Bassetlaw District

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Bassetlaw District
Bridge Street, Worksop - - 3133879.jpg
Worksop, the largest settlement and main administrative centre in Bassetlaw District
BassetlawDC logo.svg
Shown within Nottinghamshire
Sovereign state United Kingdom
Constituent country England
Region East Midlands
Administrative county Nottinghamshire
Founded1 April 1974
Admin. HQ Worksop
  Type Non-metropolitan district
  Governing bodyBassetlaw District Council
  Council LeaderCllr Simon Greaves (Lab)
  Executive Labour
   MPs: Brendan Clarke-Smith,
Robert Jenrick
  Total246.3 sq mi (637.8 km2)
  Rank 64th
  Rank Ranked 201st
  Density480/sq mi (180/km2)
Time zone UTC+0 (Greenwich Mean Time)
  Summer (DST) UTC+1 (British Summer Time)
Postcode Areas
ONS code 37UC (ONS)
E07000171 (GSS)
Ethnicity96.4% White
(92.0% White British)
1.2% Asian
1.2% Mixed
0.6% Black
Retford, a market town and the second-largest settlement in Bassetlaw District Retford town hall.jpg
Retford, a market town and the second-largest settlement in Bassetlaw District

Bassetlaw is a local government district in Nottinghamshire, England. The district has four towns: Worksop, Tuxford, Harworth Bircotes and Retford. It is bounded to the north by the Metropolitan Boroughs of Doncaster and Rotherham, the east by West Lindsey, the west by both the Borough of Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire and the south by Mansfield District and Newark and Sherwood. The district is along with Bolsover District, North East Derbyshire and Borough of Chesterfield is a non-constituent member of the Sheffield City Region.


Harworth Bircotes, a civil parish with town status in Bassetlaw District All Saints church, Harworth - - 3221085.jpg
Harworth Bircotes, a civil parish with town status in Bassetlaw District
Tuxford, a historic market town in Bassetlaw District Tuxford, Nottinghamshire - - 170060.jpg
Tuxford, a historic market town in Bassetlaw District


Bassetlaw was created as a non-metropolitan district in 1974 by the merger of the municipal boroughs of Worksop and East Retford and most of Worksop Rural District and East Retford Rural District following the passage of the Local Government Act 1972.

Local Government in Nottinghamshire is organised on a two-tier basis, with local district councils such as Bassetlaw District Council responsible for local services such as housing, local planning and refuse collection and Nottinghamshire County Council responsible for "wide-area" services, including education, social services and public transport.

The district is named after the ancient Bassetlaw wapentake of Nottinghamshire.


Bassetlaw is divided into 66 parishes, each governed by an elected parish council or parish meeting. The two main settlements of Retford and Worksop are the only areas of the district that are unparished, however, both towns are entitled to elect a town mayor via their respective charter trustees.

