 196113 October 1961
15 days Tutsi UPRONA Mwambutsa IV
3 No image.png André Muhirwa
20 October 19611 July 1962254 daysTutsi UPRONA Mwambutsa IV
Kingdom of Burundi (independent country)
(3) No image.png André Muhirwa
1 July 196210 June 1963344 daysTutsi UPRONA Mwambutsa IV
4 No image.png Pierre Ngendandumwe
18 June 19636 April 1964293 daysHutu UPRONA Mwambutsa IV
5 No image.png Albin Nyamoya
6 April 19647 January 1965276 daysHutu UPRONA Mwambutsa IV
(4) No image.png Pierre Ngendandumwe
7 January 196515 January 1965
8 daysHutu UPRONA Mwambutsa IV
No image.png Pié Masumbuko
(born 1931)
15 January 196526 January 196511 daysTutsi UPRONA Mwambutsa IV
6 No image.png Joseph Bamina
26 January 196530 September 1965247 daysHutu UPRONA Mwambutsa IV
7 No image.png Léopold Biha
[lower-alpha 1]
13 October 19658 July 1966
( deposed.)
268 daysTutsi UPRONA Mwambutsa IV
8 No image.png Michel Micombero
11 July 196628 November 1966
( become President.)
140 daysTutsi Military /
Ntare V
Republic of Burundi
Post abolished (28 November 1966 – 15 July 1972)
(5) No image.png Albin Nyamoya
15 July 19725 June 1973325 daysHutu UPRONA Micombero
Post abolished (5 June 1973 – 12 November 1976)
9 No image.png Édouard Nzambimana
12 November 197613 October 19781 year, 335 daysTutsi UPRONA Bagaza
Post abolished (13 October 1978 – 19 October 1988)
10 Adrien Sibomana - 1991.jpg Adrien Sibomana
(born 1953)
19 October 198810 July 19934 years, 264 daysHutu UPRONA Buyoya
11 Sylvie Kinigi at Bujumbura airport, 1993.jpg Sylvie Kinigi
(born 1953)
10 July 19937 February 1994212 daysTutsi UPRONA Ndadaye
12 No image.png Anatole Kanyenkiko
(born 1952)
7 February 199422 February 19951 year, 15 daysTutsi UPRONA Ntaryamira
13 No image.png Antoine Nduwayo
(born 1942)
22 February 199531 July 1996
[lower-alpha 2]
1 year, 160 daysTutsi UPRONA Ntibantunganya
14 No image.png Pascal-Firmin Ndimira
(born 1956)
31 July 199612 June 19981 year, 316 daysHutu UPRONA Buyoya
Post abolished (12 June 1998 – 23 June 2020)
15 Alain-Guillaume Bunyoni 2020 (cropped).jpg Alain-Guillaume Bunyoni
(born 1972)
23 June 2020Incumbent1 year, 126 daysHutu CNDD–FDD Ndayishimiye


Alain-Guillaume BunyoniPascal-Firmin NdimiraAntoine NduwayoAnatole KanyenkikoSylvie KinigiAdrien SibomanaÉdouard NzambimanaMichel MicomberoLéopold BihaJoseph BaminaPié MasumbukoAlbin NyamoyaPierre NgendandumweAndré MuhirwaLouis RwagasoreJoseph CimpayePrime Minister of Burundi

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  1. Served at the time of the 1965 coup d'état attempt.
  2. Resigned following the 1996 coup d'état.

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