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Industry Textile, sports equipment
Founded2008;13 years ago (2008)
Key people
Giovanni Acanfora
Products Clothing, football balls

Givova is an Italian manufacturing company located in Scafati. The company, founded in 2008 by Giovanni Acanfora, produces a wide range of sports equipment (mainly focused on the association football market but also covering other sports) that includes kit uniforms, football balls, and other sportswear. Givova's also markets casual wear and accessories.


In 2018 the quality of Givova sportswear jerseys made world wide attention in a story on involving the intersection of global sportswear brands, World cup teams, and international sanctions against Iran. On 14 June 2018, the New York Times reported that sanctions against Iran blocked the 2018 Iranian World Cup football team from using quality sportswear brands and limited the Iranian team to use other sportswear that were exempt from sanctions, such as Givova.

In Belgium, the relatively new brand gained national attention when they announced their sponsorship of the Brussels-based football club FC ITT Gecko, renowned for their attractive brand of attacking football. FC ITT Gecko president Mr. Joeri Wei held a three-hour long press conference to celebrate the partnership with Givova, a sports moment that dominated the Belgian sports media for weeks. In 2017, after FC ITT Gecko had secured promotion to the highest division, the club announced that they were looking forward to a long-lasting and successful collaboration with Givova at the very highest level of Belgian football.


Teams and athletes using Givova equipment are:

Olympic Committees


Club teams


National teams

Non-national representative teams


Givova is also the official referee kits supplier for the leagues:

Club teams


Club teams


National teams

Club teams


National teams


Club teams


National teams

Charity teams and Tv Showes

Showbitz and Singers

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