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25th Minister of Civil Defence
Assumed office
26 October 2017
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern
Preceded by Nathan Guy
Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs
Assumed office
26 October 2017
Prime MinisterJacinda Ardern
Preceded by Jacqui Dean
17th Minister of Broadcasting, Communications and Digital Media
Assumed office
7 September 2018
Prime MinisterJacinda Ardern
Preceded by Clare Curran
Minister of Customs
Assumed office
20 September 2018
Prime MinisterJacinda Ardern
Preceded by Meka Whaitiri
Member of the New Zealand Parliament
for Mana
Assumed office
Preceded byLuamanuvao Winnie Laban
Majority10,980 in 2017
Personal details
Born1976 (age 4142)
NationalityFlag of New Zealand.svg  New Zealand
Political party Labour
Spouse(s)Gina Faafoi-Rogers (former)
Domestic partnerMae Puller

Kristopher John "Kris" Faafoi (born 1976), a New Zealand politician, holds membership of the New Zealand Labour Party. He became the representative of the Mana electorate in the New Zealand Parliament in 2010.

The New Zealand Labour Party, or simply Labour, is a centre-left political party in New Zealand. The party's platform programme describes its founding principle as democratic socialism, while observers describe Labour as social-democratic and pragmatic in practice. It is a participant of the international Progressive Alliance.

Mana (New Zealand electorate) New Zealand electorate

Mana is a New Zealand parliamentary electorate north of Wellington. It is held by Kris Faafoi of the Labour Party since 2010.

New Zealand Parliament legislative body of New Zealand

The New Zealand Parliament is the legislature of New Zealand, consisting of the Queen of New Zealand (Queen-in-Parliament) and the New Zealand House of Representatives. The Queen is usually represented by a governor-general. Before 1951, there was an upper chamber, the New Zealand Legislative Council. The Parliament was established in 1854 and is one of the oldest continuously functioning legislatures in the world.


Early life

Faafoi's parents are from the Tokelau atoll of Fakaofo. He grew up in Christchurch. [1]

Tokelau New Zealand territory in the Pacific Ocean

Tokelau is a dependent territory of New Zealand in the southern Pacific Ocean. It consists of three tropical coral atolls, with a combined land area of 10 km2 (4 sq mi). The capital rotates yearly between the three atolls. Tokelau lies north of the Samoan Islands, east of Tuvalu, south of the Phoenix Islands, southwest of the more distant Line Islands, and northwest of the Cook Islands. Swains Island is geographically part of Tokelau, but is subject to an ongoing territorial dispute and is currently administered by the United States as part of American Samoa.

Fakaofo archipelago

Fakaofo, formerly known as Bowditch Island, is a South Pacific Ocean atoll located in the Tokelau Group. The actual land area is only about 3 km², consisting of islets on a coral reef surrounding a central lagoon of some 45 km². According to the 2006 census 483 people officially live on Fakaofo. Of those present 70% belong to the Congregational Church and 22% to the Catholic Church.

Christchurch Metropolitan area in South Island, New Zealand

Christchurch is the largest city in the South Island of New Zealand and the seat of the Canterbury Region. The Christchurch urban area lies on the South Island's east coast, just north of Banks Peninsula. It is home to 404,500 residents, making it New Zealand's third-most populous city behind Auckland and Wellington. The Avon River flows through the centre of the city, with an urban park located along its banks.

His father was sent to New Zealand to study at secondary school, and later became a primary school teacher. His mother came to New Zealand as part of a repatriation scheme, and later worked in a factory. [1]

He has said he didn't have a typical Tokelau upbringing and is not a fluent speaker of the Tokelaun language. [1]

Professional career

Faafoi trained as a journalist. He worked for the BBC and as a political commentator. [1] [2] [3]

Prior to the Mana by-election, he was the chief press secretary for Labour leader Phil Goff, and the Rongotai Pacific branch chair of the Labour Party. [4]

Phil Goff New Zealand politician

Philip Bruce Goff is the Mayor of Auckland, in office since 2016; previously he was a Member of the New Zealand Parliament from 1981 to 1990 and again from 1993 to 2016. He served as Leader of the Labour Party and Leader of the Opposition between 11 November 2008 and 13 December 2011.