NameStatusImagePopulation (2011) [1] Ward(s)
Retford Unparished
(Charter trustees)
  • Retford East
  • Retford North
  • Retford South
  • Retford West
Worksop Unparished
(Charter trustees)
  • Worksop East
  • Worksop North
  • Worksop North East
  • Worksop North West
  • Worksop South
  • Worksop South East
Askham Civil parish
St.Nicholas' church and Lych Gate - - 547111.jpg
St. Nicholas' Church, Askham
181East Markham
Babworth Civil parish
Lock 55, Forest Locks - - 453821.jpg
Chesterfield Canal, Babworth
Barnby Moor Civil parish
Ye Olde Bell, Barnby Moor - - 78933.jpg
Ye Olde Bell, Barnby Moor
Beckingham Civil parish
All Saints' church - - 732085.jpg
All Saints' Church, Beckingham
Bevercotes Civil parish
Farm building Bevercotes (and horse) - - 724513.jpg
Farm buildings in Bevercotes
UnknownEast Markham
Blyth Civil parish
Blyth Church - - 53326.jpg
St Mary and St Martin's Church, Blyth
Bole Civil parish
Bole Church Tower - - 1407925.jpg
St Martin's Church, Bole
Bothamsall Civil parish
Lound Hall, Bothamsall. (geograph 4625392).jpg
Lound Hall, Bothamsall
270East Markham
Carburton Civil parish
Carburton Bridge ... - - 93057.jpg
Ollerton Road Bridge, Carburton
Carlton in Lindrick Civil parish
Carlton in Lindrick Parish Church (geograph 4615084).jpg
St. John's Church, Carlton in Lindrick
Clarborough and Welham Civil parish
Kings Arms pub - - 1217060.jpg
Public house in Clarborough
Clayworth Civil parish
St Peters Church Clayworth Notts - - 92797.jpg
St Peter's Church, Clayworth
Clumber and Hardwick Civil parishUnknownWelbeck
Cottam Civil parish
Cottage row and cooling tower - - 293858.jpg
Cottages in Cottam
Darlton Civil parish
St.Giles church, Darlton - - 79429.jpg
St. Giles Church, Darlton
110Tuxford and Trent
Dunham-on-Trent Civil parish
St.Oswald's church, Dunham-on-Trent, Notts. - - 50515.jpg
St. Oswald's Church, Dunham-on-Trent
343Tuxford and Trent
East Drayton Civil parish
East Drayton church tower - - 1430987.jpg
St. Peter's Church, East Drayton
252Tuxford and Trent
East Markham Civil parish
East Markham, St John the Baptist church. (23181485154).jpg
St. John the Baptist Church
1,160East Markham
Eaton Civil parish
Eaton Village - - 80834.jpg
233East Markham
Elkesley Civil parish
St.Giles church, Elkesley - - 79432.jpg
St. Giles Church, Elkesley
Everton Civil parish
Holy Trinity church, Everton, Notts. - - 111503.jpg
Holy Trinity Church, Everton
Fledborough Civil parish
St.Gregory's church, Fledborough - - 92389.jpg
St Gregory's Church, Fledborough
UnknownTuxford and Trent
Gamston Civil parish
St.Peter's church, Gamston - - 547133.jpg
St Peter's Church, Gamston
246East Markham
Gringley on the Hill Civil parish
Gringley on the hill church. - - 1738359.jpg
St Peter & St Paul's Church
Grove Civil parish
Across the fields to Grove - - 1009893.jpg
View towards Grove
Harworth Bircotes Civil parish
All Saints' church, Harworth, Notts. - - 104981.jpg
All Saints Church, Harworth
Haughton Civil parish
Haughton Watermill - - 560145.jpg
Haughton watermill
UnknownEast Markham
Hayton Civil parish
St Peters Church Hayton Nr Retford Notts - - 92779.jpg
St. Peter's Church, Hayton
Headon cum Upton Civil parish
St. Peters Church Headon N. Notts - - 83263.jpg
St. Peter's Church, Headon
Hodsock Civil parish
Hodsock Priory
Holbeck Civil parish
Chapel of St Winifred, Holbeck - - 1168784.jpg
Chapel of St. Winifred
Laneham Civil parish
UK Laneham.jpg
Signpost in Laneham
312Tuxford and Trent
Lound Civil parish
Lound - - 1573114.jpg
Marnham Civil parish
St.Wilfrid's church, Low Marnham - - 92404.jpg
St. Wilfrid's Church, Marnham
117Tuxford and Trent
Mattersey Civil parish
All Saints Church Mattersey Notts - - 92800.jpg
All Saints' Church, Mattersey
Misson Civil parish
St.John the Baptist's church - - 1575282.jpg
St. John the Baptist Church, Misson
Misterton Civil parish
All Saints' Church - - 1168673.jpg
All Saints' Church, Misterton
Nether Langwith Civil parish
Jug and Glass, Nether Langwith - - 100029.jpg
Public house in Nether Langwith
Normanton on Trent Civil parish
St.Matthew's church, Normanton on Trent - - 92396.jpg
St. Matthew's Church
345Tuxford and Trent
North and South Wheatley Civil parish
North Wheatley, Ss Peter & Paul (26559110517).jpg
Church of St. Peter and St. Paul's
North Leverton with Habblesthorpe Civil parish
North Leverton Windmill - - 500877.jpg
North Leverton Windmill
Norton and Cuckney Civil parish
St Marys Church Norton Cuckney Notts IMG 2246.JPG
St. Mary's Church, Cuckney
Ragnall Civil parish
St.Leonard's church, Ragnall - - 92381.jpg
St.Leonard's Church, Ragnall
UnknownTuxford and Trent
Rampton and Woodbeck Civil parish
All Saints' Rampton, Notts. - - 1549455.jpg
All Saints' Church, Rampton
Ranskill Civil parish
Church of St Barnabas, Ranskill (geograph 4258406).jpg
Church of St Barnabas, Ranskill
Rhodesia Civil parish
Haggonfield Lock - - 8957.jpg
Chesterfield Canal, Rhodesia
982Worksop North West
Saundby Civil parish
Saundby, St Martin of Tours Church. - - 224290.jpg
Church of St Martin of Tours
165Worksop North West
Scaftworth Civil parish
Scaftworth, King William Public House - - 199125.jpg
Public house in Scaftworth
Scrooby Civil parish
St.Wilfrid's, Scrooby - - 173934.jpg
St. Wilfrid's Church, Scrooby
Shireoaks Civil parish1,432Worksop North West
South Leverton Civil parish
All Saints' church, South Leverton - - 262256.jpg
All Saints’ Church, South Leverton
Stokeham Civil parish
St Peters church, Stokeham (geograph 4034000).jpg
St. Peter's Church, Stokeham
Sturton le Steeple Civil parish
Sturton le Steeple - - 285231.jpg
Sturton le Steeple
Styrrup with Oldcotes Civil parish
St.Helen's church - - 632054.jpg
St. Helen's Church, Oldcotes
Sutton Civil parish
St. Bartholomews Church Sutton-cum-Lound Notts - - 92802.jpg
St. Bartholomew's Church
Torworth Civil parish
Torworth - - 14569.jpg
Great North Road, Torworth
Treswell Civil parish
Church of St John the Baptist, Treswell (geograph 2688797).jpg
St. John the Baptist Church, Treswell
Tuxford Civil parish
Tuxford High Street - - 1372339.jpg
Tuxford High Street
2,649Tuxford and Trent
Walkeringham Civil parish
St.Mary Magdalen's church, Walkeringham - - 79440.jpg
St. Mary Magdalene Church, Walkeringham
Wallingwells Civil parish
Wallingwells Hall
Welbeck Civil parishUnknownWelbeck
West Burton Civil parishUnknownSturton
West Drayton Civil parish
West Drayton N.Notts - - 83234.jpg
West Drayton
225East Markham
West Markham Civil parish
All Saints' church, West Markham - - 55763.jpg
All Saints' Church, West Markham
170East Markham
West Stockwith Civil parish
West Stockwith Lock.jpg
West Stockwith lock
Wiseton Civil parish
Cottages New Wiseton Notts - - 92799.jpg
Cottages in Wiseton


