St Peter's Square tram stop

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St Peter's Square
St Peter's Square tram stop, Feb 18 (3).jpg
St Peter's Square tram stop in February 2018
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St Peter's Square
Location of St Peter's Square in Greater Manchester
Place St Peter's Square
Local authority Manchester
Coordinates 53°28′40″N2°14′37″W / 53.4779°N 2.2437°W / 53.4779; -2.2437 Coordinates: 53°28′40″N2°14′37″W / 53.4779°N 2.2437°W / 53.4779; -2.2437
Grid reference SJ839979
Fare zone information
Metrolink Zone1
Present statusIn operation
Original operatorMetrolink
Opened27 April 1992 (1992-04-27)

St Peter's Square is a tram stop in St Peter's Square in Manchester city centre, England. It opened on 27 April 1992 and is in Zone 1 of Greater Manchester's Metrolink light rail system. The stop's platforms were extended in 2009. Later redevelopment in 2015–16 demolished the original two side platforms and replaced them with a twin-island platform layout which allows for limited cross-platform interchange.

The stop is the most used on the Metrolink network [1] and lies between Deansgate-Castlefield to the South-West and either Exchange Square, Market Street or Piccadilly Gardens tram stops.


Plans for a rapid transit station in St Peter's Square were made in the 1970s; proposals for the abandoned Picc-Vic tunnel envisaged the construction of an underground station to serve both St Peter's and the neighbouring Albert Square. [2] The early proposals for an on-street light rail system in Manchester revived the idea of a station in the square. St. Peter's Square was one of the original city-centre stops to open when Metrolink started operations in 1992, when it consisted of two side platforms and basic shelters. In common with most newly built Metrolink stops at the time, St. Peter's Square had two-level platforms, meaning only a short section of the platforms offered level boarding.

The stop was demolished and rebuilt with a full length platform and improved passenger facilities in November 2009. When a building called Elisabeth House, which had stood between Dickinson Street and Oxford Street since the 1970s, was demolished for redevelopment in 2011 as One St Peter's Square, [3] architects' plans were entered in a competition, which was modified in 2011 to incorporate proposals to improve the Metrolink station. In March 2012 a shortlist of two submissions was made. [4]

The stop closed in 2015 for 14 months to allow a total redevelopment, [5] and re-opened on 28 August 2016 as a four-platform interchange, comprising 2 island platforms, one for inbound services and the other for outbound. This offers same-direction cross-platform interchange. The stop was moved slightly north towards Princess Street, from that of its old location, which was in front of Manchester Central Library. A number of trees were planted within the structure of the platforms to improve the look and feel of the space. [6] The Manchester Cenotaph was also relocated and the entire square has been redeveloped into a new public space. During most of the work, a reduced service ran through the square on a single track [7] - but there were 2 full 2-month closures at the beginning and end of the project. This meant between late June and the end of August 2015 [8] and from 26 June 2016 until 28 August 2016, no Metrolink services ran through the square. The rebuilding work uncovered the remnants of an 18th century church crypt. [9]

