MTV (Swedish TV channel)

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MTV Sweden
Country Sweden
Broadcast area Sweden
Owner ViacomCBS Networks EMEAA
LaunchedSeptember 18, 2005
Replaced MTV Nordic
Boxer Channel 9
Com Hem Analogue
Channel 9 (digital)
Telia Digital-tv Channel 8

MTV Sweden is a localized version of entertainment channel MTV Europe broadcasting to the Swedish market.


MTV Sweden replaced MTV Nordic on September 18, 2005, however on February 17, 2021 the channel merged with MTV Europe producing a localized version of MTV Europe for Sweden.



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Television was introduced in Finland in 1955. Color television started in 1969. Prior to 1986, Yle monopolized Finnish television. All terrestrial analogue stations stopped broadcasting on 1 September 2007 after the introduction of digital television; cable providers were allowed to continue analog broadcasting in their networks until 1 March 2008.

TV4 AB is a Swedish media company owned by Telia Company through TV4 Media. The company owns the largest commercial television channel in Sweden, TV4.

MTV (European TV channel) Pan-European pay TV network

MTV is an international pay television network launched as MTV Europe on 1 August 1987. Initially, the channel served all regions within Europe being one of the very few channels that targeted the entire European continent. The channel serves a selection of European countries as ViacomCBS Networks EMEAA began to regionalise its network in 1997. However, since 2021, the channel has expanded outside of Europe.

Canal Digital was a Nordic pay TV and internet service provider in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland that was founded in March 1997 as a joint venture between the French pay TV company Canal+ and the Norwegian telecommunications operator Telenor.

ViacomCBS Networks Europe, Middle East, Africa & Asia (EMEAA) is a division of ViacomCBS Networks International. Launched as MTV Networks Europe (MTVNE) in 1987, with two offices in London and Amsterdam. At the moment the unit's main headquarters are in Madrid, with additional offices in Lisbon, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Milan, Dubai, Johannesburg & Lagos, Budapest, Warsaw, Singapore, Moscow, Stockholm, Tokyo, Beijing, Manila, Copenhagen, Prague, Helsinki, Hong Kong SAR.

Nickelodeon is a children's channel broadcasting in Denmark, Norway and Finland. It broadcasts programming from the similarly branded channels in the United Kingdom and the United States as well as a few locally produced programmes.

Showtime Scandinavia

Showtime Scandinavia was a television channel broadcasting action movies to the Nordic countries operated by NonStop Television. Its name and logo was licensed by Showtime Networks Inc., owners of the American Showtime. The two channels however do not share any programme content.

MTV (Norwegian TV channel) Norwegian television station

MTV Norway is a localized version of entertainment channel MTV Europe broadcasting in Norway. MTV Norway replaced MTV Nordic on September 18, 2005, however on February 17, 2021 the channel merged with MTV Europe producing a localized version of MTV Europe in Norway.

MTV (Finnish TV channel) Finnish music television channel

MTV Finland is a music channel broadcasting to the Finnish speaking market. The channel replaced MTV Nordic on September 18, 2005.

Discovery Channel is the Swedish language version of the Discovery Channel, using a "factual entertainment" concept similar to the original American channel. As of 2006, it was the eighth most watched channel in Sweden (MMS).

Silver (TV channel)

Silver was a movie television channel broadcasting to the Nordic countries broadcasting quality movies, "World cinema" and independent films. The channel was managed by Scandinavian television broadcaster NonStop Television, part of Turner Broadcasting.

National Geographic Channel is a Nordic free-to-air television channel broadcasting documentaries and related programmes to the Nordic countries.

MTV (Danish TV channel) Danish television channel

MTV Denmark is a localized version of general entertainment channel MTV Europe in Denmark.

Discovery Channel Finland is a television channel targeting Finland owned by Discovery Networks. It has programming similar to its U.S. counterpart, the Discovery Channel.

Digital terrestrial television in Finland was launched on August 21, 2001. The analogue networks continued its broadcasts alongside the digital ones until September 1, 2007, when they were shut down nationwide.

Television began in Sweden in 1954 with test transmissions, prior to the opening of the first station, Radiotjänst, two years later. A second channel was launched in 1969. Commercial television arrived in the 1980s through cable television and in 1992, the country's first terrestrial commercial channel was launched.

ViacomCBS Networks International (VCNI) is the international division of ViacomCBS. The division oversees the production, broadcasting and promotion of key ViacomCBS' brands outside of the United States. These brands include Paramount Network, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, BET and Colors TV, as well as CBS-branded channels, which are co-owned with AMC Networks International. VCNI also owns a 30% stake in the Rainbow S.p.A. animation studio in Italy, as well as a 49% stake in an Indian joint venture called Viacom18.

Cartoon Network (Scandinavian TV channel) Scandinavian pay television channel

Cartoon Network is a Scandinavian pay television channel broadcasting cartoons in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Faroe Islands, Greenland and Iceland. The channel was created in 2000 when it replaced the Pan-European version of Cartoon Network in the region.

MTV (Dutch TV channel)

MTV Nederland and België is a Dutch speaking free-to-air television channel broadcasting in the Netherlands. It launched as MTV NL on 12 September 2000. Before the start of country-specific channels, the Pan-European version of MTV aired in the Netherlands.

MTV (Nordic TV channel)

MTV Nordic was a pan-European cable television network launched on 5 June 1998. A 24-hour English-language network aimed at viewers in the Nordic countries and other European territories. Between 1998 and 2006 MTV Nordic served the majority of European territories under the branding MTV Europe & Nordic. The majority of programming was hosted by presenters from the Nordic countries, mainly Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Additional veejays came from Israel, US, Ireland and the United Kingdom. The channel gradually began to localize in 2005 with the launch of MTV Denmark. Further in 2006 the relaunch of a pan-European MTV channel 'MTV European' and in September 2005 the launch of MTV Sweden, MTV Norway and MTV Finland resulted in the MTV Nordic ceasing as a brand, but since spring of 2019 local channels merged into MTV Nordic again.


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