Political career

New Zealand Parliament
2010 2011 49th Mana Labour
2011 2014 50th Mana41 Labour
2014 2017 51st Mananone Labour
2017 present 52nd Mana20 Labour

Fifth National Government (20102017)

After the resignation of Mana MP Luamanuvao Winnie Laban on 10 August 2010, [5] Faafoi was chosen to represent the Labour Party in the resulting by-election, which was set for 20 November. [6] [7] Four people contesting the selection, with Faafoi defeating business manager Michael Evans, barrister Peter Foster and communications adviser Josie Pagani. [3] During the campaign, he was criticised for a campaign brochure stating, "I had a great start because my family settled in Mana," implying that he grew up in the electorate despite being raised in Christchurch. [8]

Faafoi won the by-election with 10,980 votes (46.4%), becoming the first MP of Tokelauan descent. [8] Hekia Parata from the National Party was placed second and received 9,574 (41.6%), giving Faafoi a margin of 1,080 votes (4.82%). [9] This was a significant decrease of Laban's majority of 6,155 (17.7%) at the 2008 general election. [10] Faafoi more than doubled the margin in the 2011, [11] and had a 7,953 votes margin in the 2014. [12]

Sixth Labour Government (2017present)

Kris Faafoi was elected as a Minister of Civil Defence, Commerce and Consumer Affairs and Associate Minister of Immigration, outside Cabinet by the Labour Party caucus following Labour's formation of a coalition government with New Zealand First and the Greens. [13] [14]

On 30 August 2017, Faafoi announced that the Government was investing NZ$5.2 million into supporting "rapid response teams" to support communities in emergencies. The boost in funding was the result of a critical Ministerial Technical Advisory Group's (TAG) review of the Government's unsatisfactory responses to the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake and the 2017 Port Hills fires. [15] [16]

When Minister of Customs Meka Whaitiri “stood aside” in August 2018 over a "staffing matter" pending an investigation that same day, Faafoi assumed the Customs portfolio. [17] [18]

On 7 September 2018 Faafoi was appointed Minister of Broadcasting, Communications and Digital Media upon the resignation of Clare Curran. [19]

In 2018 his main political priority was "dealing with loan sharks". [1]

Personal life

Kris lives in Porirua with his partner Mae and three sons. [2] Faafoi was married to Gina Faafoi-Rogers. Their son George was born 2008. [8] [20]

His elder brother Jason is a TV presenter and musician. [21] [22] They made a documentary together about their family visiting Tokelau, which was released in 2004. [1]

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2010 Mana by-election New Zealand by-election

A by-election was held in the New Zealand electorate of Mana on 20 November 2010. The seat was vacated by former Labour Pacific Island Affairs Minister Luamanuvao Winnie Laban, who announced her resignation from the New Zealand Parliament on 10 August 2010 following her appointment as Assistant Vice Chancellor Pasifika at Victoria University. According to provisional results, the by-election was won by Kris Faafoi, also of the Labour Party.

The Mana Movement is a New Zealand political party led by Hone Harawira which was formed in April 2011, following his resignation from the Māori Party. Harawira won the by-election in Te Tai Tokerau of 25 June 2011 for the Mana Party, and retained the seat during the 2011 general election but lost it in 2014 and 2017 to Labour Party candidate, Kelvin Davis.

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Andrew Kirton

Andrew Kirton is a New Zealand politician who was the General Secretary of the New Zealand Labour Party. He was appointed on 15 January 2016 and took office in April, succeeding Tim Barnett.

52nd New Zealand Parliament

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Sixth Labour Government of New Zealand

The Sixth Labour Government has governed New Zealand since 26 October 2017. It is headed by Labour Party leader and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.


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New Zealand Parliament
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