Western New Guinea campaign

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Western New Guinea campaign
Part of World War II, Pacific War

Australian infantrymen resting on a river bank before attacking Japanese positions near Matapau in January 1945
Date22 April 1944 – 15 August 1945
Location Territory of New Guinea and Netherlands New Guinea
Result Allied victory
  United States
  United Kingdom
  Imperial Japan
~ ~
Casualties and losses
1,922+ killed or missing 8,000+ wounded 42,000+ dead and nearly 1,000 POWs

The Western New Guinea campaign was a series of actions in the New Guinea campaign of World War II. Dutch East Indies KNIL, United States and Australian forces assaulted Japanese bases and positions in the northwest coastal areas of Netherlands New Guinea and adjoining parts of the Australian Territory of New Guinea. The campaign began with Operations Reckless and Persecution, which were amphibious landings by the U.S. I Corps at Hollandia and Aitape on 22 April 1944. Fighting in western New Guinea continued until the end of the war.

Major battles and sub-campaigns