Comedy Central (Latin American TV channel)

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Comedy Central
Comedy Central 2018.svg
Launched1 February 2012 [1]
NetworkComedy Central
Owned by ViacomCBS Networks Americas
Picture format 1080i HDTV
(downscaled to 16:9 480i/576i for the SDTV feed)
Broadcast area Latin America
Headquarters Miami Beach, Florida
Sister channel(s) MTV Latin America
MTV Brazil
Nickelodeon Latin America
Nickelodeon Brazil
VH1 (Latin America)
Paramount Channel (Latin America)
Paramount Channel Brazil
(Latin America)
(Latin America)
Channel 215 (SD)
Channel 1215 (HD)
Claro TV
(Latin America)
Channel 137 (SD)
Channel 637 (HD)
Channel 636 (HD)
Channel 360 (HD)
Channel 680 (HD)
Sky MexicoChannel 230 (SD)
Channel 1217 (HD)
Movistar TV Latin AmericaChannel 508 (SD)
Channel 863 (HD)
Tigo Star
(Latin America)
Channel 261
Sky BrasilChannel 158 (SD)
Channel 658 (HD)
Channel 103 (SD)
Channel 107 (HD)
Vivo TV Channel 98 (HD; on satellite Intelsat 34)
Channel 392 (SD)
Channel 863 (HD)
Channel 219 (SD)
Channel 1219 (HD)
Channel 75 (Trelew)
Channel 83 (Zárate)
Channel 213 (SD)
Channel 932 (HD)
Movistar TV
Channel 151 (SD)
Channel 728 (HD)
Grupo TV Cable
Channel 314 (SD)
Channel 770 (HD)
Channel 326 (SD)
Channel 408 (SD)
Channel 769 (HD)
Cabo Telecom
Channel 844 (HD)
Channel 54
Vivo TV
Channel 651 (HD)
(Dominican Republic)
Channel 314 (SD)
Channel 427 (HD)
Cable Onda
Channel 128 (SD)
Channel 357 (HD)
Claro TV
(Latin America)
Channel 136 (SD)
Channel 636 (HD)
Channel 81 (SD)
Channel 557 (HD)
Channel 619 (SD)
Channel 1619 (HD)
Channel 246 (SD)
Channel 746 (HD)
Channel 422 (SD)
Tigo Star
Channel 311 (SD)
Channel 736 (HD)

Comedy Central is a Latin American pay television channel, owned by ViacomCBS Networks Americas. It was launched on 1 February 2012.



Comedy Central Latin America logo from 2012 to 2019 Comedy Central 2011 Logo.svg
Comedy Central Latin America logo from 2012 to 2019


In Latin America, Comedy Central has four different programming schedules for each of its four feeds:

Northern feed

Central feed

As of September 2019 [2]


Original series

Local productions




Southern feed

As of March 2020 [3]


Original series

Local productions

Productions with comments






As of September 2019 [6]


Original series

Local productions

Productions with local comments



Late-night talk show

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