Metrolink artists impression 1987.jpg
An artist's impression of light rail in St Peter's Square (1987)
St. Peter's Square Metrolink station, Manchester - - 763766.jpg
T-68 Tram at the old St Peter's Square tram stop in 1992.
St Peter's Square tram stop, Feb 18.jpg
The rebuilt four platform stop, 2018
Deansgate – St Peter's Square
BSicon dRP1.svg
BSicon MFADEg.svg
BSicon uvCONTgfa.svg
Moseley Street
to Market Street
BSicon dRP1.svg
BSicon uvSTR.svg
or Piccadilly Gardens
Second City Crossing
to Exchange Square
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BSicon cdRP2q.svg
BSicon uv-STR.svg
BSicon RP2nRP1.svg
BSicon udSTR.svg
BSicon RP2q.svg
Princess Street
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BSicon uvSTR.svg
BSicon uSHI1+l.svg
BSicon uvSHI3+l-.svg
BSicon uvSHI2l-.svg
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BSicon uSTR.svg
BSicon udSTRg.svg
BSicon cBS.svg
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BSicon uvSTR.svg
BSicon cBS.svg
BSicon udSTRf.svg
St Peter's Square
Central Library
BSicon MUSEUM.svg
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BSicon uSPLel.svg
BSicon uKRWg+r.svg
Peter Street
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BSicon RP2q.svg
BSicon dRP2q.svg
BSicon RP2sRP1.svg
BSicon unSTR.svg
BSicon uSTR.svg
BSicon cRP2q.svg
Oxford Street
Midland Hotel
BSicon vNULg.svg
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BSicon udSHI3+l.svg
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BSicon uSHI3r.svg
Windmill Street
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BSicon RP1q.svg
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BSicon v-RP2.svg
BSicon RP1q.svg
BSicon dRP1q.svg
Manchester Central
BSicon ARCH2.svg
BSicon uvSTRgf.svg
BSicon uhvSTRa~L.svg
BSicon uhvSTRa~R.svg
BSicon dRP2q.svg
BSicon uhSKRZ-G2(Rr).svg
BSicon uhSKRZ-G2(Ll).svg
BSicon dRP2q.svg
Great Bridgewater Street
BSicon uhSTR(r).svg
BSicon uhSTR(l).svg
BSicon uexBS2+r.svg
BSicon uhvSTRe~L.svg
BSicon udSTRc2.svg
BSicon udABZg3.svg
BSicon uhvSTRe~R.svg
BSicon uSTR+1.svg
BSicon uSTRc4.svg
BSicon uvUSTr.svg
BSicon udSTRg.svg
BSicon cBS.svg
BSicon v-NULf.svg
BSicon uvSTR.svg
BSicon BSr.svg
BSicon RP2.svg
BSicon uSTR2.svg
BSicon uSTRc3.svg
BSicon uvUSTl.svg
BSicon GRZl+4.svg
BSicon lhMSTRaeq.svg
BSicon GRZq.svg
BSicon RP2.svg
National Rail logo.svg Deansgate
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BSicon udABZg+4.svg
BSicon udSTR.svg
BSicon cdRP2q.svg
BSicon uSKRZ-G2o(Rr).svg
BSicon uSKRZ-G2o(Ll).svg
BSicon cdRP2q.svg
BSicon RP2xRP2.svg
BSicon uvCONTgfe.svg


Service pattern

At peak times (07:15 – 19:30 Monday to Friday, 09:30 – 18:30 Saturday):

Offpeak (all other times during operational hours):

Preceding station  Manchester metrolink logo.PNG Manchester Metrolink  Following station
towards  East Didsbury
East Didsbury – Shaw and Crompton Line
towards  East Didsbury
East Didsbury – Rochdale Town Centre Line
Manchester Airport – Victoria Line
towards  Victoria
towards  Altrincham
Altrincham – Bury Line
towards  Bury
Altrincham – Piccadilly Line
towards  Piccadilly
towards  Eccles
Eccles – Ashton-under-Lyne Line
towards  MediaCityUK
MediaCityUK – Ashton-under-Lyne Line

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St Peter's Square is a public square in Manchester city centre, England. The north of the square is bounded by Princess Street and the south by Peter Street. To the west of the square is Manchester Central Library, Midland Hotel and Manchester Town Hall Extension. The square is home to the Manchester Cenotaph, the Emmeline Pankhurst statue, and St Peter's Square Metrolink tram stop and incorporates the Peace Garden. In 1819, the area around the square was the site of the Peterloo Massacre.

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Zone 1 (Manchester Metrolink) term

Zone 1 of the Manchester Metrolink light rail network is the heart of the system where all of the other lines converge. Its boundaries are broadly equivalent to those of Manchester city centre, and approximately mirror the city's Inner Ring Road. Within Zone 1, first opened in 1992 as the City Zone, trams largely run along semi-pedestrianised streets rather than on their own separate alignment. The original route between the Altrincham and Bury lines ran to Victoria station via Market Street and High Street, and was soon joined by a branch to Piccadilly station by a three-way delta junction. A second route between the South-West and North-Eastern parts of the network was built to ease congestion on the original line. Opened in 2017, the Second City Crossing (2CC) added one additional stop to the network.


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