Parliamentary constituency

The constituency was created in 1885 by the Redistribution of Seats Act. Bassetlaw was for many years a safe seat for the Labour Party. Labour first won the seat in the 1929 general election. However, its Member of parliament Malcolm MacDonald was one of the few Labour MPs to join his father Ramsay MacDonald's National Government. MacDonald held the seat as a National Labour candidate in the 1931 election, but was defeated at the next election in 1935 by Labour's Frederick Bellenger.

The constituency was held by the Labour Party until December 2019, when the incumbent Labour MP John Mann stood down to take on a full-time role as the government's antisemitism tsar. He was later given a life peerage in Theresa May's resignation honours list, styling himself Baron Mann, of Holbeck Moor in the City of Leeds. In the 2019 general election the Conservative Party candidate Brendan Clarke-Smith won the seat with the biggest swing in the election, turning a 4,852 Labour majority into a 14,013 Conservative majority and becoming the first non-Labour MP to represent the constituency in 90 years. [2]

Members of Parliament:

Council elections

Bassetlaw District Council was created in 1974 following the passage of the Local Government Act 1972. The first elections to the council took place on 7 June 1973, which resulted in the Labour Party taking control of the newly created council after winning 29 of 51 seats available. Following the next set of elections in 1976, the Labour Party lost its majority and no single party held a majority of seats. Labour regained control of the council following the 1979 local elections and continued to hold a majority of seats on the council for a further 25 years until they once again lost their majority in 2004. In 2006, the Conservatives gained control of the council for the first time and held control until 2010 when a series of by-election defeats caused them to lose their majority. Labour regained control of the council in 2011 for the first time in seven years and has been in control of the council since.

The most recent council election on 2 May 2019 resulted in the Labour Party retaining its control of the council with an increased majority. The Conservative Party suffered its worst defeat in Bassetlaw since 1973, winning only 5 seats of the 12 seats it was defending. Both Independents and Labour gained seats from the Conservatives. The Liberal Democrats gained a seat from Labour in East Retford West, the first Liberal Democrat elected in Bassetlaw since 2006. [3]

Year Labour Conservative Independent Liberal Democrats
2019 election 37551
2015 election 331230
2011 election 271830
2010 election 202530
2008 election 163020
2007 election 162750
2006 election 142851


Bassetlaw is divided into 25 wards for electoral purposes. Each ward returns either one, two or three councillors at each election depending upon the number of electors within each ward. [4]



Population of Bassetlaw (1811–2011)
Pre-1974 statistics were gathered from local government areas that now comprise Bassetlaw.
Source: Great Britain Historical GIS. [5]


ReligionPercent [6]
Buddhist 0.09%
Hindu 0.13%
Jewish 0.05%
Muslim 0.33%
Sikh 0.07%
No religion9.99%

Town twinning

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<span class="mw-page-title-main">1973 Bassetlaw District Council election</span